1st Edition

Healthcare Technology Management - A Systematic Approach

    570 Pages
    by CRC Press

    569 Pages 153 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Healthcare Technology Management: A Systematic Approach offers a comprehensive description of a method for providing safe and cost effective healthcare technology management (HTM). The approach is directed to enhancing the value (benefit in relation to cost) of the medical equipment assets of healthcare organizations to best support patients, clinicians and other care providers, as well as financial stakeholders. The authors propose a management model based on interlinked strategic and operational quality cycles which, when fully realized, delivers a comprehensive and transparent methodology for implementing a HTM programme throughout a healthcare organization. The approach proposes that HTM extends beyond managing the technology in isolation to include advancing patient care through supporting the application of the technology. The book shows how to cost effectively manage medical equipment through its full life cycle, from acquisition through operational use to disposal, and to advance care, adding value to the medical equipment assets for the benefit of patients and stakeholders.

    This book will be of interest to practicing clinical engineers and to students and lecturers, and includes self-directed learning questions and case studies. Clinicians, Chief Executive Officers, Directors of Finance and other hospital managers with responsibility for the governance of medical equipment will also find this book of interest and value.

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    Chapter 1 Clinical Engineering in the Healthcare System

    Chapter 2 Taking a Systems Engineering Approach

    Chapter 3 Key Standards, Regulations and Guidelines

    Chapter 4 Life cycle management of medical equipment

    Chapter 5 The Healthcare Technology Management System - Strategic

    Chapter 6 Developing Equipment Support Plans in the context of the HTM Programme

    Chapter 7 The Extended Role of Clinical Engineers – Advancing Healthcare

    Chapter 8 The Clinical Engineering Department – Achieving the Vision

    Chapter 9 Medical Device Governance

    Chapter 10 Health Technology Management (HTM) adding value



    Francis Hegarty, John Amoore, Paul Blackett, Justin McCarthy, Richard Scott

    "Medical equipment management is a large and diverse area. Therefore, it is perhaps not surprising that books comprehensively covering the topic are few and far between. I was pleased when I heard about the publication of Healthcare Technology Management: A Systematic Approach. Other books I have read which cover medical equipment management have taken a rather hands-off approach to the topic…This book presents a loftier ambition, inviting the reader to apply a systematic approach to the management of healthcare technology… At the end of each chapter are self-directed learning points and case studies. These help emphasise that the authors intended this book to be actively engaged with, not just read. In particular, I was impressed with the effort that has clearly gone into putting the case studies together. Evidently written based upon the authors’ personal experiences within clinical engineering, these painted a colourful picture of how the various topics discussed may apply to real-life situations… The standard of writing remains high throughout the book and, combined with a distinct lack of errors for a first edition, make the text a pleasure to read… For anyone within this profession, I would not hesitate to recommend it…This book is unique in the guidance it gives to the established clinical engineer to better utilise the medical equipment at their disposal."

    Dr Michael Ayers in IPEM Scope Reviews, September and December 2017

    "Congratulations to the team of authors...who have given the world of clinical engineering this fantastic resource, which will go on our frequently-accessed shelves...This is a must-have, on-desk reference book for all clinical engineers...This book is a gift because it overviews all aspects of health technology management and then digs deeper, offers tools, and brings all of the relevant and up to date information together in one place. I recommend, a reasonably thorough read of the whole