Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soils, Volume II  book cover
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Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soils, Volume II

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ISBN 9780873717915
Published September 1, 1992 by CRC Press
896 Pages

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Book Description

Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soils, Volume II presents all of the important topics of hydrocarbon contaminated soils from the perspectives of scientific theory, regulatory application, and analysis and site assessment. These topics include an analysis of pollutants, soil physics and environmental fate; remediation techniques; health effects; regulations; and case histories. The book also includes a special section on petroleum contamination in groundwater and soils. Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soils, Volume II will interest anyone who works with contaminated soils, ground water, and underground storage tanks. It will also be an excellent reference for regulatory personnel and environmental consultants at all levels.

Table of Contents

Perspectives/State of Research: The Challenge of Treating Superfund Soils: Recent Experiences (Carolyn K. Offutt, and Joan O'Neill Knapp). The Canadian National Contaminated Site Remediation Program (NCSRP): Activities in Support of Health Protection Objectives (G.M. Richardson and Barry Jessiman). The Use of Environmental Media Evaluation Guides for Screening Environmental Contamination (Kenneth G. Orloff). The Cleanup of Kuwait: How Long Will it Take? (John S. Andrews, Jr.). REGULATORY: USTs or ASTS: Politics Minus Regulation Does NOT Equal Public Safety (David A. Renli). California's Remedial Technology Demonstration Program: 1991 (Paul W. Hadley and Bruce La Belle). Status of Developing Land Disposal Restrictions for Superfund Soils (Richard Troast, Carolyn Offutt, and Joan O'Neill Knapp). Massachusetts Waiver Program Audit (Neil M. Ram, Mark Wert, Sarah Weinstein, and Elizabeth G. Read). ANALYSIS AND SITE ASSESSMENT: Characterization of Petroleum Contaminants in Groundwater and Soils (Irving N. Einhorn, Stephen F. Sears, James C. Hickey, and James H. Viellenave). Direct-Reading Soil Gas Flowmeters (WIlliam B. Kerfoot). Review of Field Screening Methodology for Analysis of Soils (J.N. Driscoll, J. Hanby, and J. Panaro). The Investigation and Plan for Remediation of a Former Railroad Classification Yard and Roundhouse Facility (Thomas F. Maher and Shive R. Mittal). Field Assessment of Hydrocarbon Contamination Using Extraction/Colorimetric Techniques (Robert A. Francis, Blake A. Martin, Joseph A. Cerutti, and Linda J. Marler). A Unique Methodology for the Investigation of Industrial Disposal Areas (Lisa Urban and Pam Mitzen). BIOREMEDIATION: Predicting Biodegradation in Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soils (H.F. Stroo, H.K. Anderson, and J. R. Smith). Bioremediation and Reuse of Soils Containing No. 5 Fuel Oil in New England Using an Above-Ground Treatment Cell: A Case Study (Douglas A. Heely, Elliot S. Werk, and Richard G. Kowalski). Application of the GRI Accelerated Treatability Protocol to Contaminated Soils from Manufactured Gas Plant Sites (Allessandro Battaglia, David J. Morgan, David G. Linz, and Thomas D. Hayes). In Situ Vadose Zone Remediation of Petroleum Contaminated Soils (James R. Greacen and Debra J. Finkel). ENVIRONMENTAL FATE: A Quantitative Evaluation of 10 Approaches to Setting Site-Specific Cleanup Objectives (Barry Jessiman, G. Mark Richardson, Cathy Clark, and Bruce Halbert). Transport Model Parameter Sensitivity for Soil Cleanup Level Determinations Using SESOIL and AT123D in the Context of the California Leaking Underground Fuel Tank Field Manual (Joseph E. Odencrantz, John M. Farr, and Charles E. Robinson). Effect of Toluene/Soil Interactions on Contaminant Transport in Soils: Soil Characterization (Zohreh Yousefi and Richard W. Walters). Prediction