1st Edition

India - The Next Decade

Edited By

Manmohan Malhoutra

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ISBN 9780415431972
Published April 17, 2007 by Routledge
570 Pages

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Book Description

The story of a rising India has surprised the world but also captured its imagination. It is said that no other democracy has ever achieved levels of sustained economic growth comparable to India's over the last two decades. Exploring India's growing global importance and its domestic and external challenges, this unique volume examines the complexities of India's political, economic, and social evolution in the coming decade.

Combining lively discussions with background essays contributed by a galaxy of prominent individuals from different spheres of life - distinguished scholars, policymakers, economists, corporate leaders, journalists, educationists and film-makers - the book offers compelling insights into the democracy, economy, and society of an emerging power.

Table of Contents

1. Shaping Our Future  2. India: The Next Decade - Imperatives and Reflections  Section 1: Democracy: Challenges and Prospects  3. Aspects of Democratic Accountability in India  4. Indian Democracy: An Audit  5. Seeing the State in India  6. Our Democracy – The Challenges that it Must Address  7. Political Reforms and Economic Prosperity  8. Justice Delayed is Justice Denied: Mass Crimes in India: A Challenge to Our Democracy  9. Introductory Remarks  10. Presentation 1: A Liberal Constitutional Democracy  11. Presentation 2: Script vs. Performance  12. Discussion  13. Concluding Remarks  Section 2: Economy: Growth and Equity  14. Agriculture and Rural Development: Policy Issues for Growth and Equity  15. India’s Northeast: Looking Within, Stretching Eastward  16. Our Economy – How Growth Can be Combined with Equity  17. Another India is Possible: Basic Needs, the Unorganised Sector and Science in India  18. India: A Partnership Agenda for the Next Decade  19. Growth with Equity: Understanding Ecological Poverty  20. Economy: Growth and Equity  21. Social Equity: Can Market Reform Society?  22. Achieving Economic Growth with Equity  23. Introductory Remarks  24. Presentation 1: Bottom of the Pyramid  25. Presentation 2: Growth with Equity – The Essence of Development  26. Discussion  27. Concluding Remarks  Appendix – Growth and Equity: The Way Forward  Section 3: Society: Changing Values  28. The Enemy Within  29. Opening Remarks  30. Presentation 1: Learning to Deal with Our Contradictions  31. Presentation 2: Restoring Positive Values and Rejuvenating Mass Movements  32. Discussion  33. Concluding Remarks  Section 4: India and the World  34. India and the World  35. Vision, Conviction, Strategy, and Will: The Four Deficits in India’s Foreign-Military Policy  36. India and the World  37. Opening Remarks  38. Presentation 1: India and the New World Order  39. Presentation 2: Emerging Great Power?  40. Discussion  41. Concluding Remarks   41. India: The Next Decade - Imperatives and Reflections

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'By the end of the next decade we will be the world's largest nation. We already are the world's largest multi-cultural, multi-religious, multi-ethnic, multi-linguistic democracy. The success of the Indian experiment in nation building and in the social and economic empowerment of a billion people is vital for the very future of mankind in the 21st century.' Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India