1st Edition

Incest Fantasies and Self-Destructive Acts
Jungian and Post-Jungian Psychotherapy in Adolescence

ISBN 9781412853873
Published May 30, 2014 by Routledge
355 Pages

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Book Description

Mainstream analysts working in the Jungian tradition have largely neglected adolescents. Mara Sidoli and Gustav Bovensiepen remedy that omission by showing how and why psychological and physical abuse suffered by young children erupts in violent and destructive behavior against the self and others. Using clinical material, they establish the link between archetypal imagery, disturbed behavior, and instinctual drive.

Drawing from all schools of analytical psychology, the authors, along with several associates, focus mainly on severe neurotic disturbances and behavioral problems occurring in adolescence. Because most disturbances originate in the body, the contributors concentrate on self-destructive behavior: suicide, self-mutilation, and other self-damaging acts. Focused heavily on the treatment of these adolescents, the text has selections from an international group of contributors, providing diverse accounts of both theoretical and technical approaches to therapy. The case histories illustrate the relationship between the analyst and the adolescent patient as it develops in consultation. Interweaving the concepts of Jung, Freud, and others makes this volume a unique contribution to contemporary psychoanalysis. It will be of sustained interest to psychoanalysts, child psychotherapists, social workers, psychiatrists, and psychologists.

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Notes on Contributors

Glossary of Terms

Part I Individual Adolescent Psychotherapy in Private and Clinical Practice

Section 1. A Jungian Approach

Introduction to Section 1: Jung's Contribution to the Understanding of Adolescence and A Review of the Literature
Gustav Bovensiepen

1 Notes on Technique and the Personality of the Analyst
Gustav Bovensiepen and Mara Sidoli

2 Experience of Time and Death Fantasies in Adolescence
Mara Sidoli and Gustav Bovensiepen

Section 2. Incest Fantasies and Separation

Introduction to Section 2

3 Oedipus as a Pre-Oedipal Hero
Mara Sidoli

4 Incest Fantasies as a Defense against the Analysis of Pre-Oedipal Object Relations
Gustav Bovensiepen

Section 3. Acting Out Incest Fantasies

Introduction to Section 3

5 The Trickster and the Terrible Mother: Archetypes Experienced during the Treatment of a Preadolescent Sexually Abused Girl
Janet Glynn-Treble

6 Heroic Deeds, Manic Defense, and Intrusive Identification: Some Reflections on Psychotherapy with a Sixteen-Year-Old Boy
Miranda Davies

Section 4. Defenses of the Self: A Psychological Suicide

Introduction to Section 4

7 Defenses of the Self in a Preadolescent Boy
Miranda Davies

8 Suicide and Attacks on the Body as a Containing Object
Gustav Bovensiepen

Section 5. Heterosexual and Homosexual Elements in the Search for Identity

Introduction to Section

9 What to Do about Mother? An Adolescent Girl's Dilemma
Jane Bunster

10 The Search for Identity in Late Adolescence
Brian Feldman

Section 6. Attacks on the Body

Introduction to Section 6

11 Bulimia in Adolescent Women: An Exploration of Personal and Archetypal Dynamics in Analysis

12 The Stone Womb: A Case of Psychogenic Paralysis
Francesco Bisagni

Section 7. Attacks on the Mind

Introduction to Section 7

13 The Fight against Big Nose
Mara Sidoli

14 First Steps toward Independence: Transference Manifestations in a Fifteen-Year-Old Boy
Helga Anderssen-Plaut

Part II Inpatient and Outpatient Adolescent Psychotherapy in Institutions

Introduction to Part II

15 The Clinic as Container
Gustav Bovensiepen

16 Group Therapy in a Day Care Setting
Heide Heidtke and Michael Neumann-Schirmbeck

17 Borderline States, Incest, and Adolescence: Inpatient Psychotherapy
Geoffrey Brown

18 Sandplay Therapy and Verbal Interpretation with an Anorexic Girl
Gianni Nagliero

19 Individual Psychotherapy in a Residential School for Girls
Janet Glynn-Treble


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