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1st Edition

High Temperature Air Combustion From Energy Conservation to Pollution Reduction

    ISBN 9780367395643
    424 Pages
    Published September 11, 2019 by CRC Press

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    ISBN 9780849310362
    424 Pages 376 B/W Illustrations
    Published December 3, 2002 by CRC Press

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    Maximize efficiency and minimize pollution: the breakthrough technology of high temperature air combustion (HiTAC) holds the potential to overcome the limitations of conventional combustion and allow engineers to finally meet this long-standing imperative. Research has shown that HiTAC technology can provide simultaneous reduction of CO2 and nitric oxide emissions and reduce energy consumption for a specific process or requirement.

    High Temperature Air Combustion: From Energy Conservation to Pollution Reduction provides the first comprehensive exposition of the principles and practice of HiTAC. With a careful balance of theory and practice, it reviews the historical background, clearly describes HiTAC combustion phenomena, and shows how to simulate and apply the technology for significant energy savings, reduced equipment size, and lower emissions. It offers design guidelines for high performance industrial furnaces, presents field trials of practical furnaces, and explores potential applications of HiTAC in other fields, including the conversion of solid waste fuels to cleaner fuels, stationary gas turbine engines, internal combustion engines, and other advanced energy-to-power conversion systems.

    Developed through an intensive research project sponsored by the Japanese government, HiTAC now promises to revolutionize our paradigm for using all kinds of fossil, alternative, waste, and derived fuels for energy conversion and utilization in industry. This book is your opportunity to understand its principles, learn about the technology, and begin to use it to the benefit of your application, your company, and the environment.

    Introduction. Combustion Phenomena of High Temperature Air Combustion. High Temperature Air Combustion Models for Simulation. Impact of Highly Preheated Air Combustion on Furnace Performance. Design Guidelines for High Performance Industrial Furnaces. Potential Applications to the Other Energy Using Sectors. Appendices-Reference Data on High Performance Industrial Furnaces.


    Tsuji, Hiroshi; Gupta, Ashwani K.; Hasegawa, Toshiaki; Katsuki, Masashi; Kishimoto, Ken; Morita, Mitsunobu

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