Industrial, Mechanical and Manufacturing Science : Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Industrial, Mechanical and Manufacturing Science (ICIMMS 2014), June 12-13, 2014, Tianjin, China book cover
1st Edition

Industrial, Mechanical and Manufacturing Science
Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Industrial, Mechanical and Manufacturing Science (ICIMMS 2014), June 12-13, 2014, Tianjin, China

ISBN 9781138026568
Published February 19, 2015 by CRC Press
328 Pages

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Book Description

The 2014 International Conference on Industrial, Mechanical and Manufacturing Science (ICIMMS 2014) was held June 12-13 in Tianjin, China. The objective of ICIMMS 2014 was to provide a platform for researchers, engineers, academics as well as industry professionals from all over the world to present their research results and development activities in Industrial, Mechanical and Manufacturing Science. The program consisted of invited sessions and technical workshops and discussions with eminent speakers, and contributions to this proceedings volume cover a wide range of topics in Industrial, Mechanical and Manufacturing Science.

Table of Contents

An analysis of the influence of affordable housing system on price
Y. Li, Q. Li, Y.F.Wang & Z.H. Kang
The research of in-pipeline robot with double driver and variable helix angle
H. Zhou, L. Xu, X.Y. Cai & H.C. Zhuo
Simulation of coal mine trackless rubber tyre vehicle regenerative braking control strategy based on ADVISOR
C. Zhang & C. Li
Project risk-based reliability control
S. Sorooshian
Using adhesive instead of welds to improvement torsion stiffness of body-in-white
S. Han & X. Cui
Application research on vinegar culture in vinegar packaging design
L. Zhang & S.Y.Wang
Analysis of articulated chassis kinematics
H. Chi, B. Gong, L. Xin, H. Zang & F. Tian
Simulation and analysis of chatter in six-roll tandem cold rolling mills
Y.L. Gong, S.J.Wang, H.R. Liu & Y. Zhang
Design and verification of the current transducer based on the TMR effect
L.Y. Xue, K.J. Yi,W. Huang & D.Y. Song
Adaptive genetic algorithm for mixed-model assembly line balancing problem
X. He & J. Hao
Research on the erosion of valve of positive pulse measurement while drilling and structural improvement
C. Zhao, K. Liu & X. Chai
Research on the application of storm model in fatigue life prediction for offshore platform
Y. Xiao-Shun, H. Xiao-Ping & L. Fan
Reliability analysis of machine interference problem with vacations and impatience behavior
M.J. Ma, D.Q. Yue & B. Zhao
Digital simulation of sensitivity in the planar mechanism motion accuracy
G. Hu & S. Liu
Using the modified zeolites for treatment of industrial wastewater and synthesis of chemicals on the stage of recovery from aqueous solutions
A.S. Konovalov, D.I. Stom, M.V. Butyrin, M.N. Saksonov & V.V. Tyutyunin
Catalysts for purification of sulfur-containing industrial wastewater
K.A. Yurevich, K.R. Prohorovna & S.D. Iosifovich
Using microbial fuel cells for utilization of industrial wastewater
E.Yu. Konovalova, D.I. Stom, A.E. Balayan, E.S. Protasov, M.Yu. Tolstoy & V.V. Tyutyunin
A new type of tilting mechanism for tilting tray sorter
M. Du, X. Yang, Y. Qian & L. Huang
Research on baggage modeling of airport baggage handling system
Y. Chen, X. Yang, Y. Qian & C. Tang
Design of automotive networking gateway based on telematics
Z.H. Dong & Z.L. Zong
Processing and simulation of thin-walled shell with inner ribs formed by inner spinning technology
Z.Wang, B. Guo & S. Ma
Analysis of process parameters influence on electrical discharge grinding PDC cutting tool processing
Y.H. Jia & C.Z. Guan
Research on the wear and failure mechanism of tools in machining CFRP with CVD diamond film coated tools
J.D. Liu, D.M. Yu, J.W. Jin, X.Z. Ye & X.F. Yang
Study on the human-machine interaction interface of the elderly scooter
X.Y. Fu, Y.Z. Zhu & J.F.Wu
Experimental study on the fabrication of metal fibers to render micro-fin structures
M. Guo, Z.P.Wan, Z.G. Yan,W.C. Tang & X. Zheng
Determination of the optimum initial operation pressure of a steam turbine unit based on a SVM and GA
G.-H.Wu, X.-W. Peng, Z.-S. Yu & X.-Q. Ma
Research vehicle collision avoidance warning system based on CompactRIO and LabVIEW
