History of Islamic Philosophy  book cover
1st Edition

History of Islamic Philosophy

ISBN 9780203824597
Published March 7, 2013 by Routledge
800 Pages

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Book Description

Islamic philosophy has often been treated as being largely of historical interest, belonging to the history of ideas rather than to philosophical study. This volume successfully overturns that view. Emphasizing the living nature and rich diversity of the subject, it examines the main thinkers and schools of thought, discusses the key concepts of Islamic philosophy and covers a vast geographical area. This indispensable reference tool includes a comprehensive bibliography and an extensive index.

Table of Contents

Introduction, Oliver Leaman; Introduction1 Introduction, Seyyed Hossein Nasr; Part 1 Religious, intellectual and cultural context; Chapter 1 The meaning and concept of philosophy in Islam, Seyyed Hossein Nasr; Chapter 2 The Qur’?n and Had?th as source and inspiration of Islamic philosophy, Seyyed Hossein Nasr; Chapter 3 The Greek and Syriac background, F. E. Peters; Chapter 4 The Indian and Persian background, Syed Nomanul Haq; Chapter 5 Early k?lam, M. Abdel Haleem; Chapter 6 The transmission of Greek philosophy to the Islamic world, Yegane Shayegan; Chapter 7 Sunni kal?m and theological controversies, James Pavlin; Chapter 8 Twelve-Im?m Shi’ite theological and philosophical thought, Abbas Muhajirani; Chapter 9 Ism?’?l? philosophy, Azim Nanji; Chapter 10 Islamic humanism in the fourth/tenth century, Oliver Leaman; Part 2 Early Islamic philosophers in the East; Chapter 11 Al-Kind?, Felix Klein-Franke; Chapter 12 Al-F?r?b?, Deborah L. Black; Chapter 13 Mu?ammad ibn Zakariyy?’ al-R?z?, Lenn E. Goodman; Chapter 14 Al-’Amiri, Everett K. Rowson; Chapter 15 The Brethren of Purity (Ikhw?n al-?af?’), Ian Richard Netton; Chapter 16 Ibn S?n?, Shams Inati; Chapter 17 Ibn S?n?’s “Oriental philosophy”, Seyyed Hossein Nasr; Chapter 18 Ibn Miskawayh, Oliver Leaman; Chapter 19 Al-Ghazz?l?, Massimo Campanini; Part 3 Islamic philosophers in the Western lands of Islam; Chapter 20 Ibn Masarrah, Lenn E. Goodman; Chapter 21 Ibn B?jjah, Lenn E. Goodman; Chapter 22 Ibn ?ufayl, Lenn E. Goodman; Chapter 23 Ibn Rushd, Domonique Urvoy; Chapter 24 Ibn Sab’?n, Abui-Wafa al-Tajiazani, Oliver Leaman; Chapter 25 Ibn Khald?n, Abderrahmane Lakhsassi; Part 4 Philosophy and the mystical tradition; Chapter 26 Introduction to the mystical tradition, Seyyed Hossein Nasr; Chapter 27 ‘Ayn al-Qu??t Hamad?n? ana the intellectual climate of his times, Hamid Dabashi; Chapter 28 Shih?b al-D?n Suhraward?: founder of the Illuminationist school, Hossein Ziai; Chapter 29 The Illuminationist tradition, Hossein Ziai; Chapter 30 Ibn ‘Arab?, William C. Chittick; Chapter 31 The school of Ibn ‘Arab?, William C. Chittick; Part 5 Later Islamic philosophy; Chapter 32 Khw?jah Na??r aI-D?n al-??s?: the philosopher/vizier and the intellectual climate of his times, Hamid Dabashi; Chapter 33 From al-??s? to the School of I?fah?n, John Cooper; Chapter 34 M?r D?m?d and the founding of the “School of I?fah?n”, Hamid Dahashi; Chapter 35 Mull? ?adr?, Hossein Ziai; Chapter 36 Mull? ?adr?, Seyyed Hossein Nasr; Chapter 37 Shah Wal?ull?h, Rahimuddin Kemal, Salim Kemal; Part 6 The Jewish philosophical tradition in the Islamic cultural world; Chapter 38 Introduction, Oliver Leaman; Chapter 39 Jewish philosophy in the Islamic world, Arthur Hyman; Chapter 40 Saadiah Gaon al-Fayyumi, Lenn E. Goodman; Chapter 41 Ibn Gabirol, Irene Lancaster; Chapter 42 Judah Halevi, Barry Kogan; Chapter 43 Maimonides, Alexander Broadie; Chapter 44 Gersonides, Gad Freudenthal; Chapter 45 Judaism and Sufism, Paul B. Fenton; Chapter 46 Jewish Averroism, Oliver Leaman; Part 7 Philosophy and its parts; Chapter 47 Metaphysics, Charles Genequand; Chapter 48 Logic, Shams Inati; Chapter 49 Epistemology, Sari Nuseibeh; Chapter 50 Political philosophy, Hans Daiber; Chapter 51 Literature, Shams Inati, Elsayed Omran; Chapter 52 Language, Shukri B. Abed; Chapter 53 Science, Osman Bakar; Chapter 54 Mysticism, Mahmud Erol Kilif; Chapter 55 Ethics, Daniel H. Frank; Chapter 56 Aesthetics, Salim Kemal; Chapter 57 Law, Norman Calder; Part 8 Later transmission and interpretation; Chapter 58 Medieval Christian and Jewish Europe, John Marenbon; Chapter 59 Modern Western philosophy, Catherine Wilson; Chapter 60 The poetic medium, Branko Aleksi?; Part 9 Islamic philosophy in the modern Islamic world; Chapter 61 Persia, Mehdi Aminrazavi; Chapter 62 India, Hafiz A. Ghaffar Kh?n; Chapter 63 Pakistan, M. Suheyl Umar; Chapter 64 The Arab world, Ibr?h?m M. Abu-Rabi; Chapter 65 Egypt, Massimo Campanini; Chapter 66 Turkey, Mehmet Aydin; Chapter 67 South-east Asia, Zailan Moris; Part 10 Interpretation of Islamic philosophy in tne West; Chapter 68 Orientalism and Islamic Philosophy, Oliver Leaman; Chapter 69 Henry Corbin, Pierre Lory; Chapter 70 Islamic philosophy in Russiaand the Soviet Union, Alexander Knysh; Chapter 71 The possibility of a philosophy of Islam, Shabbir Akhtar; Part 11 Bibliography; Chapter 72 A guide to bibliographical resources, Oliver Leaman;

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Seyyed Hossein Nasr is Universitry Professor of Islamic Studies at the George Washington University, Washington D.C.. He is the author of numerous books and articles on Islam and related topics. Oliver Leaman is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Kentucky. He has written on Islamic and Jewish philosophy.


'The world's leading experts in authentic Islamic philosophy both explain and challenge its core concepts. Essential to literacy in one of the world's great philosophical traditions.' - Philadelphia Enquirer

'The editors deserve praise for assembling an outstanding team of sixty scholars and compiling the single most useful history of this rich tradition.' - Choice

'A refreshing, exciting, approach to Islamic philosophy ... stimulating reading.' - SOAS Bulletin

'There can be no gainsaying the formidable scholarship contained in these volumes ... It will, I suspect, rightly become the standard work in philosophy in the Muslim world for many years to come.' - The Expository Times