Information Engineering and Education Science : Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Engineering and Education Science (ICIEES 2014), Tianjin, China, 12-13 June, 2014 book cover
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Information Engineering and Education Science
Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Engineering and Education Science (ICIEES 2014), Tianjin, China, 12-13 June, 2014

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Dawei Zheng

ISBN 9781138026551
Published April 29, 2015 by CRC Press
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Book Description

This proceedings volume contains selected papers presented at the 2014 International Conference on Information Engineering and Education Science (ICIEES 2014), held June 12-13 in Hong Kong, China. The objective of ICIEES 2014 was to provide a platform for researchers, engineers, academics as well as industry professionals from all over the world to present their research results and development activities in Information Engineering and Education Science. The program consisted of invited sessions and technical workshops and discussions with eminent speakers, and contributions to this proceedings volume cover a wide range of topics in Information Engineering and Education Science.

Table of Contents

To investigate the Sichuan Province University sports culture development and system innovation way
F. Peng
Analysis about optimal equilibrium of subject curriculum and activity curriculum
J. Wang
On English Speech and Debate Course aiming at improving critical thinking
Q.S. Zhang & Z. Guo
Analysis on interaction mechanism among wholesale market, local manufacturing and logistics industry
Ch. Y. Liu
How readers find you in the big data era?—how to increase academic journals’ influential power in big data era
J. Yu & B. Chen
English education for the young learners in China and Europe
J.L. Du & P.F. Yu
The teaching effect analysis of professional English for environmental science and engineering based on investigation questionnaire
S.J. Feng, D.H. Wang & Y. Xu
The relation between equity incentives and earnings management in China
Y. Cai & L. Zhang
Preliminary study on the construct “Information Management and Information System” major of the new local undergraduate colleges
L. Li
Suggestions of deregulations of word limits of papers on domestic engineering academic journals
J. Yu & B. Chen
Researches on coalition-proof data security in cloud computing
Y.H. Yu & L. Wu
Research on China’s government regulation on Outbound Foreign Direct Investment of Chinese companies
P. Wang & X. You
An improved algorithm for image restoration
D. Li
Research on meta-cognitive strategy in college English autonomous learning under network environment
W.L. Zhao
Discussion on the construction of modern international trade professional degree education system
M. Luo
The practical teaching system research on the business administration major
S. Yang, Y. Zhang & G. Xu
Study on fuzzy modeling and detection using a hybrid-adaptive multiple physiological signal analysis in dementia-switched singularly perturbed modeling
C.J. Wang & J.S. Chiou
Learner’s motivation recognition in e-learning environment
F. Ghorbani & Gh. A. Montazer
Research on current situation of student independent study under network environment
Q. Cai & J. Jin
Analysis of dynamic image sequence based on Dynamic Programming
Z. Sun & L. Wang
A study on the differences of development of teachers’ educational technology ability
J. Qiu, X. Yang, J. Li & B. Chen
The practice and reflection of curriculum design for communication engineering major
Y. Liu & X. Shi
The humane concern to learners in distance learning of pervasive environment
Q. Che & Y. Fang
The research and practice on the relationship between research and teaching in university
G. Liu, Y. Xie & Q. Zhang
A text analysis study on the business schools’ mission statements of 985 universities in China: Based on the stakeholder’s view
W. Chu & Y. Zhao
2-3-3-2 based teaching evaluation for data structure course
L. Guan, X.L. Zeng, X.G. Zhao & L. Li
A study on the contemporary college students’ ideology of preparation to job with field trip and obtain employment
T. Huang
Research on database education reform for applied talents
C. Fan, Y. Yang & Q. Zhang
The researching of educational technology majors students on the training mode of practical innovation ability
B. Chen & X. Yang
Research on helping employment difficulties of students by department of computer science and software engineering, Jincheng college of Sichuan University
L. Hou
Teaching reform of Engineering Thermodynamics for cultivation of innovative talents majored in Thermal Engineering
J. Li & X.Y. Wang
Integration of Kazakhstan postgraduate education into international environment
U. Abdibekov, D. Zhakebaev, O. Karuna & Ye. Moisseyeva
The developmental trends of Tianjin information service industry in international competition context: A content-analysis approach
L. Wang & Y.Y. Lou
Investigation of female college students’ dormitory interpersonal relationship—taking Chongqing Normal University as an example
N. Zhong
Research on education reform and practice of Ergonomics based on the teaching idea of progressive cross-modular
L. Lin & M.Q. Yang
The calculation of the standard unit cost of the universities in Heilongjiang Province
Y. Duan, J.Y. Zhang & G.J. Duan
Innovative management based on risks prediction
A.I. Kostogryzov, P.V. Stepanov, G.A. Nistratov, A.A. Nistratov, L.I. Grigoriev & O.I. Atakishchev
