1st Edition

In Defence of British India Great Britain in the Middle East, 1775-1842

By Edward Ingram Copyright 1984

    First Published in 1984. Following a visit to England during the Falklands Crisis, the author sets out to argue against the consensus that, as quoted by Ingram, 'the English middle class are the most xenophobic people in the world'. Ingram suggests that the English knew a world beyond their own existed, and even if they feared it, they knew they could not comprehend it. A thorough read for any historian or student seeking opinionated viewpoints on the British years from 1775 - 1835.

    Chapter 1 Introduction; Chapter 2 Great Britain's Great Game; Chapter 3 The End of the Spectre of the Overland Trade, 1775'“1801; Chapter 4 The Role of the Indian Army at the End of the Eighteenth Century; Chapter 5 The Failure of British Sea Power in the War of the Second Coalition, 1798'“1801; Chapter 6 Towards Entanglement with Persia, 1799'“1801; Chapter 7 Lord Mulgrave's Proposals for the Reconstruction of Europe in 1804; Chapter 8 The Royal Navy At the Strait of Hormuz, 1807'“1808; Chapter 9 An Excursion to the Kingdom of Kabul, 1807'“1809; Chapter 10 Rules of the Great Game in Asia, 1798'“1829; Chapter 11 The Struggle over the Persian Mission, 1828'“1835; Chapter 12 Three Approaches to the Great Game in Asia;


    Edward Ingram, Professor of Imperial History at Simon Fraser University