Industrial Biotechnological Polymers: 1st Edition (Hardback) book cover

Industrial Biotechnological Polymers

1st Edition

By Charles Gebelein, Charles E. Carraher Jr.

CRC Press

408 pages

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pub: 1995-10-10
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From the Preface

This book attempts to delineate some of the more recent efforts at utilizing biotechnology in industry. For convenience, this book is divided into the following five sections: (1) Industrial Applications, (2) Polysaccharides and Lignins, (3) Spider Silks, (4) Protein-Based Systems, and (5) Miscellaneous Biotechnological Polymers. The division is intended for the convenience of the reader and not to depict any basic demarcation in biotechnology, which already spans much of our modern technology and appears poised to embark on a course aimed at extending its boundaries even further. One of the newest trends in science is the mimicking of nature using solutions provided in nature (such as elasticity) to produce materials with distinctive properties.

The papers in this book are extensions of presentations given March 15-16, 1994, in San Diego, at the 207th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society during a symposium on "Industrial Biotechnological Polymers." This symposium was sponsored by the Biotechnology Secretariat and cosponsored by the A.C.S. Division of Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering. The editors believe this book will make a lasting contribution to the field of biotechnological polymers.

Table of Contents

Industrial Applications

Biotechnology and Industrial Polymers

Charles G. Gebelein, Lionfire, Inc., and Dept. of Chemistry, Florida Atlantic University

Starches and Starch Derivatives as Biotechnological Polymers

Robert B. Friedman, Research Dept. American Maize Products Co.

Industrial Utilization of Starch

J. Jane, J. Chen, R. L. Evangelista, S.-T. Lim, T. Kasemsuwan, and K. Spence, Dept. of Food Science and Human Nutrition and Center for Crops Utilization Research, Iowa State University

Overview of Polysaccharides as Raw Materials for theDetergent Industry

Y. H. Paik, E. S. Simon, and G. Swift, Rohm and Haas Co.

Application of endo-(1,4)-b-D-Xylanase in the Pulp andPaper Industry

D. Santiago and A. Rodriguez, Clark Atlanta University; J. Hamilton and D. J. Senior, ICI Canada Inc.; J. Szwec and A. J. Ragauskaus, Institute of Paper Science and Technology

Prospects for Modification of Fibers through Genetic Engineering of Cotton

Maliyakal E. John, Agracetus Inc.

Polysaccharides and Lignins

Versatile Low Density Materials from Natural Hydrogel Polymers

Peter D. Unger, Ronald P. Rohrbach, and Tammy L. Smith, Research and Technology, AlliedSignal Inc.

Factors Affecting the Bacterial Activity of Organotin-Containing Polysaccharides

Charles E. Carraher, Jr., and Cynthia W. Butler, Depts. of Chemistry and Biological Sciences, Florida Atlantic University; Yoshinobu Naoshima, Dept. of Biochemistry, Okayama University of Science, Japan; Dorothy Sterling and Vincent Saurino, Depts. of Chemistry and Biological Sciences, Florida Atlantic University

Synthesis of Hyaluronan Derivatives Containing Nucleic Acid Bases

Takehiko Wada, Suwabun Chirachanchai, N. Izawa, Y. Inaki, and K. Takemoto, Dept. of Applied Fine Chemistry, Faculty of Engineering, Osaka University, Japan

Hyaluronic Acid-Gel Spheres for Stabilizing Unstable Reagents and for Drug Delivery Systems

Fumiaki Matsuzaki, Toshio Yanaki, and Michihiro Yamaguchi, Shiseido Basic Research Center, Japan

Design of Macromolecular Prodrug of ADR Using CM-Chitin as a Carrier

Tatsuro Ouchi, Koji Nonomura, and Yuichi Ohya, Dept. of Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Engineering, Kansai University, Japan

Some Ecologically Friendly Applications of Chitin and Chitosan in Biotechnology

Shigehiro Hirano, Dept. of Agricultural Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Tottori University, Japan

Organostannane-Modified Kraft Lignin in the Selected Treatment of Yeast Causing Microorganisms

Charles E. Carraher, Jr., Dept. of Chemistry, Florida Atlantic University; Thomas H. Ridgway, Dept. of Chemistry, University of Cincinnati; Dorothy C. Sterling and Cynthia Butler, Depts. of Chemistry and Medical Technology, Florida Atlantic University

Spider Silks

Characterization of Nephila clavipes Dragline Protein

C. M. Mello, S. Arcidiacono, K. Senecal, and D. L. Kaplan, Biotechnology Division, U.S. Army Natick Research, Development and Engineering Center

Hierarchical Molecular Order in Silk Secretions and Fibers

Brad L. Thiel, Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Washington; Christopher Viney, Molecular Bioengineering Program, Center for Bioengineering, University of Washington

Bioresorption of Implanted Protein Polymer Films Controlled by Adjustment of Their Silk/Elastin Block Lengths

Joseph Cappello, Garret Textor, and Belinda Bauerle, Protein Polymer Technologies, Inc.

Protein-Based Systems

Elastic and Plastic Protein-Based Polymers: Potential for Industrial Uses

Dan W. Urry, Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics, School of Medicine, University of Alabama at Birmingham; David T. McPherson, Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics, School of Medicine, University of Alabama at Birmingham, and UAB AIDS Center, The University of Alabama at Birmingham; Jie Xu, Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics, School of Medicine, University of Alabama at Birmingham, and Bioelastics Research, Ltd.; D. Channe Gowda and Timothy M. Parker, Bioelastics Research, Ltd.

A Biochemo-Mechanical System Consisting of Polymer Gels with Immobilized Glucose Oxidase

Etsuo Kokufuta, Institute of Applied Biochemistry, University of Tsukuba, Japan

Structural Approaches in Understanding Collagen Interactions: The Application of Structure-Function Analysis

James M. Chen, Dept. of Chemistry, OsteoArthritis Sciences, Inc.

Stabilized Proteases for Peptide Synthesis in AcetronitrileSolvent Systems

Charles A. Wartchow, Dept. of Cell and Molecular Biology, University of California at Berkeley; Matthew R. Callstrom, Dept. of Chemistry, The Ohio State University; Mark D. Bednarski, Center for Advanced Materials, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories

Miscellaneous Biotechnological Polymers

Melanins: Biopolymers for Survival

Sergio Nacht, Ago B. Ahene, and Subhash J. Saxena, Advanced Polymer Systems, Inc.

Special Functional Group Triglyceride Oils Originating Interpenetrating Polymer Networks

L. H. Sperling, Chemical Engineering Dept. and Materials Science and Engineering Dept., Lehigh University; L. W. Barrett, 3M Company

Clinical Studies with PolyICLC

Hilton B. Levy, Andres Salazar, and G. Dutta, NIH, Walter Reed Army Hospital, Uniformed Services; R. Meheshwari, University of Health Sciences, Central Drug Research Institute

Polymeric Calcium Phosphate Composites withRemineralization Potential

D. Skrtic and E. D. Eanes, National Institute of Dental Research's Research Associate Program at the National Institute of Standards and Technology; J. M. Antonucci, Dental and Medical Materials Group, Polymers Division, National Institute of Standards and Technology

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