1st Edition

Hungarian: An Essential Grammar

By Carol H. Rounds Copyright 2001

    This user-friendly guide to modern Hungarian clearly introduces the most important structures of this fascinating language. Suitable for beginning, intermediate and advanced students, it can be used by those studying independently or following a taught course. Topics include:
    * verbal prefixes
    * aspect and tense
    * word-formation mechanisms
    * linking vowels
    * the case system and its uses
    * word order.
    Appendices include the formation of irregular verbs, complete noun declensions and irregular noun patterns.

    Preface, Acknowledgements, Abbreviations, PART I: ALPHABET, PRONUNCIATION AND VOWEL HARMONY, Chapter 1: Alphabet, Chapter 2: Pronunciation, Chapter 3: Vowel harmony, PART II: PARTS OF SPEECH, Chapter 4: Verbs, Chapter 5: Nouns, Chapter 6: The case system, Chapter 7: Pronouns, Chapter 8: Possession, Chapter 9: Postpositions, Chapter 10: Adjectives, Chapter 11: Adverbs, Chapter 12: Word formation, Chapter 13: Conjunctions, Chapter 14: Numerals, Chapter 15: Interjections, PART III: SENTENCE STRUCTURE, Chapter 16: Sentence elements and word order, Chapter 17: Special constructions, Appendix 1: Some irregular verbs, Appendix 2: Sample noun declensions, Appendix 3: Noun types and exceptions, Index


    Carol Rounds