10th Edition

Human Resource Management in the Hospitality Industry A Guide to Best Practice

    574 Pages 89 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    574 Pages 89 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Human Resource Management in the Hospitality Industry: A Guide to Best Practice takes a ‘process’ approach and provides the reader with an essential understanding of the purpose, policies and processes concerned with managing an enterprise’s workforce within the current business and social environment.

    Since the ninth edition of this book there have been many significant developments in this field and this new edition has been completely revised and updated in the following ways:

    • Extensively updated content to reflect recent issues and trends relevant to the hospitality industry including: changing labour market profiles and the ‘gig’ economy, the digital transformation of HRM practices, employer branding developments, talent management strategies, employee well-being considerations, and contemporary concerns over diversity, gender and harassment at work.
    • Five new chapters on: organizational culture, modern labour markets, emotions and well-being, careers in hospitality, and digital HRM.
    • New international case studies throughout to explore key issues and show real-life applications of HRM in the hospitality industry.

    Written in a user-friendly style, each chapter includes international examples, bulleted lists, guides to further reading and exercises to test knowledge.

    Part 1 The hospitality industry HRM context

    1 Background to the industry’s workforce

    2 The human resource management (HRM) concept

    3 Organizational culture

    Part 2 Effectively resourcing the hospitality organization

    4 Modern labour markets

    5 Job design

    6 Recruitment

    7 Employer branding

    8 Selection

    9 Appointment and induction

    Part 3 Developing the human resource

    10 Performance management and appraisal

    11 Training

    12 Management development: talent management

    13 Emotions and well-being at work (by Dr. Conor Sheehan)

    Part 4 Rewards and remuneration

    14 Reward systems

    15 Job evaluation

    16 Incentives

    17 Employee benefits

    Part 5 The employment relationship

    18 Labour turnover and workforce stability

    19 Employee relations

    20 Employment law

    21 Digital human resource management (by Dr. Ioannis Pantelidis)

    22 Productivity

    Part 6 HRM and hospitality: contemporary issues

    23 Organizing human resources

    24 Managing hospitality people

    25 Managing in the international context

    26 HRM and multi-site hospitality operations

    27 Customer care and service quality

    28 Business ethics

    29 Career paths in hospitality (by Dr. Maria Gebbels)


    A Lux Hotels case study

    B GastroPubs, Restaurants & Bars plc case study

    C Red Carnation Hotel Collection case study

    D Pan Pacific Hotels and Resorts case study

    E Staff training: a responsibility for all

    F Resources and Ooganizations: links


    Michael J. Boella is Faculty Fellow at the University of Brighton and specialized in teaching and writing on the subjects of Human Resource Management and Law.

    Steven Goss-Turner is Honorary Research Fellow, and formerly Head of Operations and Partnerships, at the School of Sport and Service Management at the University of Brighton.


    "This edition brings the reader to the forefront of contemporary issues affecting the hospitality sector, including the changing business environment and technological trends. It offers valuable insights into the hospitality industry and its workforce, focusing on the context, policies and practices that shape current human resource management, combining theoretical perspectives, industry case studies and best practice advice."

    Prof. Adele Ladkin, Bournemouth Univeristy, UK


    "The wide range of current HR topics in the field of hospitality, combined with up-to-date practitioner and consultancy experiences, make this fully revised edition of this seminal text an essential read for any student or professional in the area of hospitality human resource management."

    Prof. Florian Hummel, IUBH University of Applied Sciences, Germany


    "Well-informed HR management is one of the driving factors in the hospitality industry and this edition highlights the enormous changes the sector is facing; for example, the developments arising from rapid digitalization, attitudes towards social responsibility and staff development and retention. The case study approach is perfect for university students studying in an applied sciences and international environment."

    Peter Birdsall, Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands