1st Edition

Human Factors Interventions for the Health Care of Older Adults

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ISBN 9780805823004
Published August 1, 2001 by CRC Press
312 Pages

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Book Description

Written by experts in the field, this book explores the relevance and contributions of the field of human factors to health care. It begins with overviews of the field of human factors and the primary research methodologies of that field and goes on to review the cognitive issues that must be considered in the context of the health care environment and the potential for exercises to improve such cognitive functions. The remaining chapters cover a range of cutting-edge topics including: care giving, telecommunication issues, design of medical devices, computer monitoring of patients, automated communication systems, computer interface issues in general, and the use of the Web as a source for health information.

Table of Contents

Health Care of Older Adults: The Promise of Human Factors Research, A.D. Fisk and W.A. Rogers
Needs and Requirements in Health Care for the Older Adult: Challenges and Opportunities for the New Millennium, B.H. Beith

Consideration of Memory Functioning in Health Care Intervention With Older Adults, A.D. Smith,
Cognitive-Linguistic Aging: Considerations for Home Health Care Environments, C.D. Qualls, J.L. Harris, and W.A. Rogers,
Medical Uncertainty and the Older Patient: An Ecological Approach to Supporting Judgment and Decision Making, A. Kirlik and R. Strauss
Exercise, Aging, and Cognition: Healthy Body, Healthy Mind? A.F. Kramer, S. Hahn, E. McAuley, N.J. Cohen, M.T. Banich, C. Harrison, J. Chason, R.A. Boileau, L. Bardell, A. Colcombe, and E. Vakil

The State of Telecommunication Technologies to Enhance Older Adults' Access to Health Services, P. Whitten
Overview and Intervention Approaches to Family Caregiving: Decomposing Complex Psychosocial Interventions, R. Schulz, S. Czaja, and S. Belle
Telecommunication Technology as an Aid to Family Caregivers, S.J. Czaja

A Patient-Centered Approach to Automated Telephone Health Communication for Older Adults, D.G. Morrow and V.O. Leirer
Communication in Health Care Tactics for Older Adults: The Case of Heart Patients, T.B. Sheridan, J.F. Coughlin, D. Kim, and J.M. Thompson
Designing Medical Devices for Older Adults, D. Gardner-Bonneau

Computer Interface Issues for Health Self-Care: Cognitive and Perceptual Constraints, M. Charness and P. Holley
Searching the World Wide Web: Can Older Adults Get What They Need? A.J. Stronge, N. Walker, and W.A. Rogers

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