1st Edition

Ideology and Shop-Floor Industrial Relations

    First Published in 1981, Ideology and Shop-Floor Industrial Relations is based on data obtained in observational research amongst managers, shop stewards and workers, examines the informal processes by which accommodations are or are not, reached by managers and workers. Since the publication of the Donovan Report industrial relations research has increasingly moved away from studies of formal procedures and institutions and focused more on informal custom and practice. In this book, the authors develop a theory of workplace rule making, and argue that it is in negotiations over such detailed and often minor daily industrial issues that the relationship between capital and labour is worked out. This book is a must read for scholars of industrial economics and management studies.

    List of Abbreviations Preface Acknowledgements 1. Introduction, Background and Methods 2. Theoretical Considerations 3. Management Rules and their Legitimisation 4. Workers’ Resistance and Initiatives 5. Contested Legitimacy 6. Modes of Legitimisation 7. The Dialectic of Rules and Legitimisation 8. Ideology and Legitimisation in Action Index


    P. J. Armstrong, J.F. B. Goodman, and J.D. Hyman