1st Edition

Information Systems and Technology for the Noninformation Systems Executive An Integrated Resource Management Guide for the 21st Century

By Jae K. Shim Copyright 2000
    296 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Thirty years ago, computers seemed more science fiction than business fact. Today we have e-commerce, e-marketing, computerized scheduling, manufacturing, and a whole new field called information technology. Computers now have applications for every facet of your business.
    Information Systems and Technology for the Non-Information Systems Executive explores the practical and efficient use of computer technology-both software and hardware-for all types of business applications. In a simple and reader friendly style Shim presents information on data bases, networking, and telecommunications. He explains popular accounting, tax, finance, management, manufacturing, and marketing software-making them easy to understand and use. In addition, he provides real-life examples that illustrate the applications of decision support systems, executive information systems, and artificial intelligence systems such as financial modeling, budgeting, strategic planning and control, forecasting, data analysis, inventory planning, and optimization software.
    You do not need to know programming to understand your information systems. Written for business managers and entrepreneurs who may not have extensive computer experience, Information Systems and Technology for the Non-Information Systems Executive: An Integrated Resource Management Guide for the 21st Century covers information systems in all phases and functional areas of business to help you make the best decisions. It provides a wealth of current and essential information for managers and executives of all types of organizations. Your success depends on keeping abreast of the latest applications and thinking in information technology. This book gives you the competitive edge.

    What are Management Information Systems?
    Management Information Systems and Decision Making Models
    How to Select the Best Microcomputer System
    What is Systems Software?
    A Practical Guide to Application Software
    Data and Databases
    Data Communications
    The Intranet
    Information Systems Development and End-User Computing
    Accounting Information Systems and Packages
    Financial Management Information Systems and Packages
    Manufacturing Information Systems and Packages
    Marketing Information Systems and Packages
    Decision Support Systems
    Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems
    Computer Security and Auditing


    Jae K. Shim