Husband and Reznek's Imaging in Oncology, Third Edition  book cover
3rd Edition

Husband and Reznek's Imaging in Oncology, Third Edition

ISBN 9780415451673
Published December 23, 2009 by CRC Press
1500 Pages

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Book Description

In recent years there has been recognition of the central role of imaging in the management of patients with cancer. The third edition of this widely acclaimed book builds on the foundations laid down by the first edition, the 1998 winner of the Royal Society's award for the Multi-author Textbook of the Year, and the second (2004). The core of the book deals with the application of imaging in all tumours. An extensively referenced, evidence-based analysis is given of the role of imaging in planning treatment. Experienced opinion is provided as to the advantages and limitations of all relevant imaging modalities including ultrasound, CT, MRI, PET/CT and other nuclear medicine techniques.

Imaging in the recognition of metastatic disease is covered in detail with chapters detailing the range of appearances of deposits in each organ. Much attention is given to the differential diagnosis of focal pathology in each organ in patients with underlying malignancy and useful protocols for the performance of the study provided.

While including a section on new horizons in cancer imaging, such as the imaging of angiogenesis, MR lymphography and the rapidly evolving field of molecular imaging, the editors have not neglected the more traditional general principles of cancer behaviour and imaging. Hence, an outline of cancer surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy is provided by experts. As therapy becomes more successful, increasingly important issues for the radiologist such as the assessment of response, the effect of treatment on normal tissues, the complications of treatment, and the risk of second malignancies are presented.

There are several outstanding features to this book: the colour diagrams of the staging systems are exquisite and allow the often complex systems to be understood easily and memorized; the organization of the book into different, clearly defined sections allow it to be used not only as a reliable reference text, but also to be read easily; key points and summaries in point form are provided throughout for quick revision.

This comprehensive book will not only be essential reading for all radiologists, but also important for all members of a multidisciplinary team looking after patients with cancer.

Table of Contents

Preface  Foreword from the 2nd edition  Foreword for the 3rd edition  PART I - GENERAL PRINCIPLES  1. Trends in cancer incidence, survival and mortality  2. Staging of Cancer  3. Multidisciplinary treatment of cancer: Surgical  4. Multidisciplinary treatment of cancer: Chemptherapy  5. Multidisciplinary treatment of cancer: Radiotherapy  6. Assesment of Response to Treatment  7. Second maliginacies  PART II - PRIMARY TUMOUR EVALUATION AND STAGING  8. Lung cancer  9. Mediastinal Tumours  10. Pleaural tumours  11. Oesphogeal Cancer  12. Gastric Cancer  13. Colorectal Cancer  14. Primary Tumours of the Liver and Biliary Tract  15. Renal Tumours  16. Primary Adrenal Malignancy  17. Pancreatic Malignancy  18. Bladder Cancer  19. Prostate Cancer  20. Testicular germ cell tumours  21. Ovarian Cancer  22. Uterine and Cervical Tumours  23. Primary Retroperitoneal Tumours  24. Primary Bone Tumours  25. Soft Tissue Sarcomas  26. Breast Cancer  27. Paranasal Sinus Neoplasms  28. Tumours of the Pharynx, Tongue and Mouth  29. Laryngeal Tumours  30. Thyroid Cancer  31. Primary Tumours of the Central Nervous System  32. Neuroendocrine Tumours  PART III - HAEMATOLOGY MALIGNANCY  33. Lymphoma  34. Multiple Myeloma  35. Leukaemia  PART IV – PAEDIATRICS  36. General Principles in Paediatric Oncology  37. Wilm's Tumour and Associated Neoplasms of the Kidney  38. Neuroblastoma  39. Uncommon Paediatric Neoplasms  PART V – METASTASES  40. Lymph node Metastases  41. Lung and Pleural Metastases  42. Bone Metastases  43. Liver Metastases  44. Metastatic effects on the Nervous System  45. Adrenal Metastases  46. Peritoneal Metastases  47. Spleen  48. Malignant Tumours of the Skin  49. Radiological Investigation of Carcinoma of Unknown Primary Site  PART VI - IMAGING AND TREATMENT  50. Interventional Imaging: General Applilcations  51. Interventional Imaging: Tumour Ablation  52. Imaging for Radiotherapy Treatment Planning  53. Radiological Manifestations of Acute Complications of Treatment  PART VII - EFFECTS OF TREATMENT ON NORMAL TISSUE  54. Effects of Treatment on Normal Tissue:  Thorax  55. Bone and Bone Marrow  56. Abdomen and Pelvis  PART VIII - THE IMMUNOCOMPROMISED HOST  57. The Immunocompromised Host: Clinical Considerations  58. The Immunocompromised: Central Nervous System  59. The Immunocompromised Host: Chest  60. The Immunocompromised Host: Abdomen and Pelvis  PART IX - FUNCTIONAL IMAGING  61. Positron Emission Tomography - Principles and Clinical Applications  62. Functional Imaging: Clincal Applications in Molecular Targeted Therapy  63. Measurement of Angiogensis- MRI Principles & Practice  64. Measurement of angiogenesis - CT principles and practice  65. Magnetic resonance: Emerging technologies and applications

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