1st Edition

Human Factors in Product Design Current Practice and Future Trends

Edited By W. Green, Patrick W. Jordan Copyright 1999
    268 Pages
    by CRC Press

    266 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Manufacturers are becoming more aware of human factors in product design as a major competitive issue. In many product areas, manufacturers have reached a technology ceiling, which simply means that it is increasingly difficult to get ahead of the competition in terms of, for example, functionality, technical reliability or manufacturing costs. As a consequence, design has become a major battleground for manufacturers, and usability is recognized as being a central tenet of good design. This book provides a unique snapshot of current practice in human factors, identifying methods and techniques that work well under tight constraints and providing case study evidence of their effectiveness. The commercial implications of usability are discussed, and special attention is paid to two key trends: inclusive design and smart products. Inclusive design is about meeting the needs of all users with one design, which includes the elderly and the disabled. Smart products are multi-functional products with electronic interfaces containing a vast array of "helpful" functions. Industrial designers and manufacturing executives will find this text enlightening.

    Introduction: Ergonomics, Usability and Product Development. Essential Conditions for the Acceptance of User Trialing as a Design Tool. Designing for Usability: Input of Ergonomics Information at an Appropriate Point, and Appropriate Form, in the Design Process. Product Evaluation Methods and Their Importance in Designing Interactive Artifacts. Design Centered Research into User Activities. Designing Scenarios and Tasks for User Trials of Home Electronic Devices. Implications for Using Intelligence in Consumer Products. Representations of Smart Product Concepts in User Interface Design. Ergonomics and Safety in Consumer Product Design. Usability & Product Design: A Case Study. User Trials as a Design Directive Strategy. The User Interface Design of the Fizz and Spark GSM Telephones. Usability Testing Under Time-Pressure Design Practice Case. Spoken Help for a Car Stereo: An Exploratory Study. Prototypes on Trial. Best Practice isn't Always Good Enough. Inclusive Design - Design for All. Inclusive Design. Personal Reader Systems for the Blind. Designing Domestic Appliances for Everyone. Transgenerational Guidelines. Pleasure With Products: Human Factors for Body, Mind and Soul. Understanding Person-Product Relationships - a Design Perspective. Kansei Engineering Design. The Ergonomics of Pleasure. Discussion and Conclusion.


    W. S. Green , P. W. Jordan