1st Edition

Hot Topics in Adolescent Health A Practical Manual for Working with Young People

    What do young people need to know about their health - and how can you help them learn it? This practical guide will help you to broach health subjects (ranging from the banal to the embarrassing to the deadly serious) with the adolescents you encounter in your professional life. Drawing on research and collaboration with specialists in areas such as dietetics, mental health, drugs and alcohol, fitness, education and careers, along with young people themselves, Hot Topics in Adolescent Health provides a range of support mechanisms for professionals working with young people. Using interactive methods of delivery, this practical guide and complimentary CD provide figures, diagrams and suggested activities to explore each topic within a group setting and point to other resources for further information. The book covers both the basic and more detailed issues beginning with an introduction to adolescence and puberty before exploring key issues such as body image, diet and exercise, mental health, drugs, alcohol, relationships and sex (including contraception, sexual health, pregnancy and abortion) - giving lots of inspiration on how to confidently answer those tricky questions. Sections on consent and confidentiality when working with young people, as well as a vital summary of child protection policy and procedure, will also prove useful. It is highly recommended for healthcare professionals, teachers, therapists, counsellors, community group leaders and all people working with adolescents.

    Puberty. How do I look? Body image during puberty. Mental health. Healthy eating. Exercise. What’s your poison? Smoking, alcohol and drugs. Consent, confidentiality and the law. Relationships and sex. Contraception and young people. Sexual health. L8r baby! Teenage pregnancy. Gangs


    Sarah Bekaert, Dame Lesley Southgate