1st Edition

Information Technology and Applications Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Information technology and Applications (ITA 2014), Xian, China, 8-9 August 2014

Edited By Xiaolong Li Copyright 2015

    Information Technology (IT) is the application of computers and telecommunications equipment to store, retrieve, transmit and manipulate data, often in the context of a business or other enterprise. IT has become one of the most fundamental technologies in today’s social life, and there are many unsolved issues related to IT and its applications.

    This edited volume on the broad area of IT covers information processing methods and techniques, information theories, information systems, information retrieval, information storage, computer networks, algorithms, databases and the Internet of Things. Information Technology and Applications will be a valuable source of information to academics and professional involved and/or interested in IT.


    I Information theory, information processing methods and information systems

    Consumption intent analysis in Chinese microblog
    J.-K. Mao & T.-F. Yao

    Analysis of the micro-lecture construction of mechanical engineering network education
    L. Xu

    Construction and design of network database system of wild flowers of Beijing
    K. Huang, Q. Zhao, Z.H. Chen & Z.J. Liu

    A research on the construction of the E-learning platform in art and design teaching
    J. Shi

    Query processing with knowledge association context
    Y.-G. Yao, X.-Y. Ma, H. Liu, J. Yi, H.-Q. Chen & X.-H. Zhao

    A new type of optimization method based on benchmark learning
    A.-S. Xie

    The establishment of public opinion forecasting and early-warning through the methods of grey forecasting and pattern recognition
    H. Fu, X.-G. Ren, H. Li & Z.-T. Du

    The development of the anti-plagiarism software and its application in the teaching practice
    Z. Xie & W. Song

    Analysis and design method of the Cyber-Physical Systems based on SCADE
    L.C. Zhang & T. Peng

    Performance of incremental-best-relay technique for two-way relaying systems
    J. Guo, C.-X. Pei & H. Yang

    The explore of teaching model in mobile learning environment
    X.-H. Guan & Y.-G. Qian

    Empirical study on the reasons of IPO underpricing
    P. Zhang

    Simulation model of micro-blogging opinion dissemination under sudden natural disasters
    H.-L. Wang & J. Wang

    The performance evaluation of IT industry: Based on exploratory factor analysis
    Y. Wu & Y.-J. Tang

    An empirical study on relationships between intangible assets and profitability of IT industry
    Y.Q. Shi & W.-L. Gu

    The research on growth evaluation of Chinese IT listed companies
    Y.-J. Fu

    Case study on EIT industry-university-research collaborative innovation platform
    J. Wang & H.-L. Wang

    Empirical study on relationship between equity incentive and R&D expenditure of information technology listed companies
    Y.-X. Yin & W.-L. Gu

    Empirical research on capital structure and corporate performance of listed companies in information technology industry
    D.-D. Zhang

    Ecosystem health assessment of Japanese larch in Liaodong area based on grey relation projection method
    Q. Liu, S.-R. Hui, C. Wei, L. Fang, C. Liang & H. Liu

    Research on mean-variance approach and CAPM approach for determining the expected risk and return
    L.-F. Zhang & J.-F. Leng

    Research on the impact of IM technology on college students’ intimacy
    X.R. Chen, J.R. Sha & S.L. Lv

    Research on accounting conservatism and investment efficiency of IT enterprises: A perspective of impairment of assets
    C.-Y. Yu & J.-X. Xu

    Information technology security patent application analysis in China
    Y.-G. Yao, X.-Y. Ma, X.-H. Zhao, R.-P. Wu, L. Liu & Y.-Z. Liu

    Ownership concentration, balance degree and corporate performance: An empirical study on Chinese listed companies of IT industries
    H.R. Lu

    A novel Redundant Inertial Measurement Unit and error compensation technology
    K.-P. He, Y.-P. Shao, X.-X. Wang & C.-Y. Wang

    Study of Coke Dry Quenching control system based on PROFIBUS Fieldbus
    Z.-S. Chen, Y.-X. Lan & J.-Z. Song

    Development of a wireless monitoring system based on ZigBee in chiller measurements
    Y.-H. Zheng

    U.S. foreign aid management system and its inspiration for China
    J.M. Hu, Y.C. Hua & J.M. Guo

    A kind of characters segmentation method for text-based CAPTCHA attacking
    Z. Wang & X. Li

    Predict drug-gene interactions based on collaborative filtering
    L.-X. Ma & Y. Li

    Predict NBA players’ career performance based on SVM
    Y. Li & L.-X. Ma

    Fish-eye lens rectification based on equidistant model
    C.-Q. Xu & X.-F. Peng

    Emotional intelligence system for smart education in ubiquitous learning
    X. Zhou, S. Huang, Y.-S. Chen & W.-H. Dai

    Emotion expression and affective computing on international cyber languages
    X. Zhou, S. Huang, X.-E. Yu, Z.-Y. Yang & W.-H. Dai

    Matching multi-sensor images based on Haar Binary Coding feature
    Z. Li, X. Zhou, G.-Y. Tu & W.-J. Li

    Applications of ICT for participatory sustainable rural development: A case study of Iran
    A. Khatoonabadi

