Hospitality and Tourism 2015 : Proceedings of HTC 2015 (Malacca, Malaysia, 2-3 November 2015) book cover
1st Edition

Hospitality and Tourism 2015
Proceedings of HTC 2015 (Malacca, Malaysia, 2-3 November 2015)

ISBN 9781138029323
Published October 27, 2015 by CRC Press
392 Pages

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Book Description

Innovation and Best Practices in Hospitality and Tourism Research contains 71 accepted papers from the Hospitality and Tourism Conference (HTC 2015,  Melaka, Malaysia, 2-3 November, 2015). The book presents the “up-and-coming” paradigms and innovative practices within the hospitality and tourism industries, and covers the following topics:

Management in Hospitality, Tourism, Foodservice and Gastronomy, Hospitality, Tourism and Foodservice Environment: Trends, New Concepts, and Developments, Education and Industry Linkages, Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics in Hospitality and Tourism Industry, Economic / Social / Environmental / Cultural Impact of Tourism, Global Perspectives on Business, Hospitality and Tourism. Marketing Channels, Issues and Transformations in Hospitality and Tourism Industry, Information and Communication Technologies in Hospitality and Tourism Industry, Marketing Approaches/ Strategies in Hospitality and Tourism Industry, Consumer Behaviour in Hospitality and Tourism Industry, Human Resource Management in Hospitality and Tourism, Health and Wellness Tourism, Gastronomic Tourism, Sports Tourism, Islamic/Halal Tourism and Hospitality Management, Tourism Security and Safety, Tourism Development and Planning, Green Technology and Strategies in Hospitality and Tourism, Food Safety, Quality and Innovations, Research and Knowledge Transfer, International Tourism and Management of Crisis, Infrastructure, Development and Sustainability in Hospitality and Tourism Industry, Trends in Entrepreneurial Activity in Business and Hospitality, Trends in Accommodation, Food and Beverage, Transportation, Leisure and Events, and Hospitality Training and Development.

The contributions on diverse topics present new ideas and information on the “stateof-the-art” research into hospitality and tourism. Innovation and Best Practices in Hospitality and Tourism Research will indeed be a useful reference for academics, postgraduate students as well as professionals involved in the fields of hospitality and tourism.

Table of Contents

Hospitality management

Service failure recovery in the restaurant industry: A proposed methodology using experimental-based design
M.H.A. Rashid, R. Hasanordin & F.S. Ahmad

Students’ satisfaction towards the counter service quality at university accommodation in UiTM, Shah Alam, Malaysia
K.H. Omar & Z. Mohi

Queuing management: Installation of distractions towards customer satisfaction
R.I.P. Raja Mustapha, M.Z.F. Ibrahim, N. Ghazali, A. Salim & Z. Ahmad

Proactiveness approach towards independent restaurant performance
N. Ghazali, R.I.P. Raja Mustapha, M.Z.F. Ibrahim, A. Salim & J.M. Saber

Perceive quality, memorable experience and behavioral intentions: An examination of tourists in National Park
M. Mahdzar, A. Shuib, M.A. Shamsul Herman & S. Ramachandran

Student satisfaction towards Caffé Giunto
A.A. Zainol, A.S. Kisun, S.N.I. Norashikin & Z. Mohi

Value of services: The psychology of queuing satisfaction
M.Z.F. Ibrahim, R.I.P. Raja Mustapha, N. Ghazali, A. Salim & M.R. Khairuddin

The outcomes of minimum wage implementation in Langkawi hotels
R. Ahmad, N. Zainol & H. Omar

Effects of Perceived Supervisor Support (PSS) towards employees’ intention to leave a job
H. Ghazali, N. Mohamad Nashuki & M. Othman

Modelling Importance Performance Analysis (IPA) to improve service quality of luxury hotels
M.T. Zamri, A. Jamin & N. Mohd Akhuan

Work variables and work-family conflict: How does it affect the hotel managers in Malaysia?
N. Sumarjan, I.M. Ghazali, M.F.S. Bakhtiar, S. Tarmudi & S.M. Radzi

The influence of Entrepreneurial Orientation (EO) on restaurant business performance
S.A. Talib & M.F. Shafie

Emotional labor and job performance: A case study of receptionists in Carlton Holiday Hotel and Suite, Shah Alam, Selangor
W.P. Yuan & I.M. Akhir

The effect of physical environment on behavioral intentions through emotions: A case of five star beach resorts in Langkawi, Malaysia
N.S. Ramlan & F.S.C. Abdullah

