2nd Edition

Indoor Air and Human Health

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ISBN 9781566701440
Published April 29, 1996 by CRC Press
384 Pages

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Book Description

How does the way in which we heat, cool, insulate, furnish, and ventilate our buildings affect our health? What is the association between physical and chemical conditions of indoor air and human health? This new book presents the latest breakthroughs in applied research in the areas of chemical sensitivity, allergies, bioaerosols, neurotoxicity, and carcinogenic effects of radon and tobacco smoke. Anyone involved in public health, including epidemiologists, health regulators, public health scientists, microbiologists, radiologists, organic chemists, environmental scientists, neurotoxicologists, and industrial hygienists, will find the information in Indoor Air and Human Health both practical and interesting.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Effects of Indoor Air Quality on Human Health: Setting Strategic Research Directions and Priorities, K. Sexton and R.S. Dyer
Sensory Sensitivity
Overview: Odors and Irritation in Indoor Pollution, W.S. Cain
The Neurobiology of Olfaction, C.A. Greer and J.C. Bartolomei
Physicochemical Determinants and Functional Properties of the Senses of Irritation and Smell, J.E. Cometto-Muñiz and W.S. Cain
The Potency of Gases and Vapors: QSARS - Anesthesia, Sensory Irritation and Odor, M.H. Abraham
Electrophysiological Indices of Human Chemosensory Functioning, G. Kobal
Human Responses to Ambient Olfactory Stimuli, S.C. Knasko
Allergy and Respiratory
Overview: Indoor Air and Human Health Revisited - Introduction to the Section on Respiratory and Allergic Effects, C. Rose
Controlling Aspergillosis and Legionella in Hospitals, A.J. Streifel
Exposure Risk and Prevention of Aerial Transmission of Tuberculosis in Health Care Settings, G.P. Kubica
Indoor Air Pollution: Understanding the Mechanisms of the Effects, R. Bascom, J. Kesavanathan, and D.L. Swift
The Effect of Ozone on House Dust Mite Allergen-Induced Nasal Inflammation in Asthmatics, R.B. Devlin, L.A. Dailey, J. Carter, L. Cazares, W.A. Setzer, and D.B. Peden
Health Effects of Biological Contaminants, H.A. Burge
Bacterial Endotoxins: A Review of Health Effects and Potential Impact in the Indoor Environment, D. Milton
Estimation of Allergen Concentration in Indoor Environments: Prediction of Health Related Effects, T.A.E. Platts-Mills
Building-Related Hypersensitivity Diseases: Sentinel Event Management and Evaluation of Building Occupants, C. Rose
Neurotoxicity of Indoor Air Pollutants: What to Measure and How to Measure It, H.A. Tilson
Studying the Neurotoxicity of Indoor Air with Nonhuman Species: Issues in Experimental Design and Interpretation, M.C. Newland and S.K. Shapiro
Effects of Irritants on Human Task Performance and Vigilance, V.A. Benignus
Conditioned Immune Alterations in Animal Models, D.T. Lysle
Mechanisms of Stressor-Induced Immune Alteration in Humans, B.S. Rabin
Overview: Summary: Lung Cancer, J.M. Samet
Assessing Carcinogenic Risks Associated with Indoor Air Pollutants, J.V. Rodricks
Environmental Tobacco Smoke and Lung Cancer: Environmental Smoke Screen? D.W. Dockery
Radon and Lung Cancer Revisited, J.M. Samet
Asbestos Exposures of Building Occupants and Workers, R.A. Shaikh

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"A fine overview of a topic that holds considerable interest for both the general public and the research community. Recommended."
Choice, April 1997