1st Edition

Industrial Plasma Engineering - 2 Volume Set

    660 Pages
    by CRC Press

    The first volume of Industrial Plasma Engineering is a major work of reference containing the theoretical background and a description of a wide range of plasma related devices and processes used in industry. It is intended as a textbook for students of physics and all engineering disciplines, and as a working reference for practicing engineers, particularly those working in materials processing and device fabrication.

    The second volume is intended to provide a background in the principles and applications of low temperature, partially ionized Lorentzian plasmas that are used industrially, and also to provide a description of plasma-related processes and devices that are of commercial interest.


    J Reece Roth

    "The first volume was well received and has been heavily used by students and scientists interested in becoming involved in (or already working in) plasma applications. Volume 2 is carefully organized with detailed references and appendices to provide auxiliary information. It assumes that the reader is familiar with volume 1. Thus, frequent references are provided to sections in volume 1 a procedure that is very helpful. One of the strong features of this book is that it pulls together so many diverse topics and puts them into a very readable and insightful format. While the book should be of interest to students majoring in the field of plasma engineering, it will also serve as an excellent reference book for practicing plasma scientists."
    - G.H. Miley, J. Plasma Physics (2002), vol. 68, part 3