1st Edition

Hydroprocessing of Heavy Oils and Residua

ISBN 9780849374197
Published May 8, 2007 by CRC Press
376 Pages 112 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Many oil refineries employ hydroprocessing for removing sulfur and other impurities from petroleum feedstocks. Capable of handling heavier feedstocks than other refining techniques, hydroprocessing enables refineries to produce higher quality products from unconventional — and formerly wasted — sources.  Hydroprocessing of Heavy Oils and Residua illustrates how to obtain maximum yields of high-value products from heavy oils and residue using hydroprocessing technologies.

While most resources on hydroprocessing concentrate ongas oil and lower boiling products, this book details the chemistry involved and the process modifications required for the hydroprocessing of heavy crude oils and residua. Emphasizing the use of effective catalysts to ensure cleaner and more efficient industrial fuel processes, the book presents key principles of heterogeneous catalyst preparation, catalyst loading, and reactor systems. It explains how to evaluate and account for catalysts, reactor type, process variables, feedstock type, and feedstock composition in the design of hydroprocessing operations. The text concludes with examples of commercial processes and discusses methods of hydrogen production.

To meet the growing demand for transportation fuels and fuel oil, modern oil refineries must find ways to produce high quality fuel products from increasingly heavy feedstocks.  Hydroprocessing of Heavy Oils and Residua contains the fundamental concepts, technologies, and process modifications refineries need to adapt current hydroprocessing technologies for processing heavier feedstocks.

Table of Contents

Heavy Oils and Residua. Feedstock Evaluation and Composition. Hydroprocessing Chemistry. Thermodynamics of Hydroprocessing Reactions. Reactors for Hydroprocessing. Characteristics of Heavy Oil Hydroprocessing Catalysts. Maya Heavy Crude Oil Hydroprocessing Catalysts. Effect of Feedstock Composition on the Performance of Hydroconversion Catalysts. Hydroprocesses.
Commercial Hydrotreating and Hydrocracking. Hydrogen Production.

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