1st Edition

Hydrology and Water Resources Volume 5- Additional Volume International Conference on Water Resources Management in Arid Regions, 23-27 March 2002, Kuwait

Edited By M.M. Sherif, V.P. Singh, M. Al-Rashed Copyright 2003

    This is the fifth and last volume representing the proceedings of the International Conference on Water Resources Management in Arid Regions held March 23rd-27th 2002 in Kuwait. This book discusses major aspects of hydrology and water resources. It presents papers on important aspects of surface water and groundwater hydrology, including drought tendencies, regional flood frequency analysis, urban storm drainage with curb-opening inlets, isotopic investigations for lakes, hydrologic and sediment transport modeling, groundwater exploration using remote sensing and GIS, origin and recharge rates of alluvial ground waters, stormwater and groundwater management, and considerations for stochastic finite element in geostatistics and modeling. Papers on water quality supplement the discussion.

    Preface -- Acknowledgments -- Section 1: Surface water hydrology -- An ANN model for estimation of potential evaporation /A. Agarwal, R.P. Pandey & V.P. SingH -- Drought tendencies in north-western regions of India /R.P. Pandey, S.K. Mishra, K.S. Ramasastri, R. Singh & V.P. Singh -- Regional analysis using AM and POT floods of River Brahmaputra (India) /P.K. Bhunya, S.K. Mishra & V.P. Singh -- Urban storm drainage with curb-opening inlets /A. Uyumaz -- Isotopic investigations for lakes: A case study of lake Nainital in Kumaun Lesser Himalaya, India /B. Kumar & R.P. Nachiappan -- Hydrologic and sediment transport modeling of a watershed in Illinois for planning restoration /D.K. Borah, M. Bera & R. Xia -- Section 2: Groundwater hydrology -- Groundwater exploration using remote sensing and GIS /L. Frech -- Lava fields as potential groundwater sources in Western Saudi Arabia /A.M. Al-Shaibani -- Origin and recharge rates of alluvial ground waters, Eastern Desert, Egypt /M. Sultan, H. Gheith, N.C. Sturchio, Z. El Alfy & S. Danishwar -- Stormwater and groundwater management in a semi-arid region (Campo de Dalias, SE Spain) /A. Pulido-Bosch, W. Martín-Rosales, P. Pulido-Leboeuf & A. Vallejos -- Considerations for stochastic finite element in geostatistics and modeling /S. Osmani & D. Gjovreku -- Section 3: Groundwater quality -- Utilization of groundwater vulnerability maps to assess aquifer pollution potential /T.G. AL-Zabet -- A study of physico-chemical properties of groundwater in a coastal aquifer sandwiched between marine and brackish water bodies /S. Rajendran & R. Aneesh Raj -- Hydrochemical characteristics of the Faria groundwater, NE West Bank, Palestine /Marwan Ghanem & Broder Merkel -- Cyclic variation of fluoride contents with time in a granitic aquifer in semi-arid region /S. Ahmed & P.D. Sreedevi -- Numerical assessment of non-aqueous-phase liquids contaminant transport in porous media /K.I. Hamza -- Incorporating subsurface heterogeneity and uncertainty in groundwater flow and transport modeling: Three approaches for three different environments /A.E. Hassan, G. Pohll, K.F. Pohlmann & J.B. Chapman -- Section 4: Ecological modeling -- Ecological and hydrochemical zoning of an arid region with a developed agro-industrial complex /E.M. Vidineeva & G.A. Tolkacheva -- Variation of certain water quality parameters with stream water turbidity: A case study from southern part of Germany /C.S.P. Ojha, U. Muller, G. Baldauf & W. Kühn -- Impact of land-based sources of pollution on the levels of heavy metals in Abu-Qir Bay, Egypt /M.A.H. Saad & W.A.N. Younes -- Modeling the dynamics of water and thermal regimes of a dry area under the variation in atmospheric precipitation /A.V. Babkin -- Wet deposition of air pollution at southwest monsoon outbreak and its impact on groundwater resources of Greater Kochi Region /T. Joseph, M. Nair, K.K. Balachandran, K.K.C. Nair & J.S. Paimpillil -- Biological treatment of MTBE /E. Enssani -- Experiences with the performance of a stream water renovation system in Germany /C.S.P. Ojha, U. Muller, G. Baldauf & W. Kühn -- Section 5: Water resources development and management Planning for inter-basin water transfer in a large system in India /S.K. Jain, N.S.R.K. Reddy & U.C. Chaube -- Rainwater harvesting for survival and development: A revolution in Nyabushozi, Uganda /J. Mwami -- Water consumption and pricing policy: Azerbaijan events /I. Mammadzadeh -- A comparative evaluation of infiltration models in border irrigation /S.K. Jain & V.P. Singh -- Corrosion monitoring in the desalination plants /B.S. Al-Enzi, K.A. Al-Shayji & A.R. Khan -- Author index.


    Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering United Arab Emirates University, Al Ain, UAE. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA 70803-6405, USA. Water Resources Division Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, Kuwait.