1st Edition

Hedonics of Taste

ISBN 9781138876019
Published July 31, 2015 by Psychology Press
246 Pages

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Book Description

A study of hedonism could conceivably operate on a massive scale. This book, however, concentrates specifically on the hedonics of taste. The editor notes some important reasons for limiting the argument in this manner. First of all, this is an area of hedonics in which a handful of experimenters continued to do research during a period when hedonism might have been lost altogether. Secondly, the past ten years have seen quite a number of researchers turn their attention to taste preferences, and so it seems appropriate to celebrate the fact that new findings can be incorporated into a very old conceptual framework: the ancient concept of hedonism.

The contributors approach their subject from many different angles. Historical, conceptual, and methodological chapters are presented; developmental aspects, psychological substrates, and the social considerations of hedonics are discussed. This volume offers viewpoints from dataphiles and theorists, mechanists and cognitivists, unifiers and disrupters -- a diversity that reflects the vital state of psychology today.

Table of Contents

Contents: R.C. Bolles, Hedonism. L.M. Bartoshuk, Taste, Smell, and Pleasure. D.A. Booth, Learned Ingestive Motivation and the Pleasures of the Palate. A. Sclafani, The Hedonics of Sugar and Starch. J. Schulkin, Hedonic Consequences of Salt Hunger. R. Mehiel, Hedonic-Shift Conditioning with Calories. E.D. Capaldi, Hunger and the Learning of Flavor Preferences. I.L. Bernstein, Development of Taste Preferences. G.K. Beauchamp, J.R. Mason, Comparative Hedonics of Taste. S.R. Sunday, K.A. Halmi, Taste Hedonics in Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa. D.A. Zellner, How Foods Get to be Liked: Some General Mechanisms and Some Special Cases.

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"...this volume provides a splendid state-of-the-science review of research on taste preferences."
American Scientist

"...the book provides a substantial postingestive load of information, enough to condition a preference for further reading..."
Contemporary Psychology