The intention of Malay restaurant operators to adopt Mamak restaurant strategies
R. Salleh, N.A.M.M. Rosdi, Z. Othman & S.M. Radzi

A preliminary study of the relationship between Oneworld perceived value and passenger satisfaction
N.H. Seliman, S.M. Radzi, N. Sumarjan & R.A. Aziz

Hospitality & tourism marketing

Internet marketing in promoting cross-border healthcare in Malaysia
L.Y.Wong & N. Sulaiman

Hotel loyalty program rewards and customers intention to enroll
H. Nurhaizura, M.F.S. Bakhtiar &A.A. Azdel

The influence of Islamic marketing mixes upon Shariah compliant hotel in Malaysia: From the managerial views
N.A. Zuppri &A.M. Shahril

Destination loyalty among international tourists: The effect of destination marketing
P. Mihanyar, S.A. Rahman & N. Aminudin

Profiling the effective marketing mix on purchase intention in Malay Spa
A. Jamin, M.T. Zamri & N. Mohd Akhuan

Exploring hotel loyalty program challenges in establishing loyalty: A case study of Malaysia city hotel
J. Anuar, N. Sumarjan & S.M. Radzi

Constructing a brand for rural tourism destination: Hard and soft factors attractions
S.F. Adeyinka-Ojo &V. Nair

Tourism management

Challenges of seaweed community-based homestay programme in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo
V. Kunjuraman, R. Hussin & S.M. Yasir

Behavioural intention of tourists in conceptual age: ‘Four season of Middle East’
P. Mihanyar, S.A. Rahman & N. Aminudin

Responsible tourism: Do the practices contribute towards better life?
M.D. Darson, M.F.Wahab, M.H. Zamri, A.K. Adanan Hasim & M.H. Hanafiah

Exploring the Islamic and halal tourism definition
Y.A. Aziz, A.A. Rahman, H. Hassan & S.H. Hamid

An investigation of responsible tourist behaviours and travel experiences
N.I.A. Karim, Z.A. Mukhtar, S.S.A. Hamid, M.D. Darson &A.K.M. Hasim

Episodic Volunteering in event tourism: What makes episodic volunteers to bounce back?
K.N. Ahmad &A. Marzuki

Assessing level of accessibility for development of Malay traditional craftsmanship as an attraction in Melaka
N.F. Abd Hamid, J. Jusoh & Z. Mohd Zain

Syariah spa tourism in Malaysia: Some preliminary facets
Z. Husain & S.A. Jamal

Effectiveness of interpretation boards at historical sites in Melaka
M.H.Y. Johari, N.R.Wan Mohamed & M.A. Jabar

Sponsorship for sports events in Malaysia
S. Tarmudi, M.H. Jeinie, M.F.S. Bakhtiar, S.A. Jamal, N. Othman & I.R. Razak

Towards the conceptualization of a Slow Tourism Theory for a rural destination
F.A. Mohamad Noor, V. Nair & P. Mura

Comparative analysis of cost and benefits between international and domestic Community Based-Tourism in Malaysia
J.A. Ahmad, A. Azmi, M.S. Anuar & Z. Mohd Ali Tan

Medical tourism destination choice: A proposition and research agenda
M.A. Hemdi, N.A. Hassan, N. Aminuddin &A. Adanan

Revealing the domestic tourist shopping motivation on fashion product
D. Suhartanto, N. Ruhadi & N.N. Triyuni

An assessment of the relationship between screen tourism and viewers’ travel intention
N. Sumarjan, M.N.I. Ismail &A.H.K. Nur Farihin

Technology & innovation in hospitality & tourism

Content analysis of Medical Tourism websites (MTwebs) in Malaysia
L.Y.Wong & N. Sulaiman

Restaurateurs’ responsiveness toward smart card’s usage in restaurants
S. Zurena, M.S.M. Zahari & M.A. Hemdi

Factors influencing online travel purchase among youth
N. Mohd Akhuan, A. Jamin, M.T. Zamri, N.R.Wan Mohamed & N.I. Abd Karim

Continuance intention of self-service check-in technology at KLIA2: The influence of technology readiness index and customer satisfaction
S.A.S. Abdul Rahman & M.A. Hemdi

Environmental management in hospitality & tourism

Guest eco-friendly attitudes and response behavior towards green hotel in Malaysia
N.A. Mohd Razali &A.M. Shahril

Conceptualisation of green marketing mix in the hotel industry
S. Punitha, Y.A. Aziz &A.A. Rahman

