1st Edition

India's Waters Environment, Economy, and Development

By Mahesh Chandra Chaturvedi Copyright 2012
    408 Pages
    by CRC Press

    408 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Regulation of India’s rivers and other water systems has been evolving for thousands of years in the face of varying socioeconomic and technological conditions. India's Waters: Environment, Economy, and Development is a study of the current state of development, and proposed future development policies of the government of India, which is the developmental agency.

    The author first addresses India’s physical and hydrological environment. He explains how the government, using his research, has estimated its usable resources and water requirements for life, environment, and economy for the next half-century. The book describes how, based on its own assessment, the government has made detailed suggestions about developing India’s water resources.

    After covering the overall national study and analysis, the author addresses the current development of the major river basins— the Indus and Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna (GBM) basins, as well as the Central, Peninsular and others. He follows with analysis of watershed, groundwater, and command area development. Inter-basin water transfer has been considered throughout India’s long history. This book briefly details suggestions for interlinking India’s rivers and concludes by presenting legal framework and institutional issues.

    This is the first of Dr. M.C. Chaturvedi’s three studies on the waters of India. The second, India’s Waters: Advances in Development and Management, presents his proposals for revolutionizing their development, and the third focuses on development of the GBM basin, which is now an international river system. These studies are a unique contribution to the science and art of water resource development from a highly respected expert. He has designed most of the major projects in the Ganga basin and continues to teach and conduct research at the international level.

    Introduction. Environment—Physical. Environment—Cultural. Development of Water for Life and Environment. Development and Management for Economy. Legal Framework, Issues, and Disputes. Institutional Setup and Issues. Indus Basin. Ganges–Brahmaputra–Meghana Basin Development. Central, Peninsular, and Other River Basins. Watershed, Groundwater, and Command Area Development. Interlinking of India's Rivers. Current Policy and Futures Perspective. Conclusion. References. Appendix. Index.


    Chaturvedi, Mahesh Chandra