1st Edition

Inequality – the unbeatable challenge

Edited By Medani P. Bhandari, Shvindina Hanna Copyright 2021
    ISBN 9788770226233
    410 Pages
    Published October 30, 2021 by River Publishers

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    ISBN 9781003338543
    410 Pages
    Published September 1, 2022 by River Publishers

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    This edited book presents some unexplored issues of economic inequality, including case studies of various countries. Inequality is a chronic and divisive factor of society. Inequality exists as an integral attribute of human development. Communities, nations, and systems are not evolving at the same speed and rate and thus require different resources in different amounts. However, the distribution of winnings is also uneven due to the multidimensionality of influencing factors.When we talk about inequality, it is not just inequality of income or wealth; it is first, inequality in access to priorities and human needs – to shelter, to clean water, air, health care, and also to appropriate vaccination systems and assistance, security systems and safety guarantees for the future. Past financial crises and the current pandemic shock has revealed bugs in the system, shaking it and changing our perception of the norms.We may have no doubts that inequality is an unsolved problem, but now we need to find out - is it unbeatable? There is still lack of knowledge around how inequality has been grounded throughout human civilization, why society is stratified and classified, economically, politically, socially, and religiously; and why the discrimination due to gender, sexual orientation, country of origin, language differences, immigration status, caste, race and ethnicity? This book addresses these issues in a holistic way as well as including case studies of various countries. It tries to find out why inequality has been unbeatable and what would be the best policies to overcome this challenge.

    Inequality – the unbeatable challenge


    Medani P. Bhandari, Shvindina Hanna

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