1st Edition

History of the British West Indies

By Sir Alan Burns Copyright 1954

    History of the British West Indies (1954) examines the history of the islands of the Caribbean from their first discovery, through the periods of colonisation and slavery, and up to the beginnings of their status as independent nations. The actions of other nations are studied, as well as the British, as the various colonial powers vied for possession of these valuable possessions. Terrible cruelty was inflicted by colonial masters to the indigenous inhabitants, the slaves and indentured labour, and the worst of these are recorded in separate appendices.

    1. General Description  2. The Inhabitants  3. The Discovery of the West Indies  4. Later Voyages of Explorations  5. Spanish Colonisation  6. The Challenge to Spanish Monopoly  7. The First English Colonies  8. The Spread of Colonisation  9. The Western Design  10. English Colonies in the Early Days  11. The Restoration Period (1660–1670)  12. The End of the Stuart Period (1670–1688)  13. The Passing of the Seventeenth Century (1688–1702)  14. The War of the Spanish Succession (1702–1713)  15. After the Treaty of Utrecht (1713–1739)  16. Years of Triumph (1739–1763)  17. Years of Disaster (1764–1784)  18. After the Treaty of Versailles (1784–1802)  19. The War Against Napoleon (1803–1815)  20. Peace and Emancipation (1816–1838)  21. The Victorian Age (1838–1900)  22. The Twentieth Century (1901–1952).  Appendices


    Sir Alan Burns