P. Bo, L. Shan & B. Fan
An improved algorithm based on LTE downlink channel modeling
Y. Jin & Q. Xu
Study on the benefit of ethnic culture tourism industry inYunnan based on method of SSA
H. Xie, J. Yi, J.-H. Gan & Z. Zhao
Numerical simulation of the flow field and cavitation in centrifugal pump
J. Wang
Development of a full-wave underground MRS receiver system based on LabVIEW
G.X. Cao, J. Lin, X.F. Yi, Q.M. Duan & L.B. Feng
The cooling effect and cooling energy savings potential in Beijing for metamerically color-matched cool colored coatings
J. Song, J. Qin, J. Qu,W. Zhang, Z. Song, Y. Shi, L. Jiang, J. Li, X. Xue & T. Zhang
Improved K-means algorithm with better clustering centers based on density and variance
G.C. Deng, J.C. Tao, M.J. Zhou & Y.C. Xu
Kind of image defect detection algorithm based on wavelet packet transform and blob analysis
L.X. Ao & X.B. Zhou
A resolution test method for high precision accelerometer based on two-axis turntable
M. Rendong, Y. Gongliu, Z. Kui & Z. Weizhen
Pressure fluctuation model of hydraulic turbine based on LS-SVM
X.L. An & F. Zhang
The application of wireless network on quadrotor temperature observe based on NRF905
W.Wang, Y. Zhu, T. Yu & M. Wang
Hypterball batch key update method based on members’ behavior
S. Liu, Y. Xu & F. Yang
Waterproof time-dependent analysis of polymer modified cement mortar
D.X. Ma, Y. Liu, Y. Lai & Z.G. Luo
Comparative study of highway coarse aggregate gradation used in airport pavement concrete
D.X. Ma, Y. Liu, Y. Lai & Z.G. Luo
Design of rapid pesticide residue detection system based on embedded technology
S. Gong, Q. Liu, Z. He & P. Bian
Application of water electrolysis oxy-hydrogen generator in the continuous cast products cutting
N. Zhenhua,W. Ying, G. Zhijie,W. Chuan, Z. Di, L. Shipeng, R. Yi & W. Yuan
Piezoelectric energy harvesting from vibration induced by jet-resonator
H. Zou, H. Chen & X. Zhu
Load characteristic and strategy of power qulity improvement of railways in Jiangsu
Y.B. Ning
Experimental research on apparent viscosity behavior of different wormlike micelles
L. Ni & Z. Rui
Control of lithium battery/supercapacitor hybrid power sources
J. Chen & S. Wu
Study on compensation characteristic of ICPT system
W. Tong & S.Wu
Fiber pullout with stress transfer and fracture propagation
J.Y.Wu, H.Yuan & H.W. Gu
Problems and suggestions on physical education and training methods in new era
C. Peifang
Impact of Roman Mythology on English literature
W. Huiqing
Practical research on mode of combining learning with working in higher vocational English education
Z. Zhirong
Improvement of computer multimedia technology of English education
S. Nan & L. Nan
Industrialization management of sports economy under market economy
Q. Aining
Analysis of sports news transmission and its significance
Z. Wenteng
Analysis on the role of ideological and political education in the cultivation of sense of worth
M. Hongjuan
Development strategy of internet platform based on bilateral market theory
J. Shangyou
Concept of art and design education
S. Hongquan
Points of the Party’s mass line education and purity construction
D. Bin
Dynamical and biomechanical model of side kick in free combat
Z. Shugen
Application of engineering technology in chemical production
J. Xingrong
Study on ideological and political education evaluation system of universities
Q. Yuping
Technical analysis of anti-seismic design for construction engineering
Y. Bo
Channel transmission technology of computer network environment
W. Fei
Influence of digital technology on urban public art and its interactivity—A case study of cities in Jiangxi
L. Jing
Future transformation and development of physical education in colleges and universities
W. Li
Problems and policies of financial products innovation
S. Yuhua
Analysis on visual field and skill training in table tennis teaching
L. Hao
Native language transfer on English listening and speaking skills
W. Hua
Ideological resources of humanistic care of ideological and political education
W. Xin
Visualization of numerical methods for ordinary differential equations based on computer network
L. Linlin
Study on quality control model of CPA firms under the current situation
X. Hongguang

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