Calculation of the supply and demand of China’s public higher education funding
Y. Duan, S.S. Song & J.Y. Zhang
The study of undergraduate research in teaching-oriented universities
T. Zhang, G.X. Sun & J.L. Zuo
Comparative study of conditions of mass sporting activities in Guanzhong Region, Shannxi Province
C. Li
Effect of Leader–member high-quality exchanges on teachers’ organization commitment
S.J. Fu
Endowment and waqf in higher education
A. Md. Yusof, I. Omar & J. Johan
College campus culture construction research education based on students’ habits
Y. Rong
Definition, process, performance and influencing factors of management innovation
F. Li
Study on Chinese higher education financial crisis from the cost-sharing perspective
J. Gan
The research on the teaching reform of computer basics
J. Wu & G.Z. Hou
University R&D, formation of high-tech firms and employment growth
Y. Guan, M. Qu, X. Liu & W. Zheng
Research on ideological and political education in the new media age
Z. Wang & C. Liu
The alert correlation analysis of intrusion detection
D. Xu, D. Wei, J. Zhu, X. Cheng & M. Li
College students intend to study the influence factors of honey consumption
M. Zhu
The American Christian Right and 2012 presidential election
G. Yao
Study on the theoretical physical education courses of the Chinese universities on the basis of physical and mental health of the students
G. Cheng, D. Nie & D. Wei
Counselors’ role in unexpected events among college students
X.H. Li & Y.F. Wang
Some measures of teaching reform of mathematical analysis in agricultural colleges
W. Dong & X. Deng
Study on government subsidy of SME: A case of Shenzhen stock market
Y. Guan, C. Xie & M. Qu
Approach to etiquette and law theory into socialist legal education
L. Wu
The exploration of adult higher education and the higher vocational education’s organic integration
L. Yao & X. Li
An empirical analysis of the relationship between urbanization progress and economic growth
N. Tian
Theory and empirical research of high-tech industry growth promoted by agglomeration from scale economy effect
G. Ruan, J. Guo & C. Cui
Research on problems and strategies of independent innovation capabilities in SMEs
W. Zhang
On the strategy of training pre-service geography teachers’ teaching skills based on PCK theory
J. Xu & Z. Men
The practice and exploration of full English/bilingual teaching for Industrial Engineering majors
Z.H. Qin & C. Deng
Theories reviews of banking internationalization
M. An
Practice and thought of green education in higher education
Y.Z. Ma, R.X. Wang & C. Wang
Reconstruction of knowledge hierarchy for higher vocational database curriculum based upon work process
J. Zhang, Y. Jiang & X. Zhu
Analysis of some problems and ideas on sports being incorporated into the National College Entrance Examination
H. Xiao
Application research of case teaching in mechanics course teaching
L. Yu, L. Yan, Y. Yu, F. Gai & Y. Wu
The development of blog’s application in teaching reflected from the articles of CNKI’s sample documents
X. Li, J. Li & J. Qiu
Research on the popularization model for innovation methods adopted by Shandong Province
X. Zhao, J. Lv & C. Gao
An exploration on graduation design for communication engineering specialty in application-oriented universities
M. Wang, S.G. Zhang, Q.Y. Sun & Y. Zhang
Sports biomechanics analysis of Taijiquan Xuanfengjiao 360° difficult action
K. Hu & Y. Wang
Research on cultivation mode of electronic information specialty for undergraduates enrolled based on the general categories
H.Y. Jiang, X.H. Yang, L.G. Liu & Y.T. Wang
Comparative study between business commercial-age and Z-score models—with listed firms in machinery sector as a case
B. Ai, Y. Ma & Y. Xu
Selecting marketing channel members based on Analytic Hierarchy Process
Y. Dai & X. Wang
The effectiveness analysis of legalization of ideological and political education
L. Wu
Analysis of the effect on moral education exerted by peer groups among college students and countermeasure research
M. Song
The co-integration relation research on the number of higher education and national economy
Y. Dai & Y.J. Liu
Practice with project-based teaching of mechanical vibration to international engineering students
K.M. Wang
Early fault detection of gearbox bearings through combined vibration signal analysis method
K.M. Wang
Study on the improved statistic algorithm in the graduation project packet achievement
Y.K. Yan, Y.B. Cong & W.Y. Ma
Investigation of the interfaces between Second Language Acquisition and Language Testing
X. Lin & J. Xia
The dilemma faced by rural migrant workers from China midwest areas with their return-home entrepreneurship and the countermeasures analysis—example Hunan Province
Y. Zhou
Reform and exploration of college computer experiment teaching
Y. Shi
Urban poor and housing affordability in Malaysia
A. Md. Yusof, C.S. Chai & J. Johan
Determination of optimal number of doctors and appointment interval for an appointment
T. Sinthamrongruk & N. Harnpornchai
Problems and countermeasures of constructing foreign enterprises engineering practice education center in higher engineering education
M. Zhao & G.C. Wang
Evolution of Japanese post-war Agricultural Support Policy
Z. Gu
Reliability assessment of mechanical equipment based on GO methodology
Z.R. Yin, D. Su & J.S. Li
Shanghai platform on construction and sharing of moral education curriculum resources in schools and universities
S. Johnson, M. Bian, D. Hsu & J. Yuan

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