1st Edition

Human Evolution An Introduction for the Behavioural Sciences

By Graham Richards Copyright 1987
    408 Pages
    by Routledge

    408 Pages
    by Routledge

    Originally published in 1987, Human Evolution looks at theories of the evolution of human behaviour (contemporary at the time of publication). The book reviews competing theories of psychological and social evolution and provides a detailed historical introduction to the subject. A key theoretical concern which emerges in the book includes the psychological significance of the human evolution issue itself. The period of human evolution covered ranges from the demise of the Miocene hominoids, to the emergence of ‘civilization’. Topics covered include: functions of ‘origin myths’, history of the study of human evolution, methods and data-bases, theories of the nature of ‘hominisation’, origins of bipedalism, language and tool-use, theories of social evolution, theories of cave art and the spread of Homo sapiens to America and Australia.



    The Nature of the Problem

    2. Linnaeus to the Leakeys

    3. Methods and Data-Bases

    4. Brains and Sex, Meat and Reasons

    5. Genes and Culture, Kindness and Speech

    6. From Erectus to Sapiens

    Appendix A: Principal pre-Modern Hominid Fossils

    Appendix B: Development of the Hominid Jaw

    Appendix C: Hominid Genealogy – Seventy-Two Possibilities


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