1st Edition

I Think They Think . . .
Overcoming Social Phobia

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ISBN 9781593853877
Published November 16, 2006 by Guilford Press

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Book Description

This compelling video provides crucial information--and new hope--for people struggling with the isolation, loneliness, and frightening physical symptoms of social phobia. Dr. Ronald M. Rapee and Dr. Lisa Lampe show in step-by-step detail how cognitive-behavioral treatment can provide the skills sufferers need to feel more comfortable in social situations and live fuller, happier lives. Including inspiring first-hand accounts from patients, the program brings to life the entire process of recovery.



Ronald M. Rapee, PhD, is Professor in the Department of Psychology, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia.


There is no substitute for seeing actual clients discuss their experiences of social phobia and panic. These well-produced videos do an excellent job of bringing these fears to life and offer a realistic view of what it means to overcome them. Shown as an adjunct to treatment, the programs will give clients a very helpful sense of how real people have overcome similar difficulties. The videos will also bring text and lecture material to life for undergraduate- and graduate-level students. Beginning therapists and practitioners new to this approach will find a useful, jargon-free overview of theory and treatment procedures. --Debra A. Hope, PhD, Department of Psychology and Director, Anxiety Disorders Clinic, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
-Social phobia can be greatly reduced with the use of cognitive-behavioral treatment, the process of which is skillfully outlined in this tape. Featuring three well-spoken patients and two wonderful therapists, the program shows us how these folks monitor their fears, learn to challenge automatic and habitual thoughts, and expose themselves gradually to fearsome scenarios....This video is highly recommended for its reasoned approach and truly helpful suggestions.--Video Librarian, 8/7/2006