    II Computer science

    An improved Apriori algorithm based on Hash table for borrowing data of library
    Y. Feng, M. Kang, X.-X. Liu, H.-Y. Xu, L. Gao & H.-M. Zhou

    Two-phase-precoding design for STBC MIMO systems
    M.-Y. Ju, Y.-H. Li, G.-P. Tan, P. Huang, J. Qian & Z. Lu

    Research on designing and developing the “Computer Platform” course website aiming at interactive learning
    X.-Y. Wang, P. Li, X.-J. Liu, J.-Q. Huang, Y.-A. Zhang & T.-F. Cao

    A secure multi-party protocol of association rules mining in vertically distributed environment
    L. Song

    Cryptanalysis of a one-time two-factor authentication and key agreement scheme using smart card
    J. Ling & G.Q. Zhao

    Low complexity adaptive robust algorithm for nonlinear Active Noise Control
    B. Wang & Z.Z. Tan

    Stochastic Network Calculus based delay analysis for Window Flow Controller
    B.L. Li, W.H. Dou & J. Zhao

    Design and simulation of wearable RFID tag antenna
    S.-D. Zhou & H.-T. Chang

    Attribute weighted fuzzy clustering algorithm for incomplete datasets
    D. Li, C.-Q. Zhong & Z.-J. Chen

    Semantic automatic image annotation based on Non-Abstract Visual Keywords
    X. Ke & G.-L. Chen

    JVM based traffic simulation oriented computer language framework
    Y. Bin, Z. Xiaoqing, W. Weiyang & W. Yanqing

    A novel pattern recognition algorithm
    X.-Q. Guan, B.-L. Han, Z. Ge & K. Niu

    Cancellation of loop-interference in full-duplex MIMO relays
    M.-M. Wang & X.-Y. Rui

    Improved interleaving PAPR reduction scheme of OFDM signals with BPSK inputs
    L.-Y. Wang & X.-H. Yang

    CssQoS: A load balancing mechanism for cloud serving systems
    W.K. Hsieh, W.H. Hsieh, J.L. Chen & P.J. Yang

    Dynamically Adjusted Detection Node Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
    Q. Yu, Y.-G. Liu & J.-L. Wang

    A cross-layer energy saving routing finding method for Underwater Wireless Sensor Network
    C.-B. Huang, X.-W. Zheng, G.-S. Yang, C.-Y. Chen & L. Gao

    A fast algorithm of double-scalar multiplication on Koblitz curves
    Q. Yu, C. Lin & J.-L. Wang

    On minimal separation axioms in generalized topological spaces
    H.-M. Guan & S.-Z. Bai

    Analytical study on the vulnerability scanning and tools
    N.-F. Zhu, Y. Zhou, L. Lou & W. Wang

    Research of multi-user traffic identification technology on mobile Internet
    R. Li & Z.-Z. Zhang

    Performance analysis of two-way AF cooperative networks with relay selection over Nakagami-m fading channels
    C.-H. Yao, C.-X. Pei & J. Guo

    Changes in cortical network topology with brain aging
    L. Lin, C. Jin, X. Xu & S. Wu

    Research of the measure method of identity trustworthiness based on software code homology detection
    X.-H. Zhao, H. Liu, M.G. Zou, L. Liu, L. Zhang & Y.F. Huang

    Learning hierarchical feature representation for RGB-D object recognition
    S.-Q. Tu, Y.-G. Xue, X. Zhang, X.-L. Huang & H.-K. Lin

    An image registration algorithm based on FAST, RANSAC and SURF
    W.-S. An, R.-M. Yu & Y.-L. Wu

    The light source system for star simulator with multi-color temperature and multi-magnitude
    X.-N. Li, C.-G. Wu, Z.-H. Lu & L.-Y. Xie

    Real-time moving detection algorithm based on YUV color space
    Q. Ke, F.-Y. Zhang & F.-X. Xiao

    Research on frequent itemsets mining algorithms based on MapReduce in cloud computing environment
    Y. Zhang & Z.G. Zhang

    Energy-saving optimization in data center based on computing resource scheduling
    S.-L. Ruan, C.-W. Lu & Y.-J. Guan

    Joint sink mobility and node deployment for prolonging lifetime in wireless sensor networks
    J.-G. Dai & H.-Y. Yuan

    A remote sensing image fusion method based on wavelet transform
    L. Han & D.-W. Liu

    A Network-on-Chip based homogeneous many-core Digital Signal Processor framework with distributed shared memory
    Q.-H. Zhang, F. Wang & Z.-L. Li

    Research and design of Network Intrusion Detection System based on Multi-Core Tilera64
    L. Zhang, P.y. Shen, L.b. Dong, J. Song, Y. Feng, Q.q. Liu, K. Yi, L.k. Zhi & W.t. Zhao

    The research and realization of the shortest path planning algorithms in map navigation area
    S.-H. Wen, G.-Z. Feng, J.-Y. Zhan & M. Sun

    Research of message queues stream processing method based on cloud services
    X.-H. Zhao, L. Liu, Y.-G. Yao, L. Zhang & J. Li

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    Xiaolong Li, College of Technology, Indiana State University, Terre Haute, Indiana, USA.