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1st Edition

Hospitality and Tourism
Synergizing Creativity and Innovation in Research

ISBN 9781138001510
Published November 18, 2013 by CRC Press
636 Pages

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Book Description

Hospitality and Tourism - Synergizing creativity and innovation in research contains 116 accepted papers from the International Hospitality and Tourism Postgraduate Conference 2013 (Shah Alam, Malaysia, 2–3 September 2013). The book presents trends and practical ideas in the area of hospitality and tourism, and is divided into the sections below:

- Hospitality and tourism management

- Hospitality and tourism marketing

- Current trends in hospitality & tourism

- Technology, advancement and innovation in hospitality and tourism

- Green hospitality and tourism

- Food service and food safety

- Relevant areas in hospitality and tourism

Hospitality and Tourism - Synergizing creativity and innovation in research will be useful to postgraduate students, academia and professionals involved in the area of hospitality and tourism.

Table of Contents

Hospitality and tourism management

Sustainable approach of fishing tourism in Kenyir Lake
M.A. Alias, N.A. Ahmad, M.A. Ahmad & F.H. Muhammad Safri

An overview of Yield Management practices among the front office employees in five-star hotels
D.A.A. Mohd Asri & N. Sumarjan

Work motivation and job satisfaction of middle level management at five-star hotels in Kuala Lumpur
M.F. NurDalila, S.M. Radzi & Z. Othman

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities, brand image and hotel guest retention
N.Z. Othman & M.A. Hemdi

Strategies of travel agency in facing disintermediation
N.A.A. Nik Hashim, M.N.I. Ismail, Z. Awang & F.H. Muhammad Safri

Responsible tourism: Linking perceived benefits and practices in Pangkor Island
M.D. Darson, M.F. Wahab, E.R. Kassim & M.H. Hanafiah

Langkawi Island as a tourist friendly destination
A.Q. Abd Jalil, A.A. Azdel, F.I. Basri & M.I. Mustapha

Tourists’ perceptions toward the authenticity or unique features of Melaka traditional

Malay houses as cultural heritage tourism product
M.A. Ismail, F.I. Basri, N.A.A. Nik Hashim & A.A. Abd Majid

Service delay of cook to order food: How do Malaysia Gerai customers react?
N. Zainol, A.R. Ahmad Rozali, S.B. Usman & M.S. Mohd Zahari

The influence of career path elements and mentoring towards women employability in the Iran tourism industry
S. Simin, A. Zainal & N.H. Nazlan

The Malay garden design concept opportunity to be developed as the tourism product
A.Z. Zakaria, I.H. Salleh & M.S. Abd Rashid

Knowledge and business strategy model
S.K.A. Nordin, S.M. Radzi, H. Ismail & N. Ahmad

Quality work life and occupational stress in hotel industry
M. Azinuddin & A. Zainal

Creating risk management awareness in Park Guiding—a case study of Bako National Park, Sarawak, Malaysia
N. Putit, M.K.Y. Chan & H. Hanan

The effects of POS, PSS, and OC on intention to leave in casual dining restaurants in Klang Valley area
N.M. Nashuki, H. Ghazali & M. Othman

Customer perception towards service quality of fast food restaurants in Klang Valley
H. Rasidah & Z. Bohari

Revealing the power of Appreciative Inquiry approach for rural tourism research
R. Che Aziz, M. Abdul, Y. Abd Aziz & A. Abdul Rahman

Training transfer: The interaction of changed behavior and co-worker support on job performance
F. Mohd Shariff, A. Zainal & R. Hashim

Quality of work life among hotel executives in Malaysia
I.M. Ghazali, S.M. Radzi, M.O.R.A. Patah & R.A. Aziz

Restaurant patrons’ satisfaction towards interaction quality of front-of-the-house employees
N.T. Jamaludin, S.N.A. Ayob, K.N. Sabri & Z. Mohi

Customer acceptance and satisfaction towards foreign workers’ service quality in casual dining restaurant
A.A. Sukur, A.L. Mohd Rasdi & A.S. Sukur

Local community outlook on tourism development in Tioman Island
M.H. Hanafiah, S.A. Abas, M.R. Jamaluddin & M.I. Zulkifly

The perception of minimum wage towards employee job satisfaction
N.A. Talib, N.A. Ahmad, A.A. Azdel & M.S.Y. Kamaruddin

Tourist information center service quality: A case of Malaysia Tourism Centre (MaTiC)
M.I. Izham, N. Baba & M.H. Hanafiah

