1st Edition

Illicit Financial Flows from South Africa Decolonial Perspectives on Political Economy and Corruption

Edited By Serges Djoyou Kamga Copyright 2022
    276 Pages 11 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    276 Pages 11 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book examines the detrimental impact of illicit financial flows on South Africa’s development, political economy, and transformation in the 21st century.

    Over the years, illicit financial flows have led to the systematic looting and channelling away of South African resources, yet they are rarely studied by researchers looking to explain the country’s underdevelopment and political economy. This book looks across sectors, showing that illicit financial flows cut across all the key pillars of development, frustrating the betterment of peoples’ lives in South Africa. Investigating the problem from a decolonial perspective, the book delves deep into the catastrophic impacts of illicit financial flows for people and the economy, discusses how the problem is being combatted, and ultimately suggests solutions for rebuilding social trust between people and the state.

    Making an important contribution to the decolonial debate, as well as to discussions of South Africa’s political economy, this book will be of interest to researchers across African studies, global development, political science, law and corruption studies.


    Serges Djoyou Kamga

    Part 1: Illicit Financial Flows and Political Economy of South Africa

    1. Insights into Illicit Financial Flows from South Africa

    Gerard Emmanuel Kamdem Kamga

    2. Nexus Between Illicit Financial Flows, Governance and Development in the Republic of South Africa

    Sakah Bernard Nsaidzedze and Pacific Thales Yapatake Kossele

    3. Social and Economic Effects of Illicit Financial Flows in South Africa

    Moorosi Leshoele and Vusi Gumede

    4. Illicit Trading in the Mining Sector: A Threat to South Africa’s Industrial Development

    Asanda Fotoyi

    5. Under the Radar Illicit Outflows from South Africa: Effects and Solutions

    Asteria Nsamba and George Nsamba

    6. Illicit Financial Flows and the Marginalised Population: A Case of People with Disabilities in South Africa

    Sindile A Ngubane-Mokiwa

    7. The Political Economy of Tobacco Illicit Trade in South Africa

    Toendepi Shonhe

    8. The Civil Society and the Fight Against Illicit Financial Flows in Africa: The Case Study of OUTA and the "State Capture" in South Africa

    Marianne Séverin

    9. An Institutional and Public Policy Response to Illicit Financial Flows in the Mining Industry of Southern Africa: The Case of Namibia and South Africa

    Tk Pooe

    10. Regional Economic Communities and the Fight Against Corruption in Africa: An Analysis of the Roles of the Southern African Development Community

    Samuel Ojo Oloruntoba

    Part 2: Illicit Financial Flows in South Africa: A Reading from an Afro-Decolonial

    11. Illicit Financial Flows in South Africa: An Examination in the Light of "the 1884 Scramble for Africa’

    Serges Djoyou Kamga

    12. Illicit Financial Flows in (South) Africa and the Problem of Meaning

    Isaac Shai

    13. Nailing the Devil on The Cross: South Africa’s Responses to the Illicit Financial
    Flows Scandal

    Siphamandla Zondi

    14. The Nexus Between Illicit Financial Flows and the Recent Downgrade of South Africa’s Ratings by Credit Ratings Agencies

    Gerard Emmanuel Kamdem Kamga and Serges Djoyou Kamga

    15. Reactive Versus Constructive Agency in Combating Illicit Financial Flows from a South
    African Perspective

    Paul Tembe

    16. The Ethics of Power, Illicit Financial Flows and the Right to Development: A Reflection on South Africa

    Mofihli Teleki

    17. Illicit Financial Flows, State Capture and the Right to Development in South Africa

    Serges Djoyou Kamga


    Serges Djoyou Kamga is a Professor of Law at the Thabo Mbeki African School of Public and International Affairs, University of South Africa.