Developing a model of green gastronomy values, intention and behavior of chefs
A. Ismail &A. Zainal

Knowledge on green practices and current green activities by homestay operators
A.H.K. Nur Farihin

Guest orientation towards green: The effect towards brand loyalty and future environmental behavior in five-star hotel segment
M.N.H. Hassim & M.R. Jamaluddin

Gastronomy & foodservice management

Customer satisfaction as a benchmark for military foodservice performance in the basic recruit training center
A. Nurhazwani, R. Mohammed Ruqaimi, S. Nazamid, G. Hazrina, J. Rosita & S. Abdullah

Are understanding and the practices of Malay food terminologies among three Malay generations of culinarians the same?
Z.M. Piah, M.S.M. Zahari, K.M. Abdullah & N.C. Deraman

Assessing the integration dimensions as part of food acculturation process: An exploratory factor analysis approach
N. Ishak, M.S.M. Zahari &A.D. Ramli

Functional food consumption among consumers in Shah Alam
M.M.I. Luqman &T.C. Chemah

A causal relationship between adaptation on ethnics’ type of foods and formation of the common acceptable cuisine
M.Z. Suhaimi, M.S.M. Zahari & M.A. Hemdi

Food heritage from the food experts’ perspectives
A.M. Ramli, M.S.M. Zahari, M.Z. Suhaimi & F. Faat

A qualitative study on hand hygiene knowledge and practices among food handlers in selected kindergartens in Selangor
M. Nor-Ainy, R. Nurul Ain, R. Sukor & M.A.R. Nor-Khaizura

Food handler’s food safety knowledge and attitude and its effect on service quality of highway rest and service area
H.S. Syamim &T.C. Chemah

A case study on good hygiene practices in traditionally operating catering service:Warisan Baiduri Sdn. Bhd.
R. Sukor, G. Balachandran, M.A.R. Nor-Khaizura & M. Nor-Ainy

A case study on knowledge of hygiene among food handlers in Foodservice Complex, Universiti Putra Malaysia
M.A.R. Nor-Khaizura, C.Y. Teoh, R. Sukor & M. Nor-Ainy

Customers’ perception on Halal food quality towards their revisit intention in Chinese Muslim restaurant
A. Arsat, M.S.Y. Kamaruddin, A.A. Azdel, N.H. Rejab & N.R.A.N. Ruhadi

The potentiality of food as a tourism souvenir product
N.F.S. Hazman-Wong & N. Sumarjan

Relevant areas in hospitality & tourism

Dimension of sports tourists’ orientation in the Malaysian context
P.H. Khor, R. Radzliyana & K.C. Lim

Preliminary study on teaching and learning practices in the Faculty of Hotel and Tourism Management
N.H. CheAhmat, N. MdNor, N. Din, M.A. Razali, N. Zainol &A.H. Ahmad Ridzuan

A conceptual understanding of dark tourism and thanatourism in Malaysia
N.A. Ahmad, A.L.M. Rasdi, H.R. Hasbollah, N.H.M. Yasin, S.A. Abas, Z.M. Rani & K.N. Ahmad

The moderating effects of individual tourists’ characteristics: An application of the extended SportWebsite Acceptance Model (SWAM) to tourism perspectives
R. Radzliyana, P.H. Khor, A.A. Azlan & K.C. Lim

Blended Learning: A view from hospitality students
R. Salleh, N.M. Nor, S. Ariffin & N. Hashim

Residents’ attitude towards socio-cultural benefits in Penarik, Terengganu
F.H. Mohd Hasnan, N. Abdullah, N.L. Abdul Halid & N.I.A. Karim

Urban host community perception towards tourism development: Melaka
M.A. Jabar, N.R.W. Mohamed, M.H.Y. Johari & S.A. Jabar

Exploring the awareness of local non-Muslim guest towards Syariah compliant: A case study in Grand BlueWave Shah Alam
A. Ibrahim & S.A. Jamal

Understanding career commitment among graduates in Malaysian tourism industry
F.I. Anuar, I.N.M. Khazin &A. Yulia

Border shopping activities, facilities and development in Padang Besar, Perlis
A. Azmi, A. Ngelambong, J. Anuar & J. Lahap

By-choice and by-chance: Assessing undergraduates hotel career commitment
N.A. Ridzuan, M.S.M. Zahari, D.D. Dusi & S.N.A. Akbar

An empirical study of medical tourists, tourists’ arrivals and MM2H participants in Malaysia
T. Chuie-Hong & H. Sin-Ban

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