1st Edition

Impact Analysis
How Research Can Enter Application and Make A Difference

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ISBN 9780805821048
Published August 1, 1999 by Psychology Press
312 Pages

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Book Description

Throughout the social sciences, the gap between research and application is a reminder that the goals of scholars and practitioners are not always one and the same. Still, the best scholarship is often acknowledged to be that which informs practice, and the best practice--whether defined in terms of efficiency, flexibility, long-term vision, or even profit--is often that which is based on relevant research.

This book presents a discussion among eminent researchers, practitioners, and consultants of the new field of "Impact Analysis." They address three central issues:
*the practical ways in which scholars can better ensure that their work has an important influence on practice;
*the pros and cons in forging a closer connection between research, consulting, and practice; and
*how, despite potential drawbacks, a closer relationship between research and practice can be mutually beneficial.

In addition to practical advice, the participants offer predictions that will be of interest to applied researchers in this field and business-oriented professionals.

Table of Contents

Contents: Preface. L. Larwood, U.E. Gattiker, Introduction: Making an Impact. Part I: Views From the Front Line: Understanding the Issues...Keynote Articles. E.H. Burack, Bridging Research to Corporate Application. A.L. Delbecq, Publishing as Knowledge Transfer: An Interview With Lynn D.W. Luckow. A.L. Delbecq, From Theory Into Practice: Reflections of a Senior Academic. E. Vanetti, What Executives Really Want and Use. Part II: Is Knowledge Transfer and Application a Problem? Differing Considerations. P.C. Earley, Creating Value From Scientific Endeavor: Can and Should We Translate Research Results for the Practitioner? C.T. Kulik, Commentary: Bridging Research to Corporate Application. E.A. Fagenson-Eland, Thinking Outside the Box: A Commentary on Lynn Luckow's Chapter. J.P. Near, Knowledge Transfer: For What Purpose? H. Garland, Management Research and Management Practice: Learning From Our Colleagues in Economics. T.A. Wright, An Eight-Step Approach to Enhance the Application of Organizational Research. Part III: How You Can Make an Impact: Getting Down to Business. C.C. Lundberg, Burack's Research to Application Connection Viewed Through a Wider Lens. A.M. Glassman, Personal Commitment in the Transference of Theory Into Practice. J.W. Weiss, Practice--to Theory--to Practice: Bridging Academic/Research Career Gaps: Recommendations to New Entrants. K.S. Byrd, Commentary on Vanetti's "What Executives Really Want and Use." Part IV: Modeling the Impact: What Are the Guiding Principles? R.N. Osborn, Of Vegetables, Carrot Cake, and Castor Oil: What Must We Transfer and Why. W. Nord, Broadening the Exploration: Comments on Vanetti's Exploring the Acceptance of New Ideas by Managers. C.L. Popoff, D.H. Judson, On the Future of Applied Research: Speculations and Commentary. R.A. Blumenthal, Commentary on Delbecq's "Theory Into Practice." M. Palitz-Elliott, F.A. Eignebrod, Bridging the Gap Between the Academic and Business Worlds: Response to André L. Delbecq. J.D. Hoover, If There Is No Change, Are We Still Change Agents? A.B. Shani, T. Stjernberg, Publishing as Knowledge Transfer: A Commentary and a Reflection. Part V: Making the Impact: Conclusions for Theory and Practice. L. Larwood, U.E. Gattiker, Impact Analysis: Creating a Useable Science. L. Larwood, U.E. Gattiker, Impact Analysis: Issues of Concern and Caution.

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