1st Edition

Impurities in Engineering Materials ImPatt, Reliability, & Control

Edited By Clyde Briant Copyright 1999

    Provides a state-of-the-art account of the various effects of impurities on the properties of engineering alloys. Outlines a wide range of methods for producing cleaner alloys. Traces the technological advances that allow the economical manufacture of purer materials.

    The need for clean materials; the sources of trace impurities in metals; preparation of clean superalloys; high purity, low residual and clean steels; chemical analysis of trace impurities in metals; grain-boundary segregation of impurities in iron and steels and effects on steel properties; the effect of grain-boundary segregation on intergranular failures; trace element effects on high-temperature fracture; solid solution hardening by impurities.


    Clyde Briant

    ". . .appropriate as a reference book for professionals working on superalloys and steels. In addition, people dealing with failure analysis, low- and high-temperature fracture, and stress- corrosion cracking may find the book quite useful."
    ---Journal of Metals