1st Edition

How to Find Information About AIDS Second Edition

    If you have ever attempted to research the AIDS epidemic or the HIV virus, you have discovered the overwhelming array of information sources. How do you know which information is the most accurate and most current? This second edition contains a directory of sources and resources in the AIDS information arena, designed to make it easy for anyone to find information on AIDS.

    Important Topics Covered:

    • Organizations--includes AIDS service organizations, community-based organizations, and organizations operating at the local, regional, state, and national level
    • Health Departments--identifies state offices, including the District of Columbia, that provide AIDS-related information or that can refer individuals to the appropriate organization
    • Research Institutions, Grant Funding Sources, Education and Training Centers, and Federal Agencies
    • Hotlines--both local and national
    • Electronic Sources of Information--includes specific journals, bibliographies, and monographs
    • Audiovisual Producers--covers producers of audiovisuals concerning AIDS

      The organization of the directory and the indexes, arranged geographically as well as alphabetically, are compelling features of this timely book. How to Find Information About AIDS, Second Edition is a valuable addition to the reference collection of librarians, counselors, school teachers, AIDS organization administrators, and medical personnel.

    Contents Organizational Resources
    • Health Departments
    • Research Institutions, Grant Funding Sources, Federal Agencies, and Education and Training Centers
    • Hotlines
    • Electronic Sources of Information
    • Print Sources of Information
    • Audiovisual Producers/ Distributors
    • General Index
    • Geographic Index


    Virginia A. Lingle, Sandra M.Wood, Jeffrey T. Huber