Hospitality and tourism marketing

Uptown night market and tourists’ satisfaction
N. Kamaruddin & M.F.S. Bakhtiar

Craft souvenirs: Perceived authenticity and tourist purchase behaviour
F.I. Basri & M.F.S. Bakhtiar

Shopping mall attractiveness: Factors affecting consumer decision towards visitation
Z. Awang, N. Aminudin, N.A.A. Nik Hashim & N.A. Mustapha

Destination attractiveness of a theme park: A case study in Malaysia
M.A. Ahmad, M.R. Jamaluddin, M.A. Alias & A.Q. Abd Jalil

Tourist perception on homestay programme: A case of Kuala Medang homestay
M.F. Ahmad, F.S. Chang, E.R. Kassim & A. Husin

The relationship between experiential marketing and tourists’ satisfaction on Kelantan food
H.N. Syahida & A. Zainal

Tourist perception on island tourism: A case of Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Parks
E.R. Kassim, S.A. Jamal, M.F. Ahmad & M.D. Darson

The impact of food quality and its attributes on customer satisfaction at Malay restaurants
M.A.A. Bashir, H.F. Ariffin, N. Baba & S. Mantihal

The relationship between perceived service performance and customer satisfaction in Malay upscale restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
A.R.M. Nazri & A. Zainal

Destination attractiveness of outlet mall in Malaysia
N.S. Shamsudin, M.R. Jamaluddin, N.A. Ahmad & M.D. Darson

Service quality dimension of low cost airline in Malaysia
M.I. Mustapha, A.Q. Abd Jalil, F.I. Basri & Z. Mohi

Destination attributes, tourist satisfaction and behavioral intentions toward Penang
F.H. Muhammad Safri, H. Ismail, M.A. Alias & N.A.A. Nik Hashim

The effects of place, performance and personality (3P’s) Pull Factor of screen tourism and viewers’ travel intention
N. Abd Hadi Khan, N. Sumarjan, M.F. Hassan & M.A. Ahmad

Assessing Customer-Based Brand Equity theory of repurchase intention in the family restaurant
M.A. Abdul Majid & C. Tamby Chik

The effects of brand personality dimensions on customer satisfaction in Kuala Lumpur hotels
N.A. Zaireen, M. Sulaiman & Z. Mohi

Destination image of Perak: Perspective and loyalty among Singaporean tourists
A.M.F. Wahab, M.D. Darson, M.H. Zamri & L.K. Lim

The influence of food neophilia and neophobia towards tourists consumption of Malay food in Malaysia
M.N. Mohd Hafiz, A. Zainal, Z. Ahmad Nizan & I. Shahariah

Examining perceived value and tourists’ satisfaction on Penang delicacies
Y. Atikahambar, A. Zainal, Z. Ahmad Nizan, A. Nor’Aini & M.K. Zain

An investigation of customers’ satisfaction as a mediating variable between online discount programs and customers’ behavioral intentions
A.H. Abdullah & N. Sumarjan

Hotel customer-based experience, brand image and loyalty in Iran
H. Robabeh Sadat & A. Zainal

A preliminary study on the benefits of loyalty programs in Malaysian city hotels
J. Anuar, N. Sumarjan & S.M. Radzi

Psychological determinants of food neophobia and young culinarians
M.A. Ibrahim, R. Ahmad, M.S. Mohd Zahari & F.A. Hanan

Factors attracting Malaysian Heritage Food (HF) consumption amongst international tourists in Malaysia
S.R. Omar & M.S. Ab Karim

Guest purchase intention on hotel Room Internet Services
R. Salleh, N.H.C. Ahmat, S.M. Radzi & W.N.B. Wan Kamarudin

Hotel customer loyalty antecedents and behavioral loyalty
A.A. Azdel, N.N. Azizan, M.F.S. Bakhtiar & N.A. Ahmad

The influence of reward criteria towards the effectiveness of loyalty program in Kopitiam restaurant
Z.N. Nadiah, S.A. Talib & M.F. Mohd Faiz

Customer purchase intention towards organic foods
M.S.M. Nur Hidayat & M.S. Fadzilah

The effect of brand image on purchase intention mediates by use experience towards Furama hotel
P.S. Jalal, N.A. Ishak, Z. Mohi & N.S. Shariffuddin

The attractiveness of loyalty program attributes towards customers’ intention to join hotel loyalty program membership
H. Nurhaizura & R.B. Ningkan

Analysis on the effect of servicescape toward customer satisfaction: A case study at Dataran Cendekia café UiTM Shah Alam
N.A. Abdul, N.S. Karjanto, R.P.S. Raja Abdullah & N.A. Baba

Customer satisfaction and repurchase intention towards Darul Rahmat Chicken in Shah Alam
R. Muhammad & S. Amirrah

