1st Edition

Indo-Iranian Studies (RLE Iran B)
Being Commemorative Papers contributed by European, American and Indian Scholars

ISBN 9780415609746
Published April 7, 2011 by Routledge
312 Pages

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Book Description

Throughout his life the Shams-ul-Ullema devoted himself to advancing the Zoroastrian Faith, not only as a priest and teacher, but also as a writer. This volume of papers is authored by an international group of scholars and covers the history, philosophy, literature and language of Persia and the Indo-Iranians.

Table of Contents

Introduction. Zarathustra: His Life and Doctrine. Christian Bartholoma. Translated by V. S. Sukthankar. Avesta Urvatō and old Persian Ušabārim.  A. V. Williams-Jackson, Columbia University, USA. Pahlavi, Pāzand and Persian References to the double nature of the Amshaspands. Louis H. Gray, University of Nebraska. The Religion of the Achaemenids from the German of A. V. Williams-Jackson. D. Mackichan. The Zarvanite System. Irvin Frederick Blue. Educational Elements in the Gāthās. R. Zimmermann. Law in Ancient Iran. Jamshed C Tarapore. Ahura Mazda’s Fravashi. Dastur Maneckji Nusservanji. The Pahlavi Text of Aogemadaechā. Ervad Bamanji Nusservanji Dhabhar. The Sixteen Sanskrit Shlokas given in Dastur Aspandiârji Kâmdinji’s Book. Shapurji Kavasji Hodivala. The Word (ahura) in Sanskrit and the Gobhilas. Irach J. S. Taraporewala. Ahura Mazda, the knowing Lord. M. Raffaele Pettazzoni. Gathic Doctrine of Dualism in Aristotle. Sorabji Navroji Kanga. Miscellaneous Iran Notes. R. P. Dewhurst. Palace Ruins and Cyrus Relief Pasagadae. Herbert Cushing Tolman. The Indo-Iranians and their neighbours. Edward Joseph Thomas. An Allusion to Manichaeism and Zoroastrianism in the Armenian Writer Eznig of Goghp. Vahan H. Kalenderian. The Zoroastrian Demon Āz in the Manichaean Fragments from Turfan. George C. O. Haas. The Account of Zoroastrianism given by the Byzantine Historian Agathias. Charles K. Ogden. Iran’s Primeval Heroes and the Myth of the First Man. A. J. Carnoy. A Metrical Translation of the Nirang-i-Kusti. Sorabji Pestonjee Kanga. The Two Spirits – Spenta and Angra – in the Avesta. N D Khandalavala. The Avestan Instrumentals ending in –IŠ and UŠ. Hans Reichelt. The Sovereignty of the Persians, from the German of Ferd.Justi. D Mackichan. Zum Kār-Nāmak. Von Albrecht Goetze. A Fragment of the Sanskrit Version of the Videvdāt, and Glossary of Select Words. J M Unvala. Zaŏta. Karl F. Geldner, translated from the German by J. M. Unvala. A brief History of the Study of the Religion and Literature of the Zoroastrians during the different epochs of History. Shapursha Sorabsha Dalal.

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