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Human Genome Methods

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ISBN 9780849344114
Published October 28, 1997 by CRC Press
320 Pages

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Book Description

Human Genome Methods is a practical guide to the application of molecular biology and genetics techniques to research on human cells. Written by recognized authorities who often originated the techniques described, chapters present experimental protocols that are readily used at the laboratory bench. The step-by-step protocols are concise and easy to follow to be reproducible by researchers of various levels of expertise. Suggestions for successful application of procedures are included, along with recommended materials and suppliers. Helpful background information and results of applying the methods described are also given.
Section I covers topics such as microsatellite DNA, dynamic mutations, gene targeting using the DNA triple helix, and protease footprinting of DNA-protein interactions. This is followed in Section II by discussions of in situ hybridization, cell synchronization, and cell cycle specific gene expression. Methods concerned with programmed cell death are explored in Section III, which covers this emerging research area and the culture and analysis of cancer cells. Section IV presents methods related to transgene analysis of mouse embryonic stem cells, generation and knockout studies with null mutant mice, and mouse models for human disease. The final section reviews genome mapping, with an emphasis on the construction of linkage maps and on somatic cell hybrids for mapping disease genes.

Table of Contents

DNA Analysis
Human Microsatellite Repeat Markers and Their Application to Analysis of Clonality and Allelic Loss in Tumors, E.P. Henske and D.J. Kwiatkowski
Molecular Detection of Dynamic Mutations, R.F. Kooy, B.A. Oostra, and P.J. Willems
Gene Targeting via Triple Helix Formation, G. Wang and P.M. Glazer
Protease Footprinting Analysis of Protein-Protein and Protein-DNA Interactions, R. Hori and M. Carey
Gene Expression
Studying Gene Expression on Tissue Sections Using In Situ Hybridization, U. Albrecht, H.-C. Lu, J.-P. Revelli, X.-C. Xu, R. Lotan, and G. Eichele
Synchronization of Cells by Elutriation: Analysis of Cell Cycle Specific Gene Expression, S.F. Dowdy, L.f. VanDyk, and G.H. Schreiber
Programmed Cell Death; Cell Culture
Molecular Analysis of Programmed Cell Death in Mammals, R. Gururajan, J.M. Lahti, and V.J. Kidd
An In Vitro Model for Human Bladder Cancer Pathogenesis Studies, T.R. Yeager, D.F. Jarrard, and C.A. Reznikoff
Transgenes, Knockout Mice, and Mouse Models
Transgene Analysis in Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells Differentiating In Vitro, N. Faust, S. Konig, C. Bonifer, and A.E. Sippel
Defining the Function of Related Genes Using Null Mutant Mice, V. Kaartinen, L. Haataja, N. Heisterkamp, and J. Groffen
Genetic Analysis of Mouse Models for Rheumatoid Arthritis, R. Holmdahl et al.
Genome Mapping
Human Genome Mapping, A. Collins and N.E. Morton
Somatic Cell Hybrid Mapping Panels: Resources for Mapping Disease Genes, J. Overhauser
Gene Mapping Using Somatic Cell Hybrids, N.K. Spurr, M. Bouzyk, and D.P. Kelsell

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