1st Edition

Human Factors Issues in Handgun Safety and Forensics

ISBN 9780805857429
Published November 26, 2007 by CRC Press
248 Pages - 35 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Written by two certified human factors/ergonomics professionals and  a criminalist  and firearms expert, all of whom have testified as expert witnesses,  Human Factors in Handgun Safety and Forensics draws on their formidable collective knowledge and professional experience to present the first scientifically based volume in the field. This seminal work identifies numerous human factors in handgun design, training, and related human behavior in unintentional and inadvertent shooting incidents.
 The book provides an overview of handgun use in general but focuses on firearm handling in unintentional and inadvertent shootings.  It describes the discipline of human factors and ergonomics and includes available statistics on shootings, examines their limitations, and reviews actual cases to determine human causes in unintentional and inadvertent shootings. It provides a history of firearms and details the components and mechanics of handguns and ammunition to reveal safety problems in current designs. It explains the fundamentals of shooting and how violation of those principles can result in unintentional or inadvertent shootings.
The authors stress the importance of firearms safety training. They evaluate various safety training programs (including those from the National Rifle Association), investigate inconsistencies in basic safety rules, and make suggestions to improve safety training. The importance of instructor training is also emphasized. The book concludes with a summary and application of the previous topics to forensic and investigative settings and gives advice for human factors/ergonomics professionals as expert witnesses. The book comes with an accompanying DVD with hundreds of color photos to support the topics covered in the text.

Table of Contents

An Overview 
The Problem:  Inadvertent Shootings
Handgun Shootings: Inadvertent or Intentional?
Descriptive Definition of Human Factors/Ergonomics
Historical Beginning of Human Factors
Human Factors Causes in Unintentional Shootings
Physiological Nature of Stress
Cognitive Responses to Stressful Situations
Emotional Reactions
Chronic Stress
Environmental Stress
Reducing Stress
Sympathetic Contraction
Cost of Compliance versus Perceived Injury Likelihood and Severity
Design Induced Human Error – Major Factors
Lack of Formal Handgun Safety training
History of Firearms
Gunpowder and Early guns
Wheel Lock
Cap Lock
Pocket Pistols
Handgun Components and Mechanics
Lock, Stock & Barrel
Handgun Variations
Operation, Loading, Unloading, Safety
Human Factors/Ergonomics Issues Related to Handgun Design
Ammunition Issues 
Common Features of Ammunition
Cartridge Designations and Other confusing Features
Types of Malfunctions
Other Dangers with Ammunition
Human Factors Issues Related to Ammunition
Breath Control
Trigger Control
Safety Rules: The Search for Commonality
Different Organizations Have Different and Conflicting Safety Rules
Comparison of NRA Safety Rules with Those of Other Organizations
Means of Preventing Access to Home Protection Handguns
The Problem
Preventing Unauthorized Access                                                         
Why Training is Essential
Content Issues
Course Standardization and Audits
Reporting of Unintentional Discharges
National Public Databank on Recalls and Potential Catastrophic Training Situations
Strategies for Encouraging Training
Human Factors and Forensics
Human Factors Issues in Litigation Involving Firearms Incidents
Human Factors/Ergonomics Professionals as Expert Witnesses and Consultants in Litigation
Human Factors Code of Forensic Practice
Finding Human Factors/Ergonomics Experts
Other Human Factors Issues to Consider in Forensics
Other Forensic Sciences Relevant to Human Factors Considerations in Shooting Cases
Conclusions and Recommendations         
Human Factors Causes of Unintentional Shootings and Need for Human Factors/Ergonomics Expertise
Finding Human Factors/Ergonomics Specialists and Experts
Appendix A.  Cases
Appendix B. Additional Information from a Study of Physics
                                   and Firearm Handling
Author Index 
Subject Index
DVD Containing Supporting Photos Cited in Text

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