1st Edition

Influence and Removal of Organics in Drinking Water

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ISBN 9780873713863
Published June 23, 1992 by CRC Press
368 Pages

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Book Description

Use this new book to solve water treatment problems related to toxicity, taste and odor, and bacteria regrowth. Influence and Removal of Organics in Drinking Water presents the latest advances in oxidation technologies, ozonation, membrane technology, micropollutant removal, and filtration processes. Fundamental aspects of coagulation, flocculation, adsorption, ozonation, preozonation, and granular activated carbon are discussed. Filtration methods covered include biological filtration, membrane filtration, and ultrafiltration. The book will provide a useful reference for water treatment plant managers and operators, water engineers, water supply managers, and consultants.

Table of Contents

Adsorption Thermodynamics at the Solid-Liquid Interface: The Influence of Surface Heterogeneity on the Removal of Some Surfactants and Organic Micropollutants from Aqueous Solutions. Influence of the Concentration Change of Raw Water upon the Carbon Adsorption Isotherms of Total Organics and Micropollutants. Using Powdered Activated Carbon: A Critical Review. Development of a Method to Predict the Adsorption of Organic Chemicals on Activated Carbon. Competitive Adsorption of Some Organics and Heavy Metals on Activated Carbon in Water. Coagulation-Flocculation of Minerals Using Al, Fe (III) Salts. What Kind of Flocs for What Separation Process? Drinking Water Treatment by Hydrosoluble Polymers: Mechanisms of Coagulation and Efficiency. The Role of Colloids and Dissolved Organics in Membrane and Depth Filtration. Preliminary Analysis of the Organic in Treated and Raw Water in Guangzhou City. Treatability Evaluation by Simple and Rapid Method. Automatic Control of the Coagulant Dose in Drinking Water Treatment. Influence of Preozonation on the Clarification Efficiency. Application of Ozone with Activated Carbon for Drinking Water Treatment in China. Basic Concepts for the Choice and Design of Ozone Contactors. Organic Removal by Ozonation and GAC Adsorption. A Pilot-Plant Study on Advanced Treatment of Potable Water. Ozonation of Organic Compounds Causing Taste and Odor Problems. The Aqueous Reactions of Specific Organic Compounds with Ozone. New Advances in Oxidation Processes: The Use of the Ozone/Hydrogen Peroxide Combination for the Micropollutants Removal in Drinking Water. A Fluidized Biofilter Bed Process as a Preliminary Treatment of a Contaminated Drinking Water Source. Removal of Synthetic and Natural Organic Compounds by Biological Filtration. Membrane Filtration in Drinking Water Treatment: A Case Story. Ultrafiltration of Lake Water: Optimization of TOC Removal and Flux. Megatrends in Drinking Water Treatment Technologies: The Years Ahead 1990.

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