of the Simultaneous Evaporation and Infiltration of Ponded Hydrocarbon Mixtures (S.A. Savant-Malhiet, R.A. Ettinger, E.J. Stones, and I.J. Dortch). VACUUM EXTRACTION: Vapor Extraction Soil Remediation: Design Flexibility and Effectiveness (Kent E. Zenobia, Alex M. Richards, John D. Spearin, and John A. Barrera). Prediction of Leachate Concentrations in Petroleum Contaminated Soils (Nancy J. Hayden, Thomas C. Voice, Michael D. Annable, and Roger B. Wallace). Air Sparging Case Studies: Proof That an Innovative Technique Works (Keith G. Angell). Column Vapor Extraction Experiments on Gasoline Contaminated Soil (Michael E. Miller, Tom A. Pederson, Carole A. Kaslick, George E. Hoag, and Chi-Yuan Fan). Murphy's Law of Air Strippers: What Can Go Wrong, Will Go Wrong (Elaine Hammick and Gary Iadarola). SOLIDIFICATION. Immobilization of Low Level Organic Compounds in Contaminated Soil (Paul R. Lear and Jesse R. Conner). Stabilization and Solidification of Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soils in Concrete (A. Samer Ezeldin, David A. Vaccari, Robert T. Mueller, Lauren Bradford, Samuel Dilcer, and Ernad Farouz). Remediation of Petroleum Contaminated Soils Utilizing Asphalt Emulsion Stabilization Technology at the Site of Generation (Robert C. Knowlton). Use of Petroleum Contaminated Soils in Asphalt Concrete (Namunu J. Meegoda, Robert T. Mueller, David A. Vaccari, De-Rong Huang, Bonnie H. DuBose, and Yaoqing Chen). The Remediation of Waste Motor Oil Contaminated Soil by Microencapsulation (T. K. McDowell and C.R. Bennett). REMEDIATION DESIGN ISSUES: State Regulatory Requirements Applied to the Permitting of Stationary Petroleum Contaminated Soil Recycling Facilities: Experience in Eastern States (Dawn M. Channing, Jeffrey D. Mathis, C. George Bower, and Michele Barg). Air Sparging in Conjunction with Vapor Extraction for Source Removal at VOC Spill Sites (Michael C. Marley, David J. Hazebrouck, and Matthew T. Walsh). The Persistence and Fate of Aromatic Constituents of Heavy Oil Production Waste During Landfarming (K.R. Hosler, T.L. Bulman, and R.M. Booth). Making Cost-Effective Remedial Action Decisions Following Petroleum Hydrocarbon Spills at Leaking Underground Storage Tank Sites (James L. Brown). Remediation Criteria for Petroleum Contaminated Soil in South Dakota (Bruce Lindholm). INNOVATIVE TECHNIQUES: Surfactant Enhanced Soil Flushing: An Overview of an In Situ Remedial Technology for Soils Contaminated with Hydrophobic Hydrocarbons (Sarah L. Kimball). Surfactant Enhanced Remediation of Creosote Contaminated Soils (J.K. Currie, A. L. Bunge, D.M. Updegraff, and W.H. Batal). Thermal Desorption of Petroleum Contaminated Soils (William L. Troxler, James J. Cudahy, Richard P. Zink, James J. Yezzi, and Seymour I. Rosenthal). Advances in Low Temperature Thermal Desorption for Decontamination of Petroleum Contaminated Soil (Raymond C. Czarnecki and Jeffery M. Czarnecki). Survey of Internal Combustion Engines Used in Soil Vapor Extraction Systems (Norman H. Parker). Microwave Vacuum Processing for Detoxification of Contaminated Soil (Clifford E. George, Inchul Jun, and Jiayi Fan). HEALTH AND RISK ASSESSMENT: Effects of Soil on the Bioavailability of m-Xylene after Oral or Dermal Exposure (Mohamed S. Abdel-Rahman, Gloria A. Skowronski, and Rita M. Turkall). Toxicological Evaluation of Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (MTBE): Testing Performed Under TSCA Consent Agreement (J.S. Duffy, J.A. Del Pup, and J.J. Kneiss). Neoplastic Disease in Fish from Environments Contaminated with Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons: An Overview (Elizabeth S. Yuster). Estimating Risks Posed by Contaminated Soils: A Comparison of Two Exposure Routes (Stephen G. Zemba and Matthew B.G. Pilkington). Estimation of Bioconcentration of Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Seam Lamprey Tissue: Implications for Soil/Sediment Criteria Setting (Basilis N. Stephanatos and Donald F. Knorr).

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