1st Edition

Help Yourself To Positive Mental Health

By Howard Rosenthal, Joseph W. Hollis Copyright 1994
    112 Pages
    by Routledge

    115 Pages
    by Routledge

    This work reveals 50 simple ideas and concrete actitivities to improve anyone's mental well-being. Written in a conversational style, this resource provides techniques and specific suggestions to combat depression, fear, loneliness, anger, a poor self-image, undesirable habits, poor communication, relationship difficulties and other problems. Step-by-step, the authors show the reader the way to positive mental health. All 50 ideas are introduced in the same straightforward format: a basic idea is presented on the right-hand page and a concise, one-page explanation that defines the concept and how to implement it is shown on the left.

    Part 1 Help Yourself; Chapter 1 Reward Yourself for doing the right thing; Chapter 2 Reward Yourself with the Thing You Like … So You'll do the Thing You don't Like; Chapter 3 Do Some Moderate Exercise (Nature's Own Antidepresant); Chapter 4 Keep a Journal; Chapter 5 Role-Play Difficult Situations with a Friend; Chapter 6 Use a Behavioral Contract to Help Yourself or Others; Chapter 7 Be Optimistic; Chapter 8 Stop Describing Yourself with Negative Labels; Chapter 9 Stop Blaming Others for Your Difficulties; Chapter 10 When Everything Else Fails, Give Reverse Psychology a Try; Chapter 11 Follow Through When you Make Promises to Others; Chapter 12 To Reach Your Big Goals, Always Set Smaller Ones; Chapter 13 Give Someone a Compliment; Chapter 14 Act Successful; Chapter 15 Use Negative Practice to rid Yourself of Common Mistakes; Chapter 16 Take Time to Relax; Chapter 17 Choose Present Moment Happiness; Chapter 18 Make a List of Your Successes; Chapter 19 Turn “You Statements” into “I Statements”; Chapter 20 Stop Mind Reading and Start Asking People What They are Experiencing; Chapter 21 Make a Chart to Reduce or Eliminate Unwanted Behaviors; Chapter 22 Use Cost to Reduce or Eliminate Unwanted Behaviors; Chapter 23 Relabel Difficulties; Chapter 24 Help Yourself by Helping Others; Chapter 25 Make Life More Exciting by doing Something Different; Chapter 26 When You Believe You Can, You Can; Chapter 27 Shake the Clay off Your Feet So You Can be Open to New Experiences; Chapter 28 Identify One Thing You Can do Today That Will Boost Your Morale; Chapter 29 Just Say “NO“ to Black-and-White Thinking; Chapter 30 Risk Enough to let Someone Know How You Feel; Chapter 31 Look in the Mirror and Smile; Chapter 32 Acknowledge Your Feelings; Chapter 33 Try Expressing Feelings Constructively; Chapter 34 Complete a Task; Then Pause Long Enough to Feel the Satisfaction of Completion; Chapter 35 Before You Judge Someone Else, Take a Walk in his or Her Shoes; Chapter 36 Close Your Eyes, Pause for a Moment, and Look Deep Inside to See the “Real Me“; Chapter 37 Tackle Fear by Taking Action; Chapter 38 Share a Smile with Someone You Don't Know; Chapter 39 Help Yourself and Others by Being a Good Role Model; Chapter 40 Write a Letter to Help Yourself Cope with Difficult Emotions; Chapter 41 Look for the Good in Someone; Chapter 42 Recognize That the Outside will Change When the Inside Does; Chapter 43 To Change Your Feelings, do Something Different; Chapter 44 Confront Difficult Situations by Use of the Five-Step Problem-Solving Method; Chapter 45 Use Role Reversal to Take the Sting Out of a Nasty Argument; Chapter 46 Tell Someone How Much You Like him or her; Chapter 47 Spend Time Alone to Become More Comfortable with Yourself; Chapter 48 Plug into the ABC System of Mental Health; Chapter 49 Make a Decision to Change Even if You Don't Know the Secret Reasons Behind Your Behavior; Chapter 50 Accept and Follow Your Intuition;


    Howard Rosenthal, Joseph W. Hollis