1st Edition

Human Resource Development as We Know It Speeches that Have Shaped the Field

Edited By Monica Lee Copyright 2012
    380 Pages 25 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    380 Pages 25 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The field of Human Resource Development has developed largely through academics, scholars and reflective practitioners from across the world coming together. Many people link memorable keynote speeches to changes in their research, practice, career path or even life view. Good keynote speeches are a forthright statement of the expert’s view and thus are often not published. Now that HRD is maturing there is a need to recapture some of those earlier moments – both as a form of archive, and also to shed light on the path that has been followed.

    Twenty-two speeches seminal to the field of HRD are included in this volume. These speeches are milestones along the path of the development of the field; as well as reconstructing their speech, the contributors have also located it within the time it was given and commented on how the field has developed since. This book is a resource, not only as an archive and for those who wish to relive their pivotal moments, but also for anyone interested in the development of HRD as a discipline. This unique approach provides an exciting and engaging way to reflect on cutting edge issues in the academic and practitioner world of HRD!

    Introduction  Section 1: Conceptualization  1. A Refusal To Define HRD Monica Lee  2. In and Out of the "Black Box": Human Learning, Contextual Performance and Qualitative Research Yvonna Lincoln  3. International, Comparative and Cross-Cultural HRD: Challenges For Future Research and Practice Tom Garavan  4. Leadership Development and Talent Management: Fashion Statement or Fruitful Direction? Paul Iles  5. What’s So Critical about Human Resource Development? Sally Sambrook  Section 2: Location  6. Challenges and Issues of HRD In Thailand: Seeking Holistic and Sustainable Development Chartchai Na Chiangmai  7. HRD Policies and the Supra-State: A Comparative Analysis of EU and APEC Experience Nigel Haworth and Jonathan Winterton  8. Human Resource Development Interventions For Improving International Managers’ Performance In Overseas Assignments: A Conceptual Analysis on the Effects of Cultural Intelligence AAhad Osman-Gani  9. Worldly Leadership - Uncovering Ancient and Indigenous Leadership Wisdoms for a More Sustainable World Sharon Turnbull  Section 3: Implementation  10. The Impact of Emerging Technologies and E-Learning on Talent Management within Organizations Larry Dooley  11. Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance for Sustainable Development Chanin Vongkusolkit  12. ‘Complexity and Imperfection: HTD Research Alive in Practice' Sharon Mavin and Dawn Robinson   13. New Boundaries in Leadership Development: The Need for a Multi-Level Perspective in Evaluation and Research Nick Clarke  Section 4: Value’ation  14. Cultivating Spirit in Organizations David Megginson  15. National HRD: What in the World Is It? Gary Mclean  16. Get Up There and Start With a Joke – Humor in HRD Gene Roth and Darren Short  17. Evaluation within Organizations: So, What Are the Values? Darlene Russ-Eft  18. Management or Manipulation? Emotions within the Context of Leadership Jamie Callaghan  Section V: Visualization  19. Human Resource Development: Trends From a Global Perspective Gary McLean  20. Towards a Self-Conscious, Self-Critical, and Open-Minded Discipline of HRD Rob Poell  21. HRD: Looking to the Future Monica Lee  22. Human Flourishing As a Core Value for HRD in the Age of Global Mobility Peter Kuchinke.  Summary.  List of Contributors.  Bibliography.  Abbreviations and Index


    Monica Lee is Visiting Professor at Northumbria University, and is a Life Member of Lancaster University, UK. She is a Chartered Psychologist, and is a Fellow of CIPD, and associate Fellow of British Psychological Society. She is Founding Editor-in-Chief of Human Resource Development International (1998 to 2002), and currently chairs the Board of Directors of HRDI. She is Editor of the Routledge Studies in Human Resource Development monograph series, and is Executive Secretary to the University Forum for HRD.

    "This collection of keynote speeches provides stimulating and challenging insights from thought-leaders on a wide range of HRD topics, helping to trace the history and development of the field of HRD. The conversational style adopted ensures that the contributions are accessible to a wide audience of academics, students and scholar-practitioners."David McGuire, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, UK

    "This unique book captures the essence of the human resource development field in its complexity of meaning and contexts. The broad range of topics is ageless and inspiring, providing the reader with an insightful and vibrant tapestry of the science and art of our field of scholarship and practice."Maria Cseh, George Washington University, USA

    "Keynote speeches provide an exciting and engaging way to reflect on cutting edge issues in the academic and practitioner world of HRD! Here’s an opportunity for practitioners, scholars, and students alike to re-examine their work and incorporate new goals for the future."Polly Silva, Texas A&M University, USA

    "As a reference book for those interested in HRD issues and its history and development, or for academics who may want, or need, to dip into a specific Part or Chapters, this will be a very valuable resource. It is, certainly, both an interesting and stimulating book. The almost conversational style, with few references within the text will make it attractive to more general readers and students" - Jim Bray, Formerly Lecturer in HRD at the University of Central England (now retired)