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Hydraulic Engineering IV
Proceedings of the 4th International Technical Conference on Hydraulic Engineering (CHE 2016, Hong Kong, 16-17 July 2016)

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Liquan Xie

ISBN 9781138029484
Published June 30, 2016 by CRC Press
272 Pages

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Book Description

Hydraulic research is developing beyond traditional civil engineering to satisfy increasing demands in natural hazards, structural safety assessment and environmental research. Hydraulic Engineering IV contains 38 technical papers presented at the 4th International Technical Conference on Hydraulic Engineering (CHE 2016, Hong Kong, 16–17 July 2016), including the 5th International Workshop on Environment and Safety Engineering (WESE 2016) and the 2nd International Structural and Civil Engineering Workshop (SCEW 2016).

The sections on hydraulic engineering mainly focus on river engineering and sediment transport, flood hazards and innovative control measures, complex flow modelling, dam safety, slope stability, environmental hydraulics and hydrology, while the contributions related to environmental issues focus on environmental prediction and control techniques in environmental geoscience, water pollution and ecosystem degradation, applied meteorology, coastal engineering, safety engineering and environmental pollution control. The sections on structural and civil engineering mainly focus on underground engineering, construction engineering, road and bridge engineering.

Hydraulic Engineering IV will of interest to academics and engineering involved in Hydraulic Engineering and Civil Engineering.

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Particle breakage and creep deformation prediction of rockfill materials
C.-f. Deng, X.-m. Li, L.-l. Zheng & Y.-m. Wang

An energy efficiency evaluation measure of water supply systems for high-rise buildings
L.T. Wong, K.W. Mui & Y. Zhou

Effect of the load history of hydraulic gradient on suffusion
Y.L. Luo & X.F. Kong

Structural analysis and optimal design of full-tubular submersible gate pump
J. Ding, G. Shen & H. Huang

New explicit analytical solutions of rogue wave based on the HAM
L. Zou, Z.B. Yu, Y.G. Pei & Z. Wang

A monitoring model based on MIV-improved RBF neural network for dam deformation
X. Ning & X. Liu

The study of probability flood forecast based on AREM and Bayesian model
Z. Yin, F. Yang, T. Peng & T. Shen

Numerical simulation of knotless fishing nets in current
H. Tang & L. Xu

A multi-functional experiment setup for underwater soil cutting simulation and rake tooth optimization
G. Liu, G. Hong, Q. Zhang, Y. Zhu & L. Xie

Changes in Benthic diatom communities at different locations in Pearl River downstream rivers of China and the applicability of major diatom indices on the water quality evaluation
R. Jiang, F. Yang, X.T. Wang & Z.X. Li

Safety monitoring index of horizontal displacement based on abutment instability of the arch dam
C.J. Fu, X.W. Yao & H.Y. Shen

Risk prioritization of hydropower dams using risk informed decision making method
X.W. Yao, X.L. Zhang & C.J. Fu

Initial exploration of the application of steel reinforced concrete in radial gate pier
X. Zhang, Y. Liu, K. Wei, R. Hu, Q. Zeng & C. Yuan

Optimal schedule for track maintenance actions for fixed and seasonal possession costs
M. Daddow, X. Zhang & H. Qiu

Effect of bulk solids on strength of cylindrical corrugated steel silos without columns during filling
N. Kuczynska, M. Wojcik & J. Tejchman

Trend changes in resistivity image: A new indicator of earthquakes
T. Zhu, B. Zhang & J. Zhou

Study on the application of blending Ground Sand Dust with unqualified fly ash in RCC
G.-x. Chen, Y.-r. Zhu & G.-h. Huang

The molecular structural design and performance characterization of Concrete Anti-Clay Additives
L. Xiong, Y. Bi, X. Li, S. Wang, J. Wang, J. Xing, H. Zhou & M. Yuan

Simulation evaluation and optimization of road intersection in Lishui City
Y.M. Du, J.P. Wu, Z.B. Chen, J.X. Wei & H.T. Zhang

Change in tunnel inflow due to groundwater level drawdown during excavation
J.S. Moon, A.Q. Zheng, J.Y. Cho & W.J. Park

An experimental study on the bonding and shearing performance of new Modified Polymer Concrete (MPC) with high strength and super lightweight using fly ash
G.W. Liu, X.L. Chen, S.P. Li, F. Gao, G. Yang & Z.C. Hu

Vibration mitigation of nonlinear structural system incorporating uncertainties
N.B. Wang & L.Y. Li

Dynamic response analysis of bridge rectangular pier in deep water
F. Lei & Y. Deng

Study on durability and service life of anchor bolt structure
L. Zhang, Q. Zhang & X. Wang

Simulation of transport of sediment and heavy metal in a bay system
Y. Yan, L. Lei & Y.J. Jin

The effect of an Enhanced Ecological Floating Bed (EEFB) on phytoplankton community in an urban tidal river
H. Pan & Y. Yang

Dynamic safety management and supervision of activities at public assembly occupancy based on risk assessment
Y. Gong

Anaerobic co-digestion of waste activated sludge and waste wine distillate: Effects of polyacrylamide addition and mixing intensity
L. Zhang, M. Tai & J. Song

Application of Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) in atmospheric storage tanks
Y. Gong

Calculation of CO2 emission factors from thermal power industry based on environmental statistics 2014
Y. Zhou, Z. Zhang, J. Wang & J. Zhou

Effects of different fire floors on the evacuation of high-rise buildings
R. Qin, X. Dong, C. Song, X. Hou & J. Zhu

Nutrient and heavy-metal contamination of dredged sediment from Taihu Lake
Y. Lin, H.X. Xiong, W. Huang & C.B. Liu

Synthesis and properties of MnO2/polypyrrole hollow urchins
H. Shi, Y. Tian, F. Chen, S.L. Zeng, J. Zuo, D. Li, L. Li & X.H. Peng

Comprehensive analysis of dust removal efficiency of gas–water nozzle
M. Wang & Z. Jiang

Study and practice on dust control technology in fully mechanized excavation face
Z.-a. Jiang, Y.-k. Zhang & M. Wang

Hydrothermal synthesis of gypsum whisker by industrial phosphogypsum washed with water
C. Zheng, X. Jiang, Y. Zhou, T. Qi, T. Hou & D. Gao

Effects of driving lane width on three-arm intersections on drivers’ speed in urban areas
R. Ziolkowski

Simplified simulation of flows with turbulent macrostructure
O.M. Gumen, V.B. Dovgaliuk & V.O. Mileikovskyi

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Liquan Xie is an associate professor in the College of Civil Engineering at the Tongji University, Shanghai, China. He has more than 20 years of teaching, research, and industrial experience related to hydraulic engineering and geotechnical engineering. He has published more than 60 research papers and spent about 10 years teaching many courses for undergraduate and graduate students. Previously, he worked on the construction of Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River, the third longest in the world. He also built up technical experience on the construction of large river-crossing bridges and highways.