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Human Factors in Certification

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ISBN 9780805831139
Published August 1, 2000 by CRC Press
456 Pages

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Book Description

Much has happened to certification and to human factors during the past few years. In this volume, the editors and other specialists discuss the topic of human factors applied to certification. They focus on core topics in the certification process that have emerged in the study of product certification in high-tech industries. The editors' purpose is to document advances in the study of certification processes defined largely by the 1993 international conference on the application of human factors principles to the study of product certification in man-machine systems. Although the book focuses mostly on certification in large, man-machine systems, such as aeronautics, its principles also apply to other high tech industries, such as medicine and computers.

An introductory paper and a group of papers presenting propositions and philosophies about human factors contribute to a framework for human factors certification. The papers in this volume:
* adopt a more direct approach to certification activities,
* deal with aspects of human-machine integration,
* address topics that should feature in any established human factors certification of advanced aviation systems,
* use ideas that already exist in aviation as a basis for discussing certification issues,
* consider issues that arise in the certification of complex future systems, and
* describe some current characteristics of human factors as a discipline that would influence its application to certification.

Table of Contents

Contents: Series Foreword. Preface. Part I: Introduction. V.D. Hopkin, Optimizing Human Factors Contributions. Part II: Philosophies of Human Factors Certification. M.A. Wise, J.A. Wise, The Use of the Systems Approach to Certify Advanced Aviation Technologies. J.R. Wilson, The Gains From Certification Are in the Process. P. Hancock, Certifying Human-Machine Systems. L.F. Hanes, Human Factors Requirements in Commercial Nuclear Power Plant Control Rooms. E.S. Stein, A Critical Component for Air Traffic Control Systems. H. Koelman, Certification of Tactics and Strategies in Aviation. Part III: Practical Approaches to Human Factors Certification. P. Stager, Achieving the Objectives of Certification Through Validation: Methodological Issues. R.M. Taylor, I.S. MacLeod, Quality Assurance and Risk Management: Perspectives on Human Factors Certification of Advanced Aviation Systems. R.D. Gilson, D.W. Abbott, Certification of Flight Crews for Advanced Flight Control Systems. R.L. Small, E.J. Bass, Certify for Success: A Methodology for Human-Centered Certification of Advanced Aviation Systems. Part IV: Selection and Training. R.S. Gibson, Certification of Training. R. Haglund, Presentation of a Swedish Study Program Concerning Recruitment, Selection, and Training of Student Air Traffic Controllers: The MRU Project Phase 1. I.S. MacLeod, R.M. Taylor, Does Human Cognition Allow Human Factors (HF) Certification of Advanced Aircrew Systems? Part V: Parallel Views and Topics. A.J. Tattersall, Practical Guidelines for Workload Assessment. R. Westrum, Is There a Role for a "Test Controller" in the Development of New ATC Equipment? B. Bukasa, Towards a Framework of Human Factors Certification of Complex Human-Machine Systems. Part VI: Reflections of Certification in Aviation. R. Baldwin, Successful Management of Programs for Human Factors Certification of Advanced Aviation Technologies. K. Harwood, B. Sanford, Evaluation in Context: ATC Automation in the Field. D. Maurino, V. Galotti, Integrating Human Factors Knowledge Into Certification: The Point-of-View of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). A.J. McClumpha, M. Rudisill, Certification for Civil Flight Decks and the Human-Computer Interface. M. Leroux, Improving Air Traffic Control by Proving New Tools or by Approving the Joint Human-Machine System? J. Pariès, Some Inadequacies of Current Human Factors Certification Process of Advanced Aircraft Technologies. Part VII: Issues in Future Design and Certification of Complex Systems. R. Amalberti, F. Wibaux, Advanced Automation Glass Cockpit Certification. D. Javaux, M. Masson, V. De Keyser, Beware of Agents When Flying Aircraft: Basic Principles Behind a Generic Methodology for the Evaluation and Certification of Advanced Aviation Systems. Part VIII: Conclusion. V.D. Hopkin, Human Factors Certification of Advanced Aviation Technologies: Overview.

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Wise\, John A.; Hopkin\, V. David


"Human Factors in Certification is an outstanding collection of material regarding the opportunities for HF/E in certification of aviation systems. It should be required reading for most HF/E professionals and researchers."
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