Ready to eat food attributes and consumer purchase intention towards 7-Eleven convenience foods
K.N. Sabri, N.N. Johari, N. Baba & R.P.S. Raja Abdullah

Factors influencing international tourists’ food preference towards Malaysian local food
H. Selamat & F.A. Hanan

Investigating the market potential for processed banana snack product: Consumer acceptance level on banana chip in Malaysia
M.A. Tokijan & M.Z. Hasni

Guest perception on service quality among front office personnel
S.H.S. Mohamad Khairizam, M.A. Hafiy Azmi & N.H.C. Ahmat

Advertising effects toward the consumer purchase behaviour on the SMEs product
A.D. Aminuddin, M.S.Y. Kamaruddin & N.H. Zainul

Consumer perceptions of quality of food at night market
N.F. Ramlan

Tangible benefits of green branding
M.R. Jamaluddin, H. Hamzah & N.H. Maskor

Iranian restaurant business in Malaysia: Diagnosing operators’ views
A.H. Raeis, M.S. Mohd Zahari, M.A. Hemdi & M.Z. Suhaimi

Current trends in hospitality & tourism

Perceived importance: Last chance tourism in Malaysia
N.A. Ahmad, I.M. Azman, M.D. Darson & N.S. Shamsudin

Perception of international tourists on sex tourism in Malaysia
N.E. Zainal, M.S.Y. Kamaruddin, M.F.S. Bakhtiar & N.A. Ahmad

Common acceptable cuisine and national food identity
M.Z. Suhaimi, M.S. Mohd Zahari, Z. Othman & M.A. Hemdi

Educational value of dark tourism: Tour operators perceived importance and action behavior
S.N.S. Syed Mahbob, M.S. Mohd Zahari, Z. Zainuddin & M.Z. Suhaimi

Acculturation of international students on Malay food acceptance
S.N. Amira & A. Zainal

The impact of tourism towards the culture practice of indigenous people
N.A. Azhar Ismail, S.S.M. Mohamed Razak & M.A. Ismail

The level of youth tourist satisfaction towards domestic tourism product
S.A. Jamal, N. Kamaruddin, S. Aliyas & N.A.A. Nik Hashim

Malaysia as a wedding destination: Perception and destination characteristics
M.H. Zamri, M.D. Darson, M.F. Wahab & L.K. Lim

Indigenous peoples and their foods: A valuable contribution to tourism destination development—evidence from Lijiang, China
M. Gibson & C. Tang

Molecular gastronomy movement and application in food
F. Faat & A. Zainal

The adaptations of Malay food knowledge among Malay generations in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
M.S. Mohd Sharif, M.S. Mohd Zahari, N. Mohd Nor & H. Mohd Salleh

Food beliefs and practices among Malay women in postpartum period
M.S.Y. Kamaruddin, M.S.M. Zahari, R. Muhammad, A.F. Amir & A.A. Azdel

Food heritage and nation food identity formation
A.M. Ramli, M.S. Mohd Zahari, N. Ishak & M.S. Mohd Sharif

The sport tourism perceived impacts: A sub-urban host community perspective
S.A. Syed Omor Junid, N. Aminudin & N.A. Mustapha

Pork free restaurants in Malaysia: Issue of halal and muslim customer patronization
M.I. Haroun, M.S. Mohd Zahari, M.A. Hemdi & M.I. Zulkifly

Spa and wellness industry challenges: The perspectives of industry provider
S. Rasid & I. Azman

1Malaysia menu: Issues on food quality attributes toward customer satisfaction
I. Muhamad Shah Kamal, A.T. Salim, M.A. Sperico & F. Sulaiman

Resettlement effect on Penan’s food and foodways
M.S.Y. Kamaruddin, M.A. Sperico, F. Sulaiman & M.S. Kamal

The differences of food consumption and practices during confinement between urban and rural Malay women
S.A. Yusof, S. Zulkifli, S.S.H. Shaidan & M.S.Y. Kamaruddin

Chinese cooking methods terminologies: Understanding and usage among young Chinese culinarians
K. Mohamad Abdullah, M.S. Mohd Zahari, R. Muhammad & M.A. Hemdi

Technology, advancement and innovation in hospitality and tourism

Assessing consumer behavior from a main website of tourism product
M. Mohamed Razak, N. Aminudin, A.F. Amir & M.A. Ismail

Hotel internet marketing channels and purchase decision
A.M. Amrahi, S.M. Radzi & S.K.A. Nordin

The mediating role of brand image and awareness towards smart card usage in restaurants
S. Zurena @ Rena, M.S. Mohd Zahari & O. Ida Rosmini

A conceptual model for IT and website adoption in the tourism industry
S. Salavati, N.H. Hashim, N. Khani & M. Bahrami

Express marketing of tourism destinations using Instagram in social media networking
H. Hanan & N. Putit

A pilot study on effects of e-commerce and internet technology acceptance on tourist satisfaction in Malaysia
T. Sajjad, A. Zainal & S.M. Radzi

Electronic word-of-mouth, trust and purchase decisions in five-star hotels
R.N. Ningkan, H. Hashim & H. Ismail

Five-star hotel in-room entertainments: The relationship of technology readiness index, perceived ease of use and perceived usefulness
F.H. Ramly & A.A. Azdel

Motivational function and online community participation towards brand commitment: A case of Grand Blue Wave hotel Shah Alam
N.S. Shariffuddin, N.A. Ahmad, N.A. Ishak & P.S. Jalal

Food review (blog) and customer purchase intention behaviour: A case study on Friedchillies website
A. Zaileen Elina, W.I. Wan Ruzanna & A. Roslina

Customer satisfaction and repurchase intention towards Darul Rahmat chicken
R. Muhammad & S.A. Othman

Green hospitality and tourism

Consumers’ awareness towards restaurant green practices and its influence on behavioural intentions
A.L. Mohd Rasdi, F.S.C. Abdullah, A.A. Sukur & M.M. Razak

Scuba divers’ underwater responsible behavior: A comparison of divers’ specialization
S.Z.Z. Abidin, N. Salim & M. Badaruddin

A snapshot of environmental strategies in hotels: Locals’ perspective in Malaysia
M.F.S. Bakhtiar, A.A. Azdel, M.S.Y. Kamaruddin & S.A. Talib

Food service and food safety

Knowledge, attitude and food safety practices among the food handlers: A case of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
M. Sylvester, P.S. Toh & M.A.A. Bashir

Food related activities and Malaysian tour operators
N. Mohd Yusoff, M.S. Mohd Zahari, M.Z. Kutut & H.A. Hadi

Perceived leadership effectiveness on food handlers’ spiritual intelligence in food service business
M. Saad, P.S. Toh, M.A. Mohamed Adil & S.K. Ab Manan

Sensorial properties of spent hen chicken thigh marinated with nano and non-nanostructured Zingiber officinale Rosc (ginger) rhizome powder
N. Abdullah, N. Abdullah & M.R. Mahmood

Impact of nutritional information on menu towards food intake
M.F. Mohd Faiz, S.A. Talib & Z.N. Nadiah

Factors influencing students in pursuing tourism courses: A case of Management and Science University (MSU)
S. Azaddin

Assessment of food safety knowledge, attitudes and practices among food handler at childcare centre
Z.T. Muhamud & C. Tamby Chik

Food hygiene knowledge and attitude amongst food handlers toward safe food practices in school canteens
A. Ena Arzairina, R.S. Raja Saidah & A.A. Saidatul Afzan

Food handlers’ attitude towards practicing safe food handling in kopitiam restaurants 559
W.H.W. Bujang, F. Ahmad Fauzi, N. Baba & N. Sumarjan

Relevant areas in hospitality and tourism

Assessing Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (KAP) on food safety among food handlers in Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM), Shah Alam
M.I. Zulkifly, M.M. Salleh, M.H. Mohd Hanafiah & M.R. Jamaluddin

The effects of tourist motivation as antecedents on revisiting heritage destination
Z.M. Rani & N. Othman

Hospitality sponsorship program: Consumer involvement and product awareness
M.A. Hadi, S.A. Jamal & H.A. Hadi

The role of tourism in the rural area development
A. Daneshvarinasab, M. Mohd Dali & H. Zeinizadeh

A study of food festival loyalty
Z. Mohi, J.H.C. Wu & J.W.C. Wong

The Quality of College Life (QCL) among hotel & catering students in Malaysian polytechnics
A. Ismail & S.M. Radzi

Community participation toward states tourism development: A case of Melaka Baba Nyonya and Portuguese minority
N.S. Mior Shariffuddin & M.S. Mohd Zahari

Residents’ perceived social impacts and desire to support Kenyir Lake International Triathlon event in Terengganu
S.K.B. Mohd Supar

The influence of graduate attributes towards their employability: A case in the Faculty of Hotel and Tourism Management, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)
E.S. Mohd Salleh & M.F.S. Bakhtiar

Culinary arts students’ readiness towards the blended learning activities
U.A. Khalid, A. Ismail, W.S.N.A. Ab Aziz, A.A. Azdel & M.S.Y. Kamaruddin

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