1st Edition

Health Laws in India

Edited By Caesar Roy Copyright 2023
    346 Pages 3 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The relationship between health and law in not new but the relation is multifaceted. Law and health are both subjects with an inherent dynamism. Health and law as a curricular subject of law is a recent addition and is taught in law colleges under many universities.
    This edited book tries to focus on the intersection between law and health. It is divided into five extensive sections: Concept of Health; Medical Profession, Patient and the Law; Organization of Public Health Care and Medical Jurisprudence; Insurance and Victim Compensation; and Health Legislative Perspective. The book will be helpful to prepare a foundation for understanding and analysis of advanced knowledge in the field of health and its relationship with law.
    This book will also be helpful for the teachers, students, researchers, lawyers, judges, law firms, medical professionals, academics, libraries, law universities and anyone interested in the subject.

    1. Concept of Health 

    Right to Health – A Human Right Perspective 

    By Dr. Liji Samuel 

    Right to health – Human Right, Constitutional Right and International Perspective 

    By Dr. Bhavana Sharma 

    Right to health and emergency health care 

    By Samuel Molsom 

    Human Rights Perspectives of Clinical Trials in India – A Critical Study 

    By Sajal Sharma 

    2. Medical Profession, Patient and the Law 

    Consent – Informed Consent and Requirements of Consent 

    By Dr. Nirmala Kumari K. 

    Medical Negligence 

    By Dr. Suneet Kashyap 

    3. Organization of Public Health Care and Medical Jurisprudence 

    Medical Jurisprudence – An Appraisal on Rights to Health in India for Ethical Perspective 

    By C. E. Pratap 

    Importance of Medical Jurisprudence in Criminal Trials in India – A Medico-Legal Study 

    By Dr. Meena Ketan Sahu 

    Medico-Legal Aspects of Injury or Wound – An Appraisal 

    By Dr. Caesar Roy 

    4. Insurance and Victim Compensation 

    Need for Reforms in Health Insurance in India, with Special Reference to IRDAI (Health Insurance) Regulations, 2016 

    By Shreya Mishra 

    Victim’s Right to Health under State Victim Compensation Schemes in India 

    By Dr. Sukdeo Ingale 

    5. Health Legislative Perspective 

    Surrogacy and Its Regulation – An Overview of Legislative and Judicial Responses in India 

    By Dr. Aneesh V. Pillai 

    Abortion in India – Issues & Concerns 

    By Mrs. Soumya James 

    Arguing for Legalization of Euthanasia – Emerging Issues and Challenges 

    By Dr. Aparna Singh 

    Mental Health Care Act, 2017 – Decriminalizes Suicide and Protecting the Inalienable Rights of Mentally Ill Persons 

    By Diksha Dubey 

    Surrogacy in India 

    By Anjali Dixit 

    Environmental Pollution and Bio-Medical Wastage in India – Issues and concerns 

    By Dr. Deepom Baruah 

    Abortion and Indian Law 

    By Sridip S. Nambiar 

    The Transplantation of Human Organs and Tissues: Law and Policy in India 

    By Dr. Radheshyam Prasad 


    Caesar Roy has passed LL.B from Calcutta University and completed LL.M in Criminal Law. He has been awarded a Ph.D (Law) from the University of Burdwan, West Bengal. He has also completed PG Diploma in Criminology and Forensic Science. Besides, he also successfully completed various Certificate Courses in Criminal Law. He now serves as Assistant Professor of Law at Midnapore Law College, West Bengal. Before joining he has practiced as an Advocate for three years. He has teaching experience for more than 8 years. He has also participated in various seminars, conferences and symposiums and also published several articles and writings in various national and international journals and edited books. The author is the member of various professional and learned bodies and societies.