Health and the New Media : Technologies Transforming Personal and Public Health book cover
1st Edition

Health and the New Media
Technologies Transforming Personal and Public Health

Edited By

Linda M. Harris

ISBN 9780805819540
Published October 1, 1995 by Routledge
280 Pages

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Book Description

This book presents an evaluation framework for assessing the impact of the new media on the health care system by juxtaposing characteristics of emerging information and communication technologies (interactive, seamlessly connected, and user-driven) and health care objectives (to increase access, improve quality, and manage costs). Each chapter provides a unique set of tools and perspectives on how to harness these new media to improve individual health and the health care delivery system. This innovative volume has also stimulated the creation of a "Forum on Health and the New Media" on the World Wide Web ( The forum offers highlights of the book as well as links to the authors and related web sites.

The volume is divided into six sections as follows:
*The "Overview" juxtaposes characteristics of the new media (interactive, connected, and user-driven) with the three criteria for health care improvement: increased access, improved quality, and cost management. It offers a New Media and Health Care matrix of criteria for building and evaluating emerging health care systems.
*The "Delivery" -- how new media can enhance the delivery of health care -- includes chapters on: managed care, demand management and self-care, telemedicine for rural residents, and how the Internet can be used to facilitate collaboration among health researchers and providers.
*Health Information -- the life blood of health care -- addresses the potential for: extending the traditional flow of health information (from researchers to providers) to reach patients who want to share in decisions about their care; and the federal government's role in providing health information to the public.
*Health Education discusses: integrating multimedia health programming for public schools; using networked multimedia and simulation technologies and new learning theories that promise to transform public health education; and educating health providers and patients through interactive media and drama.
*Potholes Along the Highway provides a sobering balance to otherwise rather optimistic assumptions that a national information infrastructure will be forthcoming.
*The New Media: Annotated Glossary provides computing and networking technology tools for readers who are not fluent in cyberlanguage.

Table of Contents

Contents: C.E. Koop, M.D. McDonald, Foreword. Preface. Part I:Overview. L.M. Harris, Differences That Make a Difference. Part II:Delivery. B.G. Zallen, Member-Centered Managed Care and the New Media. D.M. Vickery, Demand Management, Self-Care, and the New Media. J. Preston, Rural Health and the New Media. G.A. Gorry, L.M. Harris, J. Silva, J. Eaglin, Health Care as Teamwork: The Internet Collaboratory. Part III:Health Information. J. Wennberg, Shared Decision Making and Multimedia. J.M. McGinnis, M.J. Deering, K. Patrick, Public Health Information and the New Media: A View From the Public Health Service. Part IV:Health Education. S. Cheiten, M. Waters, Comprehensive School Health Education and Interactive Multimedia. C. Dede, L. Fontana, Transforming Health Education Via New Media. J.V. Henderson, Meditation on the New Media and Professional Education. Part V:Potholes Along the Information Superhighway. F.D. Fisher, But Will the New Health Media Be Forthcoming? Part VI:Glossary. J.A. Marsh, L.K. Vanston, The New Media: Annotated Glossary.

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"...boldly attempts to map out the infinite ways [in which] the ever developing technologies of the information age will reshape the landscape of the health professions....filled with elaborate models of applications of the new media, presented in a language that is readily understandable to even the most computer illiterate....sections are clearly written and provide a panoply of references for the inquisitive reader....this book may become the 'you-heard-it-here-first' document for health professionals, health educators, researchers, computer experts, and dreamers for decades to come."
Journal of the American Medical Association

"...well-conceived, well-integrated, and well-written. Thought-provoking essays on how best to exploit the technology of New Media in the quest for improved health care compromise most of the excellent overview of the convergence of information, communications, and entertainment technology in the evolution of health education for patients and professionals."
American Journal of Preventive Medicine

"This book will help determine the scope and potential of the emerging interactive media as they are being applied to health concerns."
Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association

"Interactive multimedia has vast potential for use in health care. This book is a result of a U.S. government-sponsored conference on that potential, held in Washington, DC, in 1992. The purpose of the confernce was to bring health policy makers and new media researchers together 'to promote informed design, production, and use of multimedia for the promotion of health and prevention of disease'".
Communication Research Trends

USE THE FIRST THREE TESTIMONIALS ONLY FOR GENERAL CATALOGS... "This book brings together a most interesting and comprehensive presentation and analysis of new information technologies that have already had an impact on, and may significantly transform, further health-care reform systems...there is no question that the winds of change are already blowing. For those interested in their direction and their effect, this book will provide valuable information and even guidance."
Michael E. DeBakey, MD
Baylor College of Medicine

"This pioneering book mirrors the holistic nature of health care through its wide ranging essays on ways in which the new information technologies can play in maximizing...access to health care information and services."
Mary Gardiner Jones
Alliance for Public Technology

"Anyone who wants to be healthy in the next decade and beyond needs to become informed about the facts, trends, and issues expressed in this book, itself a significant contribution to the evolution from information to knowledge and on toward enhanced wisdom."
Willis B. Goldbeck
Salk Institute, Founder and former President of the Washington Business Group on

"Access to consumer health information is expanding exponentially, thanks to the new electronic media. This silent revolution is empowering the individual to be the focus of health care reform. I expect we will continue to see a big investment of private capital in this field for some time to come. Linda Harris' book is our guide to this exciting new world."
Robert G. Harmon, MD, MPH
The Center for Corporate Health, Inc.

"For readers who are struggling to understand health from the perspective of the new media, or the new media from the perspective of health, this book will help them knit together the early vectors of managed care, a reinvented public health and health education, an empowered public, and the interactive media into a tapastry of their own making upon which future contributions will be made."
C. Everett Koop, MD
Dartmouth Medical School; Michael D. McDonald, Dr.PH, The C. Everett Koop Instit