1st Edition

Innovation-Based Development of the Mineral Resources Sector: Challenges and Prospects Proceedings of the 11th Russian-German Raw Materials Conference, November 7-8, 2018, Potsdam, Germany

Edited By Vladimir Litvinenko Copyright 2019

    Innovation-Based Development of the Mineral Resources Sector: Challenges and Prospects contains the contributions presented at the XI Russian-German Raw Materials Conference (Potsdam, Germany, 7-8 November 2018). The Russian-German Raw Materials Conference is held within the framework of the “Permanent Russian-German Forum on the Issues of the Use of Raw Materials”, which has as goals to develop new approaches to effectively use energy, mineral and renewable natural resources and to initiate cooperation in the field of sustainability and environmental protection. The contributions cover current trends in the development of raw materials markets and the world economy, the state of the environment and new technologies applied in the sector, effectively responding to modern challenges. The 63 accepted papers are grouped into four main sections:

    • Mineral exploration and mining
    • Mining services
    • Processing of raw materials
    • Other

    Innovation-Based Development of the Mineral Resources Sector: Challenges and Prospects will be of interest to academics and researchers involved in the mineral resources sector, but also to professionals in the public, foreign trade and education fields, and representatives of major corporations and professional associations.

    Mineral exploration and mining

    Russian developments of equipment and technology of deep hole drilling in ice
    V. Litvinenko

    InnoCrush: New solutions for highly selective process chains
    B. Grafe, A.H. Bravo, M. Hesse, R. Morgenstern, K. Rosin, T. Schlothauer, I.V. Talovina & V.S. Nikiforova

    The forecast deformations of the ground surface during mining under protected objects
    A.D. Kuranov, B.Yu. Zuev & R.S. Istomin

    Innovative rock destruction process via laser technology and thermal spallation for faster and efficient drilling in mining, geothermal and other hard rock environments
    S. Jamali, V. Wittig & R. Bracke

    High pressure jetting in various rocks—investigation of failure mechanism and development of drilling process
    D.P. Gradzki, S. Hahn, S. Jasper, V. Wittig, R. Lindken & R. Bracke

    The USSR mining experience in nuclear power industry
    V.I. Golik, O.Z. Gabaraev, B.S. Tsidaev & V.V. Vernigor

    Comprehensive approach to managing the safety of miners in coal mines
    E.B. Gridina, A.V. Pasynkov & R.E. Andreev

    Earth surface monitoring on undermined territories
    M.G. Mustafin & E.N. Grischenkova

    Mineralogical composition of nickelhydrosilicate ores at the Elov deposit (the northern central Urals)
    M. Mrozik, U. Muller, G. Heide, I.V. Talovina & A.M. Duryagina

    Primary growth zoning and oscillatory zoning of Iceland spar from the Razlom deposit (Siberia, Russia)
    M.N. Logunova, J. Gotze, M.A. Ivanov & G. Heide

    Attribution of paleontological collections is a step towards improving biostratigraphy of the Ordovician deposits of Baltoscandia
    M. Tsinkoburova, D. Bezgodova & I. Lobanova

    Carboniferous reef’s massif of the Berkha Island as a model of the potential collector of hydrocarbon resources on the Novaya Zemlya Archipelago
    V.P. Matveev & A.B. Tarasenko

    Ore field structures of the Uralian supergene Nickel deposits
    N.I. Vorontsova, A.M. Duryagina & I.V. Talovina

    Experimental and theoretical investigations of inorganic salt precipitation and control for oil reservoirs
    A. Khormali, D.G. Petrakov & H. Jafarpour

    Technology of low-permeable polimictic reservoirs water-flooding with surfactant solutions
    M.K. Rogatchev & A.N. Kuznetsova

    Selective comminution for dry pre-concentration and energy saving
    M. Hesse

    Stochastic control system of hydrodynamic processes in aquifers
    M.M. Asadulagi & D.A. Pervukhin


    Mining services

    Environmental integrated monitoring system at reclamation of large open-cast coal mine
    A.S. Danilov, M.A. Pashkevich & T.A. Petrova

    Determination of water conducting fracture zone for mining and geological conditions of the Verkhnekamsk salt deposit
    V.N. Gusev & D.A. Ilyukhin

    A method of transferring the azimuth and coordinates to the sub-level through a vertical mine working using a laser level
    V.A. Kiselev & P.M. Frolov

    Evaluation of the effectiveness of using oil shale
    N.K. Kondrasheva, S.N. Saltykova & M.Yu. Nazarenko

    Environmental impact of abandoned mine wastes on an urban area in NW Caucasus
    A.V. Alekseenko & C. Drebenstedt

    New design of movable hybrid solar-diesel power system for lighting of Zarechny mine working (Kuzbass)
    S.V. Kovshov, E.B. Gridina & I.A. Vodennikov

    Speed optimization of line voltages prediction algorithm
    J.E. Shklyarskiy & A.I. Bardanov

    Analysis of technological changes in integrated intelligent power supply systems
    Y.L. Zhukovskiy, V.V. Starshaia, D.E. Batueva & A.D. Buldysko

    Vybro transportation of hydraulic mixtures in pipeline
    Y.I. Dmitrak, V.I. Golik, O.Z. Gabaraev & B.S. Tsidaev

    Study of the effect of thermomechanical processing of the cutter bit body material on its wear rate
    S.A. Chupin, V.I. Bolobov, A. Jahr & K.J. Heckmann

    Express-diagnosis of the technical state slurry pumps in systems hydrotransport processing tails of ore
    V.I. Alexandrov & M.A. Vasilyeva

    Methods of estimating dynamic loads on ropes of mine winding plants
    R.B. Kuskildin & Y.V. Kryuchkova

    Energy efficient unit executive body for tunneling and cleaning operations
    D.I. Shishljannikov, A.B. Maksimov & S.A. Lavrenko

    Perspective technical solutions for the cylinder-piston group vibrations reduction
    O.V. Afanaseva, O.K. Bezyukov & D.A. Pervukhin

    Selecting technically justified operating modes of “Ural” combines on the basis of an evaluation of their driver load under real operating conditions
    D.I. Shishljannikov, M.G. Trifanov & S.A. Lavrenko

    STS-Crane-Hoist-structure with freewheel coupling
    S. Voth, M.A. Vasilyeva & C. Wagener

    Legal framework of digitization and block chain technology in the raw materials industry
    M. Paschke


    Processing of raw materials

    The hydrometallurgical pretreatment of a refractory gold sulfide concentrate
    A.Ya. Boduen, S.B. Fokina & S.Yu. Polezhaev

    Innovative methods of processing and analysis of metal-containing raw materials based on adsorption phenomenon
    I.V. Pleskunov, A.G. Syrkov, L.A. Yachmenova & A.S. Mustafaev

    The patterns of bitumen distribution onto surfaces of different mineral materials
    V.V. Vasil’ev, A.S. Ivkin, E.V. Salamatova, N.K. Kondrasheva & G.S. Givirovskiy

    Ways of rare earth application for iron and steel production technologies
    R. Kawalla, V.N. Brichkin, V.Yu. Bazhin & T.E. Litvinova

    Magnetic separation of tantalum ore
    H. Lieberwirth, F. Zolotarev & T. Huhnerfurst

    Hardness of aluminum metal matrix composite reinforced with magnesium coated particles of silicon carbide‒squeeze casting
    E.M. Gutema & V.Yu. Bazhin

    Beneficiation of carbonaceous rocks: New methods and materials
    T.N. Aleksandrova, N.V. Nikolaeva & V.A. Potemkin

    Integrated recovery of non-ferrous metals from organic natural raw materials
    V.Yu. Bazhin, A.N. Telaykov, I.V. Gorlenkova, M.A. Neezhko & N.M. Telaykov

    The nepheline concentrate in synthesis of NaX-type zeolites
    N.K. Kondrasheva, A.A. Shaidulina, D.O. Kondrashev, E.Y. Georgieva & V.V. Vasil’ev

    Separation of samarium, europium and erbium by oleic acid solution at stoichiometric rate of extractant
    O.V. Cheremisina, T.E. Litvinova & D.S. Lutskiy

    Thermodynamics of ion exchange of rare metals from alkaline aluminate solutions
    O.V. Cheremisina, M.A. Ponomareva, T.E. Litvinova & E.A. Cheremisina

    The reduction of negative impact on environment in the area of coal processing enterprises
    V.A. Matveeva, A.E. Isakov & I.P. Sverchkov

    Influence of the development of the mineral resources sector of the Arkhangelsk region on the environment
    A.I. Alekseev, O.S. Zubkova & O.O. Kononchuk

    Investigation of road bitumen ageing by Fourier transform IR spectroscopy
    A.V. Raspopina & E.V. Salamatova

    Investigation of the carbonaceous component of gold-bearing ores by means of thermal analysis
    T.N. Alexandrova, A.V. Afanasova, G. Heide & A. Knoblich

    Basic studies for in-situ leaching project: Leaching of polished and powdered natural ore samples
    A. Korda, J. Heinrich & G. Heide

    Improving the design of disintegrator for hard minerals deep disposal
    V.I. Golik, O.Z. Gabaraev, B.S. Tsidaev & B.V. Dzeranov



    International transportation logistics development challenges in oil and gas sector: The case of the north west of Russia
    S.E. Barykin, E.R. Schislyaeva & M.M. Khaikin

    The regulatory institutions for the neural network economy
    S.A. Dyatlov, M.M. Haykin & O.S. Lobanov

    Assessment of the labour protection condition in the vertically integrated coil companies on the basis of risk-based approach to analysis of industrial injuries
    S.G. Gendler, A.M. Grishina & L.Y. Samarov

    Oilfield service as a factor in the development of the oilfield market
    N.V. Vasilenko, A.J. Linkov & M.M. Khaikin

    Analysis of 18th century glass beads with X-ray computed microtomography
    A.Y. Ramdani, T. Schlothauer, G. Heide, V.S. Nikiforova & I.V. Talovina

    Digital transformation in oil and gas extraction
    A.B. Makhovikov, E.V. Katuntsov, O.V. Kosarev & P.S. Tsvetkov

    Producing long-term forecasts of the development of arctic shelf
    A. Ilinova, A. Chanysheva, N. Kourentzes & I. Svetunkov

    Anthropocentric world picture in German and English geological and mining metaphoric terms
    J.M. Sishchuk, I.G. Gerasimova & M.V. Goncharova

    Professional interaction of university managers in project management
    I.I. Verkhovskaia & O.G. Prikot

    The implementation of modern occupational safety and health system as an element of sustainable development of coal mining enterprises
    O.I. Kazanin, G.I. Korshunov & M.L. Rudakov

    Engineering ethics and training of mining engineers
    E.N. Ovchinnikova & O.G. Bykova

    Development of course feedback questionnaires of continuing professional education in the mining industry
    Y.L. Zhukovskiy, N.I. Koteleva & M.S. Kovalchuk


    Professor Vladimir Litvinenko, Doctor of Engineering, Professor; is Rector of Saint Petersburg Mining University since 1994. Vladimir is author of over 250 scientific papers including 5 monographs, 65 patents and inventions (Russian and foreign ones). He is member of the Presidential Commission on the development strategy of the fuel and energy complex and environmental safety; member of the Governmental Commission on the fuel and energy complex, mineral reserves replacement and increasing the energy efficiency of the economy. Chairperson of the Governing Board of the International Competence Centre for Mining-Engineering Education as a Category 2 Centre, under the auspices of UNESCO, and Honorary Doctor of Freiberg University of Mining and Technology since 2014.