1st Edition

Historical Perspectives in Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Edited By

Laura L. Koppes

ISBN 9780805844405
Published August 29, 2006 by Psychology Press
560 Pages

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Book Description

This unique book is the first to contain a comprehensive history of industrial and organizational psychology, covering numerous topics in the discipline. The history presented offers various perspectives, including the contributions of individuals, organizations, and contextual or situational forces, as well as an international viewpoint. The authors, all highly regarded experts in their respective topics, use a range of approaches to examine history, demonstrating to readers that there are multiple ways to understand history.

This volume will be of interest to industrial and organizational psychologists, business and management academics and professionals, historians of psychology, business, science and science and technology, undergraduate, and graduate students.

Table of Contents

Contents: E.A. Fleishman, J.N. Cleveland, Series Foreword. L.L. Koppes, Preface. Part I: The Beginning. L.L. Koppes, W. Pickren, Industrial and Organizational Psychology: An Evolving Science and Practice. A.J. Vinchur, L.L. Koppes, Early Contributors to the Science and Practice of Industrial Psychology. Part II: Historical Overviews. M.J. Zickar, R.E. Gibby, Four Persistent Themes Throughout the History of I-O Psychology in the United States. P. Warr, Some Historical Developments in I-O Psychology Outside the United States. Part III: Educational, Organizational, and Military Influences. R.L. Lowman, J. Kantor, R. Perloff, A History of I-O Psychology Educational Programs in the United States. H.H. Meyer, Influence of Formal and Informal Organizations on the Development of I-O Psychology. E. Salas, R.E. DeRouin, P.A. Gade, The Military's Contribution to Our Science and Practice: People, Places, and Findings. Part IV: Early Topics. A.J. Vinchur, A History of Psychology Applied to Employee Selection. M.A. Wilson, A History of Job Analysis. S.C. Lane, A Historical View of Human Factors in the United States. D.W. Schumann, E. Davidson, Early Influences of Applied Psychologists on Consumer Response: 1895-1925. K. Kraiger, J.K. Ford, The Expanding Role of Workplace Training: Themes and Trends Influencing Training Research and Practice. J.L. Farr, P.E. Levy, Performance Appraisal. Part V: Later Topics. S. Highhouse, Applications of Organizational Psychology: Learning Through Failure or Failure to Learn? G.P. Latham, M-H. Budworth, The Study of Work Motivation in the 20th Century. D.V. Day, S.J. Zaccaro, Leadership: A Critical Historical Analysis of the Influence of Leader Traits.E.Salas, H.A.Priest, K.C.Stagl,D.E.Sims, C.S.Burke, Work Teams in Organizations: A Historical Reflection and Lessons Learned Part VI:Reflections and Future. J.P Campbell Profiting from History. Part VII:Appendix Appendix One: Some Historical Resources for Psychology and I-O Psychology Appendix Two: Timeline of Events and Developments in Industrial and Organizational Psychology in the United States. Appendix Three: Additional Information (Presidents of the International Association of Applied Psychology (IAAP)Editors of the Journal of Applied Psychology (1917-2008), Heads of Personnel Research at the U.S Office of Personnel Managment (OPM) and its predecessor, The U.S. Civil Service Commision (USCSC)


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"The chapter authors appear to be very knowledgeable about their topics and, in many cases, did a lot of background work to get the details the chapters contain, especially the early chapters on people and places important to the history."
Benjamin Schneider
Senior Research Fellow, Valtera Corporation, University of Maryland (Emeritus)

"I believe all graduate students in IO psychology should have a copy of this book. The book provides a rich basis for an undergraduate or graduate survey course in IO psychology."
Jeanette N. Cleveland
Pennsylvania State University

"This is a unique volume. No other work of which I am aware provides this important background. Laura Koppes and the Associate Editors are uniquely qualified to edit this book, both from background and documented interest."
William Macey
Valtera Corporation

"There is a crying need for this book in the psychology curriculum. There is no survey of IO as comprehensive as this. Given the enormous impact IO has had on modern society, I believe many teachers will assign this volume as required reading."
Richard T. von Mayrhauser
University of California at Berkeley

"This unique collection is the first to contain a comprehensive history of industrial and organizational psychology, covering numerous topics in the discipline. The history presented offers various perspectives including the contribution of individuals, organizations, contextual and situational forces, as well as an international viewpoint." - Abstracts of Public Administration, Development, and Environment