1st Edition

Humidification and Ventilation Management in Textile Industry

By B. Purushothama Copyright 2024

    This book is a comprehensive guide for professionals in the textile industry. It delves into the intricate balance of moisture and air control that shapes textile production. From enhancing quality to optimizing efficiency, this book is an indispensable resource for the industry professionals.


    Preface 1. Need for maintaining humidity in textile industry 2. A glance at the developments 3. Different humidification systems 4. Air handling units in textile industry 5. Humidification requirements in manmade fibre plants 6. Humidification for nonwoven plants 7. Concept of total air control  8. Localized humidification control  9. Maintenance of humidity 10. Auxiliary units to make humidification units effective 11. Air conditioning units 12. Dehumidification 13. Designing HVAC 14. Air pollution control in textile industry Appendix – 1: Some of the commercial humidification plants Appendix – 2: Cooling and heating systems Appendix – 3: Fogging fans and jets Appendix – 4: Spray nozzles and mist eliminators Appendix – 5: Fans and blower Appendix – 6: Dampers and diffusers Appendix – 7: Sensors and data loggers Appendix – 8: Dehumidifiers Appendix – 9: Fume and dust control, air ventilation hose and ducts Appendix – 10: Filters and dust collectors References and further reading


    B. Purushothama is eminent Textile Technologist, Quality Management Expert and Chartered Engineer with over 43 years’ experience in Textile and Garment industry.