1st Edition

Indian Politics since the Mutiny

By C. Y. Chintamani Copyright 1940

    First Published in 1940 Indian Politics since the Mutiny presents a comprehensive account of the development of public life and political institutions and of prominent political personalities in colonial India. Delivered as lectures at the Andhra University in 1935, the essays discuss themes like Indian politics before the Congress party, the first twenty years of the Congress party, Partition of Bengal, and the Non-cooperation movement. This book is an important historical document from the colonial period in India and will be of interest to scholars and researchers of Indian history, colonial history, and history in general.

    1. The Period before the Congress 2. The Congress (First Twenty Years) 3. Partition of Bengal and After 4. Non-Cooperation and After 5. Conclusion


    C. Y. Chintamani Hon. Doctor of Laws, Benares Hindu University; Chief Editor, " Lhe LeaderAllahabad