Imagined Theatres : Writing for a Theoretical Stage book cover
1st Edition

Imagined Theatres
Writing for a Theoretical Stage

Edited By

Daniel Sack

ISBN 9781138122055
Published April 30, 2017 by Routledge
312 Pages

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Book Description

Imagined Theatres collects theoretical dramas written by some of the leading scholars and artists of the contemporary stage. These dialogues, prose poems, and microfictions describe imaginary performance events that explore what might be possible and impossible in the theatre.

Each scenario is mirrored by a brief accompanying reflection, asking what they might mean for our thinking about the theatre. These many possible worlds circle around questions that include:

  • In what way is writing itself a performance?
  • How do we understand the relationship between real performances that engender imaginary reflections and imaginary conceptions that form the basis for real theatrical productions?
  • Are we not always imagining theatres when we read or even when we sit in the theatre, watching whatever event we imagine we are seeing?

Table of Contents


Imagined Theatres

  1. 137 Titles (I)
  2. Tim Etchells Gloss: Tim Etchells

  3. 137 Titles (II)
  4. Tim Etchells Gloss: Tim Etchells

  5. 137 Titles (III)
  6. Tim Etchells Gloss: Tim Etchells

  7. After Dinner
  8. Julia Jarcho Gloss: Julia Jarcho

  9. "All the world's a…"
  10. Baz Kershaw Gloss: Baz Kershaw

  11. Ancestor Call—Guerrero
  12. Cherríe L. Moraga Gloss: Brian Eugenio Herrera

  13. Ancestor Call—Malinche
  14. Cherríe L. Moraga Gloss: Helen Paris

  15. Anecdote of the Stage (after Stevens)
  16. John F. Muse Gloss: John F. Muse

  17. Animal Friendship: A Docudrama
  18. Minou Arjomand Gloss: Broderick D.V. Chow

  19. The Art of Forgetting
  20. Daniel Sack Gloss: Daniel Sack

  21. Astigmatisms
  22. Isaiah Matthew Wooden Gloss: Natalie Alvarez

  23. Candle Tears
  24. Meiling Cheng Gloss: Meiling Cheng

  25. Casting, Four Ways
  26. Brian Eugenio Herrera Gloss: Brian Eugenio Herrera

  27. A Chinese Actor's Late Style
  28. Broderick D.V. Chow Gloss: Broderick D.V. Chow

  29. Cities of Refuge
  30. Dominika Laster Gloss: Yelena Gluzman

  31. The Classroom
  32. Lin Hixson Gloss: Matthew Goulish

  33. Clockfire
  34. Jonathan Ball Gloss: Jonathan Ball

  35. , Colon;zations and Exclamations!: A Set Piece Staged for the Page
  36. Jennifer DeVere Brody Gloss: Jennifer DeVere Brody

  37. The Copper Thieves
  38. Irma Mayorga Gloss: Irma Mayorga

  39. Court Theatre
  40. Petra Kuppers Gloss: VK Preston

  41. Crow Takes Hat
  42. Erik Ehn Gloss: Irma Mayorga

  43. Crowds with the Shape of Reason Missing
  44. Alan Read Gloss: Alan Read

  45. Dance for Baghdad
  46. Pavol Liska Gloss: Nicholas Ridout

  47. dat Black Mermaid Man Lady/Home
  48. Sharon Bridgforth Gloss: Nia Witherspoon

  49. Dealing
  50. W.B. Worthen Gloss: Aaron C. Thomas

  51. Disappearing Act
  52. Fintan Walsh Gloss: Aaron C. Thomas

  53. A Displacement
  54. Patrick Anderson Gloss: Rajni Shah

  55. Dreams on Screen
  56. Rachel Joseph Gloss: Rachel Joseph

  57. Earthly
  58. Joe Kelleher Gloss: Joe Kelleher

  59. Eavesdropping in on a Cyclical Conversation
  60. Carl Hancock Rux Gloss: Jennifer DeVere Brody

  61. Enema of the People
  62. Stephen Bottoms Gloss: Stephen Bottoms

  63. esprit de corps
  64. Kimberly Jannarone Gloss: Joshua Abrams

  65. Extremely poor children
  66. Romeo Castellucci Gloss: Joe Kelleher

  67. FADE TO BLACK: Notes toward a re-performance of gestures that never occurred
  68. Ricardo Dominguez Gloss: Ricardo Dominguez

  69. Feminist Theory Theatre
  70. Yelena Gluzman Gloss: Yelena Gluzman

  71. The Fort
  72. Yvette Nolan Gloss: Minou Arjomand

  73. Friedrichshain
  74. Nicholas Ridout Gloss: Kimberly Jannarone

  75. A Garden Party Hamlet
  76. Rachel Joseph Gloss: Kyle Gillette

  77. Ghost Light, an Animal Congress
  78. Jennifer Parker-Starbuck Gloss: Jennifer Parker-Starbuck

  79. Ghost Practice
  80. Sara Jane Bailes Gloss: Andrew Sofer

  81. Give, Take, and Shake
  82. Rodrigo Toscano Gloss: Carla Harryman

  83. The Greatest Show on Earth
  84. Darren O'Donnell Gloss: Darren O'Donnell

  85. Gun
  86. Jonathan Ball Gloss: John H. Muse

  87. Gut Body
  88. Petra Kuppers Gloss: Petra Kuppers

  89. A Happy Life
  90. Aaron C. Thomas Gloss: Aaron C. Thomas

  91. Heaven's Stenographer Shines the Guiding Light
  92. Nick Salvato Gloss: Brian Eugenio Herrera

  93. Holding Time
  94. Helen Paris Gloss: Sara Jane Bailes

  95. How Does it Go Again?
  96. Rebecca Schneider Gloss: Rebecca Schneider

  97. Human Too
  98. Una Chaudhuri Gloss: Petra Kuppers

  99. I can't breathe…
  100. Thomas F. DeFrantz Gloss: Thomas F. DeFrantz

  101. I, Marjorie
  102. Jen Harvie Gloss: Jen Harvie

  103. Imagined Cities (after Calvino)
  104. Kyle Gillette Gloss: Daniel Sack

  105. The Impossible Magic Show
  106. Augusto Corrieri Gloss: Augusto Corrieri

  107. In Character
  108. Harvey Young Gloss: Harvey Young

  109. IRL
  110. Joshua Chambers-Letson & Josh Rains Gloss: Chambers-Letson & Rains

  111. it comes back together
  112. Karen Christopher Gloss: Andy Field

  113. It could be a forest
  114. Ralph Lemon Gloss: Ralph Lemon

  115. It was a large rubble space
  116. Claire MacDonald Gloss: Ant Hampton

  117. LAST RESORT [No One Can Stop You Now]
  118. Sylvan Oswald Gloss: Jen Harvie

  119. The Last Wor(l)d
  120. VK Preston Gloss: Kyle Gillette

  121. The Lost Notebooks of the Painter's Wife
  122. Diane Glancy Gloss: Diane Glancy

  123. The Means of Production
  124. Jen Harvie Gloss: Patrick Anderson

  125. A Meta-theatre
  126. Bush Moukarzel Gloss: Claudia La Rocco

  127. The monster when she opened her wings
  128. Claudia La Rocco Gloss: Claudia La Rocco

  129. Motion Capture
  130. Christopher Grobe Gloss: Sarah Bay-Cheng

  131. Music for Charlie Morel
  132. Aaron C. Thomas Gloss: Joseph Cermatori

  133. The Night Everything Happened
  134. Augusto Corrieri Gloss: Isaiah Matthew Wooden

  135. No Subject
  136. Wendy Houstoun Gloss: Wendy Houstoun

  137. NOT I (not)
  138. Ant Hampton Gloss: Peggy Phelan

  139. Ocean Oration
  140. Una Chaudhuri Gloss: Una Chaudhuri

  141. Oh, Have I Died, Then?
  142. Howard Barker Gloss: Daniel Sack

  143. On Location & Context
  144. Ricardo A. Bracho Gloss: Ricardo A. Bracho

  145. On Scale
  146. Joshua Abrams Gloss: Kimberly Jannarone

  147. Onboard Entertainment
  148. Joe Kelleher Gloss: Kyle Gillette

  149. or, The Whale (for Tess)
  150. Laura Cull Ó Maoilearca Gloss: Laura Cull Ó Maoilearca

  151. An Orogeny
  152. Caden Manson & Jemma Nelson Gloss: Karen Christopher

  153. Otto's Self Board Meeting
  154. Pablo Helguera Gloss: Fintan Walsh

  155. Passenger Pigeons
  156. Yvette Nolan Gloss: Una Chaudhuri

  157. Plant Life (excerpt from a play in three acts)
  158. Peggy Phelan Gloss: Una Chaudhuri

  159. Poolside
  160. Claudia La Rocco Gloss: Joe Kelleher

  161. Precipitation
  162. Karen Christopher Gloss: Helen Paris

  163. The Previous Cry
  164. Timothy McCain Gloss: Matthew Goulish

  165. Private Language Argument I
  166. Andrew Sofer Gloss: Nick Salvato

  167. Private Language Argument II
  168. Andrew Sofer Gloss: Andrew Sofer

  169. Questions for Women in Prison
  170. Rhodessa Jones Gloss: Rhodessa Jones

  171. Realism
  172. Kyle Gillette Gloss: Joshua Abrams

  173. Remains
  174. Andy Field Gloss: Aaron C. Thomas

  175. Rock Performance
  176. Nick Salvato Gloss: Nick Salvato

  177. SHE
  178. Nia Witherspoon Gloss: Irma Mayorga

  179. Spiked
  180. Claire MacDonald Gloss: Augusto Corrieri

  181. Stress Melody
  182. Christopher Grobe Gloss: Christopher Grobe

  183. Surveillance
  184. Jonathan Ball Gloss: Rachel Joseph

  185. TALES
  186. Natalie Alvarez Gloss: Ju Yon Kim

  187. Tectum Theatre
  188. Suk-Young Kim Gloss: Suk-Young Kim

  189. Th'Eater
  190. Joshua Abrams Gloss: Joshua Abrams

  191. Theatre of the Blind (or: Description)
  192. Patrick Anderson Gloss: Thomas F. DeFrantz

  193. The Theatre at Calpurnia
  194. Nadine George-Graves Gloss: Nadine George-Graves

  195. Theatre generated by a probabilistic language model, with grammatical artifacts retained
  196. Caden Manson & Jemma Nelson Gloss: W.B. Worthen

  197. Theatre of Intimacy and Abandon
  198. Casey Llewellyn & Claudia Rankine Gloss: Peggy Phelan

  199. The Theatre of the Town
  200. Joe Kelleher Gloss: Erin Manning

  201. Theatre/Duty
  202. Ju Yon Kim Gloss: Ju Yon Kim

  203. A Theatrical Revenge Melodrama with Ring-Tones
  204. Sarah Bay-Cheng Gloss: Jennifer Parker-Starbuck

  205. Thee Thy Thou Thine (a fragment)
  206. Rose English Gloss: Wendy Houstoun

  207. Then a Cunning Voice and A Night We Spend Gazing at Stars
  208. Emily Johnson Gloss: Emily Johnson

  209. Three dramaturgical miniatures (after Nietzsche)
  210. Joseph Cermatori Gloss: Daniel Sack

  211. Thresholding
  212. Erin Manning Gloss: Erin Manning

  213. Touching Touches
  214. Isaiah Matthew Wooden Gloss: Isaiah Matthew Wooden

  215. Triptych
  216. Kyle Gillette Gloss: Patrick Anderson

  217. Two Dances
  218. Susan Leigh Foster Gloss: Susan Leigh Foster

  219. TwoDoor Drama
  220. Rebecca Schneider Gloss: Daniel Sack

  221. Universal Theatre Machine (for Leibniz, Turing, Brecht, and Boal)
  222. Annie Dorsen Gloss: Christopher Grobe

  223. Unstill Lifes
  224. Bonnie Marranca Gloss: Bonnie Marranca

  225. Untitled (Imaginary Theatre #1)
  226. André Lepecki Gloss: Rebecca Schneider

  227. Untitled (Imaginary Theatre #2)
  228. André Lepecki Gloss: Matthew Goulish

  229. Variations (I-III)
  230. Deirdre Heddon Gloss: Deirdre Heddon

  231. Vocabulary
  232. VK Preston Gloss: VK Preston

  233. The Waiting Room
  234. Michael McMillan Gloss: Michael McMillan

  235. Wanderspiele
  236. Natalie Alvarez Gloss: Deirdre Heddon

  237. What to, where (A Poets Theatre)
  238. Carla Harryman Gloss: Carla Harryman

  239. Women & Children & an Old Man Godot

Richard Schechner Gloss: Richard Schechner

Rajni Shah Gloss: Rajni Shah

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Daniel Sack is Assistant Professor of English and Commonwealth